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DANIEL: The Uncommitted Investigator

The Uncommitted Investigator


Somewhere along the line,
that which is true is being made to appear false,
because that which is false is accepted as truth.
—Dewey Larson
Larson's quote nicely sums up the current world situation, regardless of the field of study, whether it be science, [1] mathematics, [2] religion, [3] politics or the Great Pumpkin.[4]

One of the first questions people ask me after they find out what I know is, “why did you wait 30 years to say something?” Well, I didn't! For decades I tried to get people to listen, but no one would. I was insulted, attacked and ridiculed for daring to say that what people were taught in schools is flat-out wrong. Eventually, one concludes that it isn't worth the effort to try. So I stopped trying to get the information out and focused on understanding the things that I encountered during the Phoenix project, but as an “uncommitted investigator.” Dewey Larson, [5] one of my all-time favorite researchers and fellow “uncommitted investigator,” said this in a presentation to a class of chemical engineers, back in 1968: [6]

About twenty years ago Dr. James B. Conant, at that time president of Harvard University, gave a talk to a group of chemists and chemical executives in which he expressed serious concern over the effect on scientific progress that was likely to result from the virtual disappearance of what he called the “uncommitted investigators,” a term which he applied to those individuals who carry on scientific research work on their own initiative, without support from or direction by the established research agencies. As Dr. Conant put it, these individuals “could investigate what they pleased when they pleased, or break off research at any point. They were as free as the wind because they had no program except the everchanging one in their own minds.”

The reason for his concern, Dr. Conant explained, was that although the great majority of new discoveries in the scientific field are made by professional scientists working under the auspices of universities or research laboratories, the really revolutionary ideas, those that actually change the course of scientific progress, have come mainly from the free-wheeling activities of these uncommitted investigators, and if such individuals are no longer active, there is no assurance that these much-needed ideas will continue to materialize. In Dr. Conant’s own words: “The revolutionary advances in theoretical science were made very largely by amateurs… Few will deny that it is relatively easy in science to fill in the details of a new area, once the frontier has been crossed. The crucial event is turning the unexpected corner. This is not given to most of us to do. If you want advances in the basic theories of chemistry and physics in the future comparable to those of the last two centuries, then it would seem essential that there continue to be people in a position to turn unexpected corners. By definition, the unexpected corner cannot be turned by any operation that is planned.”

During my own research, I turned more than a few “unexpected corners” that pointed out, quite clearly, the things we are taught are “bits of truth,” but almost always lead to dead ends. It is as though human knowledge has been guided into these dead ends and strong walls erected to keep people from thinking outside the box. True research, having been taken over by corporations, became a tool for profit—not a tool for understanding. It is only the few, uncommitted investigators working in back rooms, basements and garages, that have obtained new knowledge and tried to make it public—usually to be bought out by corporations, silenced under “national security,” or ridiculed into obscurity.

The research I put forth is not secret, it is just the “common factor” to a lot of other research done by dozens of other uncommitted investigators over the last 200 years. The references I give can be found in most public libraries.

Take a dose of Larson, Maxwell, Steinmetz, Keely and Tesla, mix with some medieval Christianity, Vedic epics and Hermes Trismegistus, shake well (shaken, not stirred), and season with a good dose of Sumerian mythology and Celtic folklore. What you get from that concoction is the knowledge that was forbidden by the gods—the “secret science” that contradicts everything you know!

It takes the mind a while to unlearn everything it has been programmed to believe by those powers that be. My papers directly contradict everything you've been taught as “truth.” For example:

  • The substance of the universe is not matter, but motion, a abstract ratio of change that we call space/time.

  •  Faster-than-light speeds are commonplace; the rule, not the exception, which is a slap in the face to Einstein.

  •  Astronomers have everything backwards; stars begin their life as red giants and end it as blue giants exploding in a supernovae. [7] Galaxies form from globular clusters, to irregulars, to spirals, to giant sphericals and also explode, producing quasars.

  • The geological dating system is based on a false premise; things are much younger than stated by geologists. Correlations are missed because of this, such as the Biblical appearance of Adam and Eve coinciding with the sudden appearance of Cro-Magnon man.

  • Anthropology became the study of how to hide the true origins of homo sapiens. Fact is, mankind may have more in common with Godzilla than with the Neanderthals.

  • Religion is not what you think… it's the code of enslavement, not enlightenment.

  • So when you read my papers and start screaming, “That's wrong! I was taught that…,” remember that I've heard it all before. I was taught it all before! And I use to believe it! Then I found none of what I was taught came close to explain the things I saw and worked with, forcing me to accept that everything I knew was wrong. It took a lot of time and effort to work around all those built-in biases—and they put up quite a fight—but once I was able to steer myself clear and take a clean look at what now seems obvious, a much simpler view of the universe emerged—one that opens the doors to some amazing possibilities.

