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DANIEL: Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP, World Orders,
Time Lines and Ascension

I was forwarded this amazing document. It ties together many mysteries in our modern world and confirms ascension of the planet.  They knew! And they didn't plan on telling the rest of us!  -AK

Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP, World Orders, Time Lines and Ascension



I was listening to exopolitics expert Alfred Lambremont on a radio show 1, discussing the “negative 
timeline” as being some kind of “synthetic quantum environment” orchestrated by the Grey ETs,
stating that this negative timeline was all “made up.” Having worked as a technician on the Phoenix 
III project (more commonly known as the time travel aspect of the Montauk Project), I have 
first-hand knowledge of what was going on and what they were trying to do—and it appears they are 
using some of the knowledge gleamed from those experiments in geoengineering application. In the 20 
years that have passed since those experiments, I have learned much and decided to take a look at 
it in the context of the new knowledge provided by Dewey Larson's Reciprocal System of physical 

Phoenix III was a covert attempt to determine the nature of time, if it could be manipulated, and 
if so, the process to do it. Without going into details, 3 the short answer is that those involved 
never came to an understanding of time, other than it was not what conventional physics thought it was, but were  able to make use of some of the technology obtained in order to perform temporal experiments into the “past” and “future.”

In order to access time, a navigation computer from a faster-than-light propulsion system was 
utilized to open a portal, from which a visual record could be made. In later experiments a way was 
found to send living organisms through this portal to other chronological periods, though this was 
highly dangerous and seldom worked as expected. Due to the nature of the equipment being used, only
persons with a highly developed psionic ability could operate the equipment (psychics that were 
skilled in precognition.)

One of the issues was that the time travel experiments ran into a “bump,” literally, crossing the
2012/2013 year boundary (conventional calendar) and at the time, it appeared to be some kind of 
artificial reality that was constructed by the psychic running the chair. The “experts” did not 
know what to make of it, but for the most part, thought it was a realistic view of the period being 
viewed because it was consistent with different psychics and everyone sent forward returned with 
very similar information. Looking at it now, it would seem to be more consistent with an “synthetic 
quantum environment,” such as the one described by Lambremont, than a natural one, which may 
explain why it was always frozen past a specific point. With what we know now, there is a good deal 
of truth to what Lambremont is was discussing on that radio show.

Research into the strange weather being seen around the world (including the effects thereof; red 
rain, abiotic stress of plants with “sudden death,” extreme levels of radiation and ultraviolet 
light to name but the few) may have turned up what is going on… and it ties in with the old Montauk 
project. This interpretation explains the chemtrails, HAARP, geoengineering, underground cities, genetic

1.   Global Voice Radio episode, “Are You on the Catastrophic or Positive Timeline?”, August 13, 

2.    Reciprocal System of theory website (, was first published in the 1959 
book, The Structure of the Physical Universe. The Reciprocal System is a theory of everything, 
based on two, simple postulates that produce the observed universe as a natural consequence. It has 
a number of notable successes, including predicting the existence of quasars some four years before 
they were actually discovered.

3.   Details are covered in the paper, Times and Timelines.
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Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP, World Orders, Time Lines and Ascension

engineering and even explains the timelines and the upcoming ascension to a higher density.4 These 
connections cannot be seen by conventional science, due to various misconceptions treated as fact.5
With the information in Dewey Larson's books, Universe of Motion, Beyond Space and Time and the 
follow-up articles by Prof. KVK Nehru on the nature of the stellar interior and the sunspots,6 what 
is going on starts to make a lot of sense. You think the politicians hide stuff—try scientists!

Most of the things going on are a reaction to a larger event. Find the cause, and the effect starts 
to make sense. So, let's start with the most obvious effect: climate change. And for that, we have 
to take a look at the single, largest effect on weather—sunlight—and where it comes from, the sun.

Stellar Evolution is Backwards!

In Reciprocal System (RS) physics, Larson comes up with a better structure for the atom, based on 
the concept of scalar motion, and as a natural consequence of that structure determines two 
“destructive limits” for atoms: a thermal limit and an age limit. The thermal limit is the common 
limit used in thermo-nuclear reactions, but the age limit is unknown to conventional science and 
concerns the capture of charged, electron neutrinos by the atom that create isotopic mass.7 When 
the age limit is reached,8 an element becomes radioactive and explodes. When Larson applied those 
concepts to astronomy, he found a different mechanism for stellar combustion based on those limits. Combustion is based on exploding atoms—fission, not fusion—and that led to the conclusion that astronomers have the stellar (and galactic) evolutionary sequences backwards!

