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To say something unusual is going on offshore from San Francisco is perhaps stating the obvious, what it is nobody is quite sure.  So much disinformation is being thrown out to bloggers. Kerry Cassidy, Gordon Duff, and John Kettler have all written about it from information gained from their sources. Its a real fog of confusion right now.  San Francisco is no stranger to fog, but we don't usually see this kind of fog. Kerry is right to be skeptical until more facts are in. In addition to the Gordon Duff articles at Veterans Today listed below, John Kettler has written several articles on this same subject, you can read those here:  Stories range from a lone Reptilian escape pod (a survivor from when the Andromedan Star Sytem Procyons race took out the reptilian undersea bases bases earlier in 2012), firing upon a US Navy ship, to  to bankers being arrested and put aboard Chinese frigates.  

I have no inside information as to what is really going on. I suspect its about bankers and other cabal members being taken into custody where they can't be freed by mercenary paramilitaries. But I have no proof or information as to that, just a hunch. -AK

Monday, 01 October 2012 16:22
Written by Kerry Cassidy
U.S. Navy FLEET WEEK?  ...

I have been sent some pictures of officers and crew from what appears to be the Chinese Navy apparently sight seeing in San Francisco today... by a source.

The fact is there is now a frigate (type of ship pictured below) and according to this source it entered "unescorted into San Francisco" and was seen from the Bay Bridge.  They referred to this particular type of ship as a "war ship" and the source, on this info, is an ex-army special forces guy.

Later he took some photos of the officers and crew in San Francisco apparently sightseeing.

I'm sure this has nothing to do with my report last week about Chinese vessels in the area working with the US Navy on some undisclosed operation, (lol), but still I thought it responsible to report this added verification to what my original sources told me.

The question is what they are doing. Where there's a frigate there is also a Fleet, or so I am told.  Assuming the "fleet" are out in international waters one still might wonder what they are doing here.  Other than sight seeing I mean.

What is really interesting is that I got a call from an unrelated source over the weekend again reporting Chinese and US Navy working on 'an operation' in fact further south along the California coast as well. It was stated they are searching for undersea bases in the area...  Whereas the Gordon Duff story may not be related to the truth in this case, on the other hand when you peel back the layers of the onion, cover stories combined with cover stories seem to be the order of the day.

Other options are according to various sources:

1.  They are here in connection with the dinar reval

2.  They are here in connection with a supposed Hague arrest warrant issued to U.S. bankers, who were then arrested by U.S. Army Rangers and placed on a U.S. Navy vessel.

3.  They are here working on a joint operation to do with undersea bases belonging to an unfriendly group of disenfranchised reptilians who are fighting back after the decimation of the Pacific due to the  Fukushima/Stuxnet attack.  (related to Douglas Dietrich's assertion that this has to do with the race of MU who are still here in those undersea bases)

4.  They are here as Gordon Duff says in his recent article working together on a UFO war in the Pacific that may or may not have to do with Fukushima/stuxnet

5.  They are doing joint exercises in preparation for some undisclosed future event.

6.  They simply wanted to visit America.

If this were a multiple choice question which would you choose?  Could there be more than one of the above that is true?

I'm sure there are other reasons I haven't yet thought of...

7.  None of the above and to be announced (or maybe not)

8.  NEWLY ADDED:  U.S. Navy "Fleet Week" starts October 4th and China may be participating for the first time.

Great possiblility... just in (and great cover story too).


Pictures below:

Type of ship:

Crew and officers:


More on this story here (previous posts and radio shows):

Must read:  Gordon Duff article on Veteran's Today:

THEN READ THIS (MY SUMMARY OF EVENTS leading up to Duff writing that article that originally named Kerry Cassidy):

See description and listen to both 9/21 radio shows on the Radio show archive link with Douglas Dietrich and David Griffin... fascinating stuff.



  1. If in fact they are actually off the coast of SF. we can't really tell from that picture. They might be conducting joint exercises as part of an integration exercise for the UN and the NWO agenda 21 plan.
    But as usual I'm sure no one will ever really find out the truth until the powers that be can come up with some lame reason they rhink will satisfy the media.

  2. maybe they've arrived to take back all their gold.

  3. 9. Battleship 2 recordings, please watch out for Rihanna.

  4. Fleet Week 2012. Google it.

  5. P.S.

    1. THIS IS ONLY THE >P.S.<

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      What posts I post, are purely subjective. If I did delete your post, I don't recall even what it said. They are not archived after deletion. I tend to delete ad hominem attacks and fear mongering, but that's not to say your post, if it was ever here, had that. I also delete posts that obvious web site URL SEO ranking spam, but google catches most of those before they get to me.

  6. how many sailors and other personal are there aboard ships in the us fleet... a lot. you cant keep things from getting out so when something happens we will all know soon enough. In the British navy all the crew are informed what is going on ( unless above top secret) to prevent these sort of rumours going on and to believe what their superiors’ are telling them otherwise all trust is lost which can cause hesitation in a life or death situation with a great loss of life.

  7. Information has been presented by Alexander Backman that a very larve contengency of Chinese military are now amassing in Mexico in preparation for an invasion of the U.S. The point of arrival was, I believe, Vera. Cruz. An attack of this magnitude would not be complete without naval operations coinciding with ground troops. This is to take place very soon now and with the full knowledge of certain higher-ups. The Chinese are so confident of their victory they are not concerned who sees or knows about there activities. To them it's a done deal. It's about to hit the fan and the fan is turned in our direction.

  8. Please read Tolec's article of his knowledge of why the ships are at the SF bay Love your site!


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