Tuesday, August 21, 2012

UFO Over Sedona

Posted by Stephen Cooke

UFO Over Sedona, ‘The City of Light’, Arizona, USA – August 11, 2012
Thanks to Christopher.

I think we all better book ourselves a flight to Sedona!
This footage was taken on Saturday August 11 over Village of Oak Creek, one of Sedona’s ‘bedroom’ communities. As you will see, the colours of this ship are just phenomenally, brilliantly, luminously amazing!

As Christopher writes: ” I was at the friend’s house last night and he was telling us about the UFO that many of his party guests were talking about seeing on their drive home.”

“As we all sat talking, a link to his friend’s video came over his phone. So, a friend of a friend filmed this after leaving my friends’ birthday party on Saturday night the 11th Near Sedona, AZ.It was seen by multiple people; all sharing the same account of what they saw.”

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  1. I got married in the actual Oak Creek with Cathedral Rock (a feminine vortex) as the background... Sedona is a wonderfully beautiful place with an energy that even soothes physical pain! It attracts others too I see... Love and Light!


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