In Universe of Motion, 9 Larson shows the consequences of what happens when you flip stellar 
evolution around, making red giants the youngest stars, and the blue giants the oldest.

Backwards evolution made for a perfectly logical and consistent pattern of evolution eliminating 
the need for a bunch of devices that conventional astronomy introduced to try to make sense of 
their interpretation; things like dark matter, dark energy, black holes, quark stars, neutron 
stars… when you put the sequence right, they all become just distinct stages in a single, 
consistent, stellar evolutionary process.

As a consequence to setting the stellar evolutionary sequence straight, some conclusions are 
different than popular belief:

•  Stars start out as large dust clouds, condense into red supergiants, orange giants, yellow then 
white main sequence stars, then on up to blue giants, then supernova. The same process as heating 
up a piece of metal, from the initial red glow to where it gets blue-hot and breaks.

•  Since stars are built from dust and debris as fuel, the more fuel available, the hotter the sun 
will get.

4.  We (the scientific underground), prefer density over dimension when describing the increased 
complexity of organisms, since the number of spatial (yang) dimensions does not change—the number 
of available temporal (yin) dimensions, does, resulting in a compaction that has properties similar 
to the physical concept of density.

5.  Some of the misconceptions being: the backward direction of stellar evolution, the omission of 
3-dimensional time, the omission of the “cosmic sector” (the universe of antimatter), and the 
nature of radiation and x-ray emission.

6.  KVK, Nehru, “Glimpses into the Structure of the Sun” series; Reciprocity XVII, #2 (Autumn 
1988), Part 1, “The Nature
of Stellar Matter” and Reciprocity XVIII, #1 (Winter, 1988), Part 2, “The Solar Interior and the 

7.  Larson, Dewey B.,  Basic Properties of Matter, Chapter 24, “Isotopes.”

8.  Larson calls it an “age limit” because atomic process is similar to aging. The capture of 
neutrinos is inevitable over time, and irreversible, so eventually the isotopic mass becomes 
greater than the structure of the atom can contain, and the
atom “dies” by a temporal explosion that is viewed in space as radioactive emission.

9.  Larson, Dewey B.,  Universe of Motion, Chapter 4, “The Giant Star Cycle.”

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Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP, World Orders, Time Lines and Ascension

Stellar Evolution is Backwards!                                                                     

•  As David Wilcock has identified in the past, planetary moons are leaving “trails” throughout the 
solar system, indicating we've entered a dusty area of space. With all this dust and debris available for stellar fuel, the sun is growing in size and getting hotter, moving from a class-G (yellow) star to a class-F (yellow-white) star.

•  Because our system of long-term dating is based on an assumption of radioactive elements being 
formed when the Earth was born—not being produced regularly—our system of geologic eras is 
drastically wrong. Astronomical events move thousands of times faster than assumed by astronomers. 
The planet and solar system are nowhere near as old as claimed and mankind has been around to see 
the sun “change” in the past.

When you consider these consequences from a corrected stellar evolution, one conclusion is obvious: 
global warming is not due to flatulent cows, but to the fact the sun is getting hotter, and will continue to get hotter. 10

Sun Heats in Quantum Steps, not a Smooth Transition

In the Reciprocal System, everything is quantized into discrete units. So is the case with the destructive limits… stars do not heat smoothly, but tend to stay at a specific temperature, then suddenly jump to a new temperature range as the magnetic ionization level increases (which controls the age limit). That is why we have a distinct color-temperature class system for identifying stars. The discrete jumps become very visible when you look at an H-R diagram with the correct evolutionary sequence, as stars move from red supergiants, to orange giants, to main sequence—distinct bars on the graph with few stars between them. The earlier stages of heating up takes bigger jumps than the later ones, so that is obvious here. 11 Astronomers consider the giants to be separate from dwarfs because they do not realize the stars heat and condense in quantum steps—they assume a continuous change, so they miss the connection.

Radioactivity: Accelerating to FTL Speeds

Conventional understanding of radioactive elements needs some updating. In the RS, when you 
accelerate matter past the speed of light it becomes radioactive—it emits radio waves while it is 
throwing off particles. That's why they call it “radio active.” It has to do with the fact that the 
zone of isotopic stability inverts when you cross the speed of light. Atomic explosions in the 
stellar interior are violent enough to push motion past the speed of light, something that cannot 
be accomplished by electromagnetic means in particle accelerators.

