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The Whirlwind Is About To Sweep You Up, My Friends

The whirlwind is about to sweep you up, my friends.
Michael channeled by Ron Head
August 7, 2012 in Ron's Channeled Messages

Well, here we are on the eve of the Lion’s Gate.  We will not go into what this brings to you, as this information has been very well explained by others.  We will tell you, however, that your inner selves are going to be changing in increments you have not experienced before.  There has been a very carefully laid foundation built, up to this point, for those of you who have asked for and allowed it to happen.  This will now make it possible for things to proceed at a more rapid pace.

Myriads of tiny little changes will now begin to come together in huge realizations and changes of purpose, intent, and understanding.  Some, where needed, will find physical changes, healings.  Ask.  But after the asking do not forget to allow, accept, and show gratitude.  There is no limit to what you may change now other than your own mind.

Find your “yes, but” and your “if only” walls.  Realize from what they have kept you safely protected.  Thank them and release them from their duties.  Look beyond them at the new life you wish to have for yourselves.  If you are reading these messages and understanding any of that which we are giving, you are ready to make these next steps if you so wish.  The necessary energy, and it is immense, and the information have been provided, and will continue to be flooded into your world in ever increasing supply.  The number of you waking to this is increasing each and every day.  We are amazed, even though we have watched this happen from the beginning.

Yet we see many standing on the sidelines, reading the same things and saying that it is all nonsense.  They say it is not happening.  They say nothing has changed for them at all.  We answer, yes you are correct.  It is time now for you to look into yourselves and ask why that may be.  The only thing standing between yourselves and the changes the others are experiencing is a decision.  Do not be afraid to make it.  Decide and allow for the possibilities.  No, you cannot see the internal changes and joy in another, and nor will anyone else see yours… at first.  But you will, and that is what it is all about.  If you do take that first step, the step others have all taken, you will remain outside looking in and wondering what it is all about.  You have seen enough now to know that something is happening.  You will be welcomed and aided as much as you allow and ask for.  But you must begin it.  You must take that first step.

We also see many who are beginning to look around and ask for the help and guidance that they need.  Look within yourselves and ask your guides and angels.  But also, we tell you that many are being prepared to offer answers to sincere seekers.  You will find them more and more about you.  However, it may be difficult for you to see at first who they are and who is not quite so connected to the highest and best for you.  Our advice is to be patient enough to allow your hearts to guide you in this.  If you listen well, you will know.  This is part of the discernment we tell you of.  Always look for the feeling of love in what you are told.  In this way you will know.

The whirlwind is about to sweep you up, my friends.  You are ready for it.  Remember the words we have used so often, calm, centered, patience, discernment, and focus.  And if you find that you are losing your way for a moment, reach out to us.  We are with you and we will joyfully bring you back to your center.

Our message for today ends here, but we will speak again soon.  Good day.

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  1. Thank you for your constant reminder allowing me to remember who I AM.
    keepitup keepitup, you that little angel sitting by my ear. Don't ever leave, KEEPITUP

  2. How can I contact you by email? can't seem to find a contact page on your site?

  3. I'm not sure where to post this but thought it was worth sharing. The title is 'Galactic History [2004 version] - New World Revolution [Deprogramming Division] feat. Stewart Swerdlow' the link is

  4. Time to back it up. I am tired of optimistic bluster. According to one of Cobra's recent interviews, the ascended masters were just starting to get a glimpse of the economic oppression as over the last few years. Could be. Sorry if my tone is harsh here. We have been holding the space for a long time now. Now many of us are just holding on. Hopeful words are nice, but we need action.

  5. I have come to the conclusion anything that is from a so called channeler is a waste of time

  6. IF you really are choosing to see how everything is changing:

    We each see what we are looking for. If you choose to think that "nothing is happening," that is YOUR choice, and that is what you will continue to "see". If you think that anything coming from a so called channeler is a waste of time, that is what you will see.

    Everything is always changing. Is there anything the same in your life as was happening even a year ago? This is the Garden of Life and everything is always changing. AND there is much happening which is COMPOST for the garden of life.

    We are changing every moment of these adventures.

    If you truly are desiring to see how quickly changes are on this planet, then click on the enclosed link to the International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and State, to see just how "quickly" many organizations are being "decommissioned" and destroyed by their own devices and choices.

    And please continue to hold the space for the souls who are helping to manifest this World-wide Organizational Take Down of Worldly Proportions. NOTHING WILL EVER BE AS IT WAS. EVER.

    Those of us who are 'holding the space' gives these souls the energy to do their parts of this Dance of Destruction and COMPOSTING in the Garden of Life here on Mother Earth. And from these actions come the continuing healing of us all.
    Read the article about the passing of Harry Wilson, the main eyewitness. Then, scroll to the bottom of the page and read each of the previous postings to grasp the POWER OF THE SOULS RISING UP who are speaking up and filing this amazing lawsuit which is part of the way the Past Paradigm is crumbling quickly! Let us continue to "hold the space" because THINGS ARE HAPPENING QUICKLY NOW! ANd the beings who are filing this lawsuit on behalf of ALL OF US are asking for our assistance, everyone throughout the world, to share our stories in this lawsuit, if they are part of the abuses instigated.

    Please read the "ABOUT US" page and understand the Paradigm Shattering Energy here. Understand that there are many beings EVERYWHERE who are holding the space for the De-establishment of the many organizations who have aspired to make themselves and their organizations "above the law" for centuries. THIS IS THE TIME OF RECKONING, and you are witness to this happening.

    INDEED, WE have all been holding the space for these events to occur. AND THIS IS BIGGER THAN ALL OF US.

    Those of us who have been 'holding the space for a long time now" are also still going through our own initiations and rites of passage. And we will be continuing to ride THE RAINBOW ROLLER COASTER forever. So take good care of yourself and hold on for the ride. These are your eternal adventures.

    CONTINUE TO ASK FOR HELP! even if that is just saying Please Help over and over. Because we have been in the depths of transformation for a LONNNNNG TIME.

    We are all eternal beings on eternal adventures, and the adventures on Planet Earth are now going to be happening at such a pace, as to be dizzying.

    We truly are finished with Past Paradigm 3-D life. ANd we have swooped through the portals of Love into dimensions beyond our wildest earthly imaginings up to now in this lifetime.

    Now the puss-filled sores are opening up, and healing, having been festering for hundreds of years.

    If you have part of the puzzle pieces of this lawsuit, please share your story, for we are all part of this IMMENSE PARADIGM SHIFT occurring.


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