    The research contained in my papers is not channeled, received telepathically, supplied by ExtraTerrestrials, ExtraDimensionals, angels, demons, gods or any other source outside of a lot of hard work and good, old-fashioned “know-how,” by a few dedicated, uncommitted investigators that want to figure out what is out there, not be handed a book on The Universe for Dummies by the next Vogon constructor ship that happen to pass by Earth, laying out a route for a hyperspace bypass. [8]

    This approach was a matter of choice by those involved, because we wanted to demonstrate, first hand, to those very ETs, EDs, angels, demons, gods, devils and whatever else is out there, that mankind has  learned to think for himself, and is ready, willing and able to take his place in the Universe as a peaceful explorer that other worlds want as a good neighbor and friend.

    I think we are all fed up with the violent, domineering agendas of the few reptilian wanna-be's that are out to control every aspect of our lives. It may be who THEY are, but it is not who WE are. We are Mankind, the children of the Sons of God and the Daughters of Earth, unique in this galaxy. We have a place in the scheme of things, not as conquerors, not as slaves, but as fellow travelers on this Great Path that all life walks to understanding the mysteries of the Universe.

    So Sayonara Saurians, Homo sapiens has had enough and is ascending without you, to stand as equalswith those of the stars.

    I started with a quote from Larson, and I'm going to finish with one, which is from the last paragraph in the book, Universe of Motion:

    The more complete understanding of physical existence opens the door to an exploration of existence as a whole, including those nonphysical areas that have hitherto had to be left to religion and related branches of thought. It is now evident that our familiar material world is not the whole of existence, as modem science would have us believe. It is only a part—perhaps a very small part—of a greater whole. [9]

    1. Dewey Larson's Reciprocal System demonstrate that conventional science tends to have things inside-out, upside-down and backwards, and when the situation is corrected, the Universe is a much simpler place than we thought it was.

    2. The mathematics of Miles Mathes demonstrates the whole concept of infinitesimals is wrong; in nature, nothing ever “approaches zero,” it reaches unity. Calculus became another dead-end, not an open door.

    3. Research of forerunners like Lloyd Pye, Mauro Biglino and  R.A. Boulay into anthropology show an entirely different history of mankind: a slave race engineered by the gods, not evolved from apes.

    4. Schulz, Charles, It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown; From Linus Van Pelt's memorable line, “There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics and the Great Pumpkin.”

    6. Larson, Dewey B., Around Unexpected Corners, 1968.2 The Uncommitted Investigator

    7. There are two types of supernova, based on the thermal limit (blue giant explosion) or the age limit (stars of other spectral class). See Larson's book, Universe of Motion, for details.

    8. Adams, Douglas, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

    9. Larson, Dewey B., Universe of Motion, p. 438.


    1. Who is Daniel and was this written by him or you AK?

      1. It was written by Daniel, not by me.

        I will say that if someone offered me a "Dummies Guide to the Universe" I would say "thank you very much". I wouldn't be out there singing Frank Sinatra's "I did it my way!"

    2. Maybe you find this interesting:

      1. As a father of a child, the sordid tale of Jimmy Saville is more than I can bear. There's lots of blogs covering that, as is David Icke. It appears to me that it will eventually bring down the House of Windsor. How any human being can do that to innocent children is beyond my comprehension.

        I lived in the UK for 2 years, 1988-1989, but I don't remember seeing him on TV. I am told he was on the TV show "Top of the Pops", which aired new musicians in the UK.

    3. I'm not positive that Homo-Sapiens were created to be slaves, but there seems to be ample evidence that this could very well be the case. If so, what does that make of any conscious evolution we may experience as a physical creature? If we "are" but consciousness experiencing existence as biological robots with religious software programming and "beliefs," what then is the will of the universe - if the universe DOES have a will - regarding our "purpose" or it's "intent?"

      To the degree that "we" fail to be the robot/slaves "we" were designed to be, is it not expected that we would be tossed to the junk-pile like an outdated and useless vacuum cleaner? Or, since "we" are biological, are "we" more like a laboratory culture that became a disease to it's creators, and quite possibly ourselves as well? Is it our duty to become Prometheus and steal fire from our creators, or is it their curse, or our curse?

      Many questions to be mined from this vein.

      Sometimes wish I could say, "So long, and thanks for all the fish."