For example, take U-236. Uranium is element #92, so it's natural mass is 184 (twice the element 
number) and the remaining 54 units of mass are “isotopic mass,” an accumulation of mass (neutrinos) 
that forms the 236 isotope. 184+52=236. Once U-236 is accelerated past the speed of light, the 
inversion takes place and the stable zone becomes 184-52 = 132. The atom has to throw off 104 units 
of mass (2x52) to become stable at FTL speed. This throwing off of isotopic mass is radioactive 

10. About 9 minutes in to Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory television program, “Global warming” (season 1, episode 3), he interviews a reclusive “climate scientist” who has come to the same conclusion—it's the sun, not man, that is the cause of warming.

11. Has to do with the way magnetic ionization affects elements as a 2nd  power function. With no ionization, elements up to 118 are stable. With unit ionization, everything from uranium up becomes radioactive—27 elements, which is current ionization level for Earth. At 2 units, everything from gold on up is radioactive—only 13 more elements added to the fuel source, and it diminishes from there.
fuel source, and it diminishes from there.

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 Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP, World Orders, Time Lines and Ascension

If you think back to the days of Bob Lazar and his claims that UFO propulsion used element 115…
well, 115 has a natural mass of 230 and an estimated mass of 288, meaning there are 58 units of
isotopic mass. 115 is highly unstable at speeds less than light, but only has a mass of 172 at FTL 
speeds —completely stable. Pull it out of the reactor, though, and you'll be bombarded with x-rays to the point of glowing in the dark. This is why the FTL drives are never shut down. Which brings me to 
the reciprocal process—matter dropping from FTL to sub-light speeds.

X-Ray Emission: FTL to Sub-light Speed

When high-speed matter drops below the speed of light, it must reacquire the isotopic mass it lost. 
In U-236, the FTL mass was only 132. When it drops back to sub-light speed, that mass must increase 
back up to 236 amu, which is kind of backwards radioactive emission on the other side of the speed 
of light boundary—the atom absorbs particles and emits x-rays, not radio waves, as it builds mass 
back. All elements dropping from FTL motion to sub-light will emit x-rays, and all astronomical 
x-ray emitters are demonstrating this process—including our sun.

The only sub-light speeds in the sun are in the photosphere. Once you get deeper inside, the 
magnetic ionization level is much higher and the age limit destructions are constantly accelerating 
matter to FTL speeds, which is why the lower layers of the photosphere are a radio source—it is the 
boundary to FTL motion. Every now and again, the sun burps 12 and some FTL matter comes out from the core to the photosphere, immediately starts cooling and drops below the speed of light generating a 
burst of x-rays and a rapidly expanding plasma—a coronal mass ejection. Because of the reciprocal 
relation, FTL motion is expanding in time, so compressing in space. When it drops sub-light, that 
compression re-expands like a spatial explosion. So CMEs are a good indicator of how turbulent the 
core is at FTL velocities.

Now you know that the reciprocal process to radioactive emission is x-ray emission, and both have 
to do with crossing the FTL boundary (sub-light motion in 3D space to FTL motion in 3D time). FTL 
acceleration produces radioactivity; deceleration produces x-rays.

The Solar Transition

Time to put pieces together… the sun is getting hotter from all the dust and debris the solar system is now experiencing.13 The increased fuel will increase the thermal destructive limit, which will cause a corresponding increase in magnetic ionization level, which will make more elements available for the stellar combustion process—the sun is going to get brighter and hotter. Initially, this will occur as bright flashes, 14 like a mini novae, until sufficient material is available to hold the magnetic ionization limit at the next quantum step. At that time, the sun will suddenly jump up in stellar class, and remain there. (Well, “up” in the Reciprocal System, “down” in conventional astronomy, since they have it backwards.)

12 Described in detail in Prof. KVK Nehru's paper, “Glimpses into the Structure of the Sun.” See footnote 28.

13 The reason for the excess dust in the solar system is not clear, but astronomers have known it was coming for over 50 years. New Agers have billed it as the photon belt, but it is more likely to be just nebular dust or a protostar that is intersecting the plane of our solar system. As our sun, part of the Sagittarius Dwarf, intersects the plane of the Milky Way, such occurrences are very probable.

