Monday, August 13, 2012

The Ugly Duckling

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Cornstalks border my east and west, standing guard to this row of houses.  Harvested a month ago, they are silent golden protectors, speaking only when the wind blows through.  The coyotes keep their distance, but at night you can hear them howling; they are hunting.  I am grateful for these cornstalk sentinels.

The world looks different further south, and in so many ways it is.  We spent the morning working in the front yard and left to get some lunch.  When we drove back in, I noticed we’d left the garage door open and the lawn was strewn with power tools.  You couldn’t do that in the suburbs.  Well you could, but more than likely they’d be gone when you returned.  We are in the heartland.  Down here you grow things, hunt things and help people.

The cows make strange noises at night; there is an occasional eerie wail.  With the mass of stars overhead and this combination of animal calls, it’s as if we’ve entered another dimension.

Yet I see no evidence of “Ascension Awareness” here.  Life is straightforward.  It includes work, raising kids and crops, and play; all good things.  I feel so deeply human here.  This is my race.

I can’t deny feeling a bit out of place though.  I have no internet access in this rural yard where I sit.  For two days I’ve been unable to check in on what has become an important part of my daily life; my family of light workers.  It’s been interesting.  I feel, not quite like a fish out of water, but like the Ugly Duckling; accepted completely yet just a little bit different.  We all pretend not to notice and I will move on soon enough.

This sense of being removed somehow from people I love isn’t comfortable.  I’ve had it my whole life, and believe it’s because this time, I’m here not just to experience humanity, but to help humanity.  We all are.  For those of us who’ve heard the call, our time has arrived.

We are a bit removed because we’re always watching, waiting for the right moment.  It’s as if we are now on high alert.  This weekend, I am in a corn maze.  It’s fun and I’m having a great time, but it’s time to find the exit.

We have to support each other now. We are family.  Each of us is love.  For some unique reason we chose to light the way and the rest of our families are depending on us to do just that.  The gifts that are yours are needed right now.  You are perfect.  You chose this time and this family.  It is the one most suited for success.

Consciously, we don’t speak of this, but on the soul level we all do.  Your family and friends all know what you are doing here.  You are lighting the way.  There is need for your particular style of love; for your luminosity.

Discomfort or awkward feelings are distractions and you knew they might show up.  At the same time you realized that your light was necessary, and trumped everything else.  You are a light bearer.  You are here to light the way.  In the story, the ugly duckling turns out to be a swan.  Now the swan isn’t better than the duck, but different; her wings are huge and her neck is longer.  She sees much further.

Just like us.  Our powerful wings are beating a path for the next pond.  Only swans can see far enough to find the quickest route.  That’s why the flock needs us.  In order to make best use of our beautiful wings, we need to accept and love them – as is. 

We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.


  1. AK,

    Do you know about the interview with GW Hardin with Michelle Houchens on Blogtalkradio?


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