      1. We were not created to be slaves, at least not the original human genome. Alexander Sitchin put forth that hypotheses based on his interpretation of Sumerian clay tablets, but I think that's Annunaki wishful thinking, part of their mentality of claiming to be the masters of those they rule.

        What seems to be the case is that the Atlanteans created a "dumbed-down" version of humans from their own DNA, that were meant to be their servants. When Atlantis sunk, it was their (ours?) Karma to have to be reincarnated into the genome that survived the sinking of Atlantis.

        Its my theory that flood myths and the story of Noah are the story of the surviving slave class from Atlantis. In the Book of Enoch is the curious account of the birth of Noah who seems to be a semi-ascended being as a baby. The story is that the baby would glow with light, and his father Lamech went to his father Methuselah to see if the baby was a monster he should kill. Methuselah tells him to keep the baby alive as God had a great plan for his life. There are accounts of this slave race from Atlantis escaping the collapse of the water belts around earth's atmosphere (the firmament) in boats. That seems to roughly parallel the Biblical story of Noah.

      2. Thanks, AK. I don't like to focus on anything in particular TOO intently, because I find myself drifting from the bigger picture. But it still is interesting to take a closer look at the possible particulars every so often!

    4. Well, I've just proved to myself that TimeWarner's RoadRunner (at least) is truly BLOCKING the un-altered PDF of this particular article. Downloaded it from SoldierHugs, and just sent it to another mailbox of my own over TWENTY TIMES. Each time, it shows as "sent" in my outbox, but:


      They certainly are afraid of this information getting out!

      Meanwhile, chemtrails now spreading out and becoming white haze in the Austin sky as the clouds that are supposed to be making rain are blowing in from the south. Let's hope they get to do their job and don't get neutered by the chemtrails.

      Two very loud military jets just scrambled out of San Antonio heading north. Deafening. Wonder what they're trying to intercept?

    5. Hiya All,

      We've having HUGE censorship issues over in the UK (me specifically; writer of ...

      We've got the first two papers, but soldier hugs censored to us for over a week now.

      Can anyone that has got a full set of the .pdf's of Daniel get in touch with us - we've already got the first two on site, but need them all.

      We've got NSA types all over us and a new hack stopping people copying the doc too!

      What fun!

      If you can help, please get hold of me via @censorednewsnow or via a comment on

      To American Kabuki; keep up the good work at please tell soldier hugs about the problems and GET THEM TO GET MORE MIRRORS ASAP (we're happy to volunteer as above but need an intermediary! ... We're accessing your site OK ATM, trying to grab from here. I suggest anyone with a site starts mirroring - don't let the bastards win (we're up to our neck in the Pedo Scandal in the UK ATM with just about everyone with an interest all over us (being censored as reported to us even withint the UK). Nightmare. Please help anyone outside the UK. :)

      NB: we sort of kicked this off somewhat with this page; don't say in the dark, EXPOSE THE CABALS METHOD OF CONTROL; paedophilia/Paedo-Ring **BLACKMAIL**:

      Don't misunderstand; check it out for yourselves: HOLLAND, FRANCE, BELGIUM, JERSEY, UK, USA, etc: please if you have a website EMBED SOME OR ALL OF THE VIDEOS (especially the GERMAN DOCUMENTARY containing the KIDS TESTIMONY about SNUFF. Also the DUTCH VIDEO (adult survivor), also confirming the CHILD SNUFF MOVIES.

      HELP! We're drowning in the number of resources being thrown at us! :(

      Whilst I'm at it also please consider to embed this 22 second video!

      The braindead want MSM to report it; there you go; you have no idea how hard that was to locate! :~) TIA!

      Let's get this done before any more witnesses get snuffed out!

      1. I've included the links on the Daniel articles to the original PDF files at Scribd. Just click the Scribd icon on the articles, it will take you right there. If you can't pull those up, contact me at obiwankabuki @ gmail (dot)com

    6. your report from my view, taken along with my experience with scientists, is as real as real can get. I have been in the commercial refrigeration field since 1982 and have delt with a variety of government departments. I have been in business since 1995 and my veiwpoint of the manner by which research is performed, especially at eh government level is controlled and supressed. I perform work at NASA/SETI, Department of Energy, Stanford, Department of Agriculture, Lawrence Berkely Labs, Lawrence Livermore Labs and Sandia Labs. I have been told directly by these scientists, that they want to let us, the population, what is really going on in our environment. Yet, the white house has tied thier hands in some manner. There is a lot of science being worked on in numerous areas but, mostly for the Powers That Be. Yet, we pay for the bulk of the research. What we, the general public are told, like in regards to the sun, ETs and so on, are fed to us to calm the masses. I would like to klnow the truth, wouldn't you?


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