14 These bright flashes of the sun have been reported since 2010 at the higher altitudes, where the atmosphere is thinner and there is no pollution/smog layer. The increased intensity (flash) lasts for several minutes to several hours and tends to be laser-like, causing peculiar damage in a small area, such the sudden death of plants and trees (leaves are burned to a crisp) or the cracking of car windshields.

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Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP, World Orders, Time Lines and Ascension

The Solar Transition (continued)                                                                               
The transition should be interesting. When the magnetic ionization level of the sun increases, it will be like throwing a cup of gasoline on the barbecue grill coals—a burst of flame and thermal activity, so much that it will move the thermal speeds past the speed of light. This “inverse thermal emission” actually occurs frequently on a small scale and is documented in detail in Prof. KVK Nehru's paper, Glimpses Into the Structure of the Sun: The Solar Interior and the Sunspots, and is the reason that sunspots are dark and appear cool. Inverse (FTL) thermal motion is super-hot, so hot that it appears cold and the region of the sun where it takes place goes dark, as in the sunspot umbra. There are already indications of this beginning to occur. 15 Except this time, the whole sun will become an “umbra”—there should be a bright flash, like a nova flare, when the gas hits the fire (additional elements suddenly being available for fuel from the jump in magnetic ionization), then the sun will go dark, like it went out. But only for a short time, until the initial burst of new fuel has burned up and the sun returns to the zone of stability. Like most things, this has happened before 16 and will happen again.

Also recall the radioactive transitions. When the magnetic ionization increases, there will be a huge burst of radio waves as the material is accelerated FTL, along with the nova flare. The sun will go dark —FTL motion—and when it starts to light up again, there will be a huge burst of x-rays from the sun, and the possible ejection of a great deal of matter from the surface of the sun, due to the re-expansion of FTL thermal motion back to sub-light speed.


After the transition is complete, the sun will be physically larger, brighter (more white than yellow) and hotter than before—and it is going to stay that way. One would think that this situation would make the inner planets go up like marshmallows burning on the campfire. But curiously, that is not the case. Seems that whoever designed stars and planets considered this, and used the energy of transition to aid in the further evolution of life.

What will happen is that, due to the increased FTL motion in the sun, the gravitational balance of 
the solar system will change. FTL motion is anti-gravitational, so the sun will literally push the 
planets further outward in their orbits in compensation—the year will get longer. 17 Being further 
from the sun, the planet will survive and establish a new ecosystem—but a different one.

The changes in the sun will also produce changes in the planets, particularly the electro-magnetic 
alignment of the poles. As has been noted in geologic records, the north and south poles of the 
planets have been in various locations across the globe—not because the poles are moving, but 
because the crust of the planet is moving relative to the mantle and core. There is also a high 
degree of probability that the even will trigger a “core flare”, and expansion event of FTL matter 
in the core dropping to sub- light speeds and causing the crust of the Earth to expand and open at 
tectonic boundaries, eventuating in more surface area and a drop in ocean levels as compensation.18

In my opinion, this solar transition is the “harvest” or “ascension” to a new state for life on 
Earth—not just man—all life on Earth. All the physical properties get “kicked up a notch,” as 
Emeril would say, commonly known as a “higher density” or a “higher dimension.”

15.  NASA spots giant, triangle-shaped dark spot on sun

16. Mythological references to “three days of darkness” may have their origin here.

17. This has been recorded in mythology as occurring a number of times, from the 260 days, to 360, to our current 365 day year.

18. Peret, Bruce, “At the Earth's Core: The Geophysics of Planetary Evolution”, Reciprocity XXVII, № 1 (Spring, 1998).

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Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP, World Orders, Time Lines and Ascension

A Hot Time in the Old World, Tonight

If you were NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or the “powers that be” and 
knew the sun was constantly getting hotter, 19 but did not know the specifics because you listened to conventional scientists with their backwards stellar evolution, what would you be likely to do? 
Obviously, come up with a long-term strategy to deal with the excess heat. Back in the 1950s, a 
study was made on such a possibility and came up with three alternatives:

1.   Use nuclear weapons to blow holes in the upper atmosphere to let the increasing heat out,

2.   Create huge, underground cities to live in until the sun stabilized, or

3.   Get the heck off of Earth.

The first one was a bit preposterous and could not be pulled off without public knowledge, so they 
started the 2nd and 3rd.

