Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Our Seamless Ascension ~ 3 (3D Anonymous)

Your body is hanging on. It desperately wants you here.  You have to let go.  Let go – everything you’re hanging on to because of fear, or are doing a certain way because of fear, or not doing at all because of fear – is time now to take care of.  This is the end of duality.  You have chosen this.  You have confirmation many places – here, your body, an assortment of scribes and teachers.  All of these sources are telling you:
-          You have chosen this
-          You are changing
-          No one else knows how it’s going to go because you are creating how it’s going right now

 You have to let go.  You have to let go.  You have to let go.  It is time.

No longer do these very dense beliefs hold any fascination.  You understand now the fragile nature of this dream.  It’s been constructed, intentionally, by those who understood how it worked.  For hundreds of years the plan has been laid and carried out.  They utilized the power of emotion and set about to create a world of beings willing to give everything up for a cause.  It didn’t matter the foundation, so several were chosen:

-          Religion
-          Wealth
-          Patriotism
-          Power

Our minds have been filled with words and images, all of them resulting in blind obedience, subservience, greed, violence and separation.  We have been taught to ignore our inner calling.

Today though, it is more like our inner voice has a microphone!  Shouting above the mainstream din are words of love, power, peace and unity.  We’ve not heard this volume before and our bodies and minds are wrenched back and forth with the noise.  The competing vibrations threaten to pull us apart, or so it seems.

Should we listen to the side that is familiar? “Obey” “Be afraid” “Send us your money” “Hate this human” “Fight” Should instead, we follow this other voice? “You and I are the same” “We are One” “Love is the answer” “Above all, love yourself” Which is right?  Which is wrong? How do we discern? Help!!!

No one has a twelve step program for this one.  This dimension is an addiction that’s never been released, until today.  We are writing the steps right now.  We are not doing so without help.  We have teachers with processes and meditations, groups and seminars, books and workshops, videos and diets.  If there was ever a time to utilize them, it is now.  There is wisdom all around.

It comes from the core of us.  We are each others teachers.  We have come to show the way. 

If you feel drawn to a particular web site, channel or conference – go there.  It does not mean the others are wrong; there is truth in every creation.  Some days a certain passage may sound brilliant and be just what you needed.  While other days it would hold no relevance.  Such is the nature of the times we are in.

Each day is a new adventure.  I feel either ten, twenty, fifty or eighty years old in alternating moments.  I cook when I feel loss or anxiety.  Yesterday I got some unexpected news that set me back.  It was a huge “IT IS TIME TO LET GO” message.  This happened as I was beginning to do some preserving.  Today we have a zillion jars of fruit preserves.  Washing, coring, cutting, and cooking apples were yesterday’s therapeutic processes.  Now I guess that’s not a bad choice, yet I wonder if I would have enjoyed the whole day a bit more if it included flexibility.  I’m hanging on with an iron grip.

It’s time for some specific guidelines.  I suspect unexpected news will come fast and furious these next three months.  Perhaps, because we are used to naming things and following rules, we need to invent the list for our “3D ANONYMOUS”. 
Here is the first rule: 1. Let go.

When surprised, frightened or angry, let it go.  Today it’s a rigid belief – tomorrow it’ll be an entire dimension.  This is good practice.  Inelia Benz (ascension101.com) has some wonderful exercises that work for me, (perhaps I should have remembered this yesterday… ;). Yet it doesn’t matter how you do it, it matters that you do it.  Let go. 

I don’t know precisely what Ascension looks like, yet I do know that I’ll be moving from one frequency to the next.  Like tuning in to an FM station on my radio, I have to let go of whatever happens to be playing on AM.  Experience tells me that my FM station has fewer commercials and a richer sound; altogether a better experience.  I am betting 5D will be much the same.  In fact, I’m creating it to be.

Step 1. Let go.  We have come to embrace our dreams.  We are here to create the manifestation of truth – love.  This is who we are.

We are the One we’ve been waiting for.


  1. Dear Sophia,

    I don't know how you do it, but every time you post a message it's exactly what's on my mind/body/spirit at that time.
    You give great comfort, courage and love.
    Yes, it's time to let go and grab our wonderful chance/change,

    really with all of my heart,


    1. Thank you Peter. I think it is because we are One. When I hesitate to write what is REALLY in my heart, and then I push through, inevitably someone tells me what you have here, that it is the same for them. If nothing else, this is evidence for our connection.

  2. Wonderful message. This does resonate. I am feeling the vibrations of ascension happening.

    1. It is good to hear! I think we all are... this can be a challenge to give voice to in our everyday world... here, we can contemplate and shake our heads and say, yes! That's what has been going on! It is like that for me. Often I am not sure what has been happening until I glance back... what is that they say about hindsight? It is always 20/20.
      Much love.

  3. Question... Who is this "I" you keep referring to...???


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