The underground bunker approach was simple enough, as one of the features of HAARP 20, the High 
Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, was that it was able to probe well beneath the surface 
of the earth looking for oil and minerals resources, but also identified large caverns that would 
make excellent cities for them to stockpile and ride out the transition in comfort. 21 Construction 
of these underground bunkers has been in progress for decades, and Alternative 2 is nearing 

NASA came into existence shortly after this report was issued; some believe as a direct consequence 
of Alternative 3. Their mission was to find out what was “out there,” and what they found was that 
mankind is not going anywhere else, any time soon. 22

With Alternative 3 not viable and knowing they would be stuck here with the rest of us, and not 
particularly wanting to live underground all their lives, they needed to come up with a way to make 
their Utopia on Earth… and that is geoengineering. Change this planet to be resistant to the solar 
changes they knew were coming and keep their corporatocracy 23 going.

Geoengineering: Customizing the Planet

First thing they had to deal with was the sun getting a lot brighter from the combustion of dust and
debris, now present in significant quantities in the solar system. They needed to come up with a 
way to  create a “global dimming” effect to block off this bright light. Aluminum, a nice, lightweight and  very abundant element, works rather well for that as most of our mirrors today are coated with 
aluminum (not silver). Nanoparticles, distributed in the tropopause (about 7 miles up 24), would 
increase the albedo

19. Larson gave many lectures to NASA back in the 1960s when they were trying to get into space—so highly probable they know what is going on; at least in the upper echelon.

20. After discovering that the ionosphere reacted strongly to HAARP transmissions, the project was militarized (see US Patent 4,686,605, “Method and apparatus for altering a region in the earth's atmosphere, ionosphere, and/or magnetosphere”) and can now create ionospheric lenses that can be used to focus the sun's rays on a specific area, causing a localized rise in ground, ocean or 
atmospheric temperatures. This updraft creates a low pressure system at low altitudes and a high pressure system at high altitudes, and can be used to modify the flow of weather patterns.

21. Alex Jones of reported these underground cities are large enough for 80,000 people with supplies for 30 years.

22. What they found “out there” will be addressed in a separate paper. Mankind is far from alone and not well received.

23. Corporatocracy is the rule by corporations.

24. The aircraft observed dumping “chemtrails” are normally at 35,000-40,000 feet—6½ to 7½ miles.

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Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP, World Orders, Time Lines and Ascension

Geoengineering: Customizing the Planet  (continued)                                                            
of the Earth and turn the upper atmosphere into a partially-reflecting mirror. 25 This has the result of
“global dimming” on the surface.

Next problem is the x-ray bursts. The Van Allen belts protect the Earth from most particulate 
radiation that comes from CMEs, but that magnetic field barely slows down x-rays. Fortunately, back 
in the 1950s a technology came available that had to address a similar problem—the Cathode Ray Tube, or CRT. CRTs were a large x-ray emitter, pointed right at the person watching the screen. To get this technology out, they had to develop something to block x-rays but not interfere with the picture. 
They tried lead, but after being bombarded with x-rays for a while, a lead film turned brown and 
messed things up. It was OK for the sides of the tube, but not the picture screen. Searching around, they found a couple of oxides that did an excellent job at blocking x-rays and stayed viable for a long time 
without browning out. That was a combination of barium and strontium. 26

They also expect huge particulate radiation from both the CMEs and the solar heat-up, so they looked for a way to increase the magnetic flux in the upper atmosphere, which as been popularized now as “magnetic reconnection”—not a natural phenomenon. Aluminum, barium and strontium are paramagnetic and what was really needed was a ferromagnetic material… how about another popular 
metal, like iron? Might make the sky and rain turn a bit reddish on occasion from iron oxide, but you could just say the people who saw that were crazy. And so what if thunderstorms got massively more violent from the conductive metals in the atmosphere (super-cell storms). People don't pay attention to things like that, right? 27

So they developed a technique to disburse aluminum, barium, strontium and iron in the stratosphere 
using the 10,000+ aircraft 28 that are in the sky, every hour of every day. All they had to do was 
develop an aerosol and fuel additive, and “let 'er fly” to “git 'er-done.” Couple the aerosol dispersion system with a GPS (Global Positioning System) and you can even control precisely where the chemicals get dumped, without the pilots ever realizing anything is happening.

Now if you look at chemtrail fallout in snow, ice and rain… what do you find? Aluminum hydroxide, 
barium oxide, strontium oxide and iron oxide. The same elements listed on climate modification and 
geoengineering patents. What a coincidence.

As to the question of “global warming”… yes, the planet is heating up. However, due to the global 
dimming 29 created by the chemtrail project, that heating up actually turned to a bit of cooling for 
a short time, causing conspiracy theorists to say the whole global warming thing was a farce. But 
if you've been outside lately, it is obvious that the sun is significantly brighter than it used to be, 
particularly at the higher elevations. And the chemtrail sunscreen is failing, though they constantly double efforts to reinforce it. The experts are well aware of the sun becoming brighter and hotter, but you can't get the sun to pay “carbon taxes” for causing global warming. But if “man” is the source of the global warming, then

25 Could not make it orbital, as solar radiation would vaporize aluminum and blow it away with the solar wind.

26 They use to list CRTs as highly toxic because of this—if you broke one you had to make sure not to touch the broken glass, as it was considered poisonous.

27 Abundant iron provides a generous growth medium for ferrous-feeding bacterias, particularly MAC (mycobacterium avium complex), which is the cause of many respiratory problems these days. Just a convenient side-effect for the pharmaceutical companies to profit on.

28, which tracks every plane with a transponder—the volume of air traffic is amazing, to say the least.

29 Global dimming on Wikipedia here: for some propaganda on global dimming, but right now, about 20% of the sunlight is being blocked.

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Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP, World Orders, Time Lines and Ascension

Geoengineering: Customizing the Planet  (continued)   

you've got yourself one major cash cow with carbon taxes, environmental research, cleanup, 
breathing taxes, drinking taxes, waste reclamation taxes… to paraphrase Carl Sagan, “billions and 
billions” of bucks.

The initial geoengineering work was to block the solar changes and was just a temporary solution 
until the solar transition completed. But, like good humanitarians, the globalists saw a different 
picture… what if they destroyed the natural cycle and introduced an artificial one? One that they 
were the sole supplier for? And the only way you could survive was to pay through the nose.

Geoengineering and GMOs

The globalists have always profited on the pain and suffering of others, and this is no exception. 
They did not bother to put much research into the “side effects” of dumping millions of pounds of 
these elements in the atmosphere—they only considered the immediate need to protect from the solar 
transition and figured they could take care of the side effects later on. But here was a major opportunity in the form of disasters, pain and suffering.

A couple of the major side-effects were drought and superstorms. One cannot tip the seesaw, without 
having extremes.

Drought occurs in the areas that are being heavily seeded, as these nanoparticles in the upper atmosphere form condensation nuclei for rain—but there are so many nuclei, they never condense 
sufficient water on them to get heavy enough to fall out of the sky, at least not right away. They just stay up there as water vapor, drifting with the air currents, creating drought conditions below. Given enough exposure to moisture over time, they will condense sufficiently to form rain. Due to the significantly higher volume of nuclei, will have a much higher “rain density” than a natural storm, so when it rains, it pours—the superstorm. This creates an unnatural dichotomy; upwind you will have drought, downwind you will have excessive rain.

Also, nanoparticle vapor could be knocked out of the sky with an application of RF energy to shake 
things up a bit and cause condensation and rain. Thermal vibration causes collisions, and collisions
have the tendency to merge particles. Experiments along this nature has been conducted by Arco 
Power Technologies 30 over the years for weather modification that resulted in HAARP, which had all 
the tools to do this. These metals in the upper atmosphere made it incredibly simple to control the 
weather, planet-wise. If you control the weather, you control the world.

Controlling the world through weather has its own side-effects, particularly since it tends to poison all the life on the planet. In order to keep things going—and under their control—the genetic makeup of life had to be altered to be tolerant to the new, planetary climate—particularly aluminum and barium (natural strontium is actually beneficial—makes better bones than calcium).

One of the things that must be kept in mind is that this started in the 1950s. It has been in progress for some time and if you think all those cattle mutilations were done by ETs with anal probes, think again. Cows have blood and organs that are compatible with homo sapiens. Great for genetic experimentation. Once the basics were worked out, they moved to humans, trying to find a better genetic design for man

30. APTI, Inc., the company that built HAARP, is assignee on patents, such as:
5,202,689: Lightweight focusing reflector for space,
5,041,834: Artificial ionospheric mirror composed of a plasma layer which can be tilted,
4,999,637: Creation of artificial ionization clouds above the earth,
4,873,928: Nuclear-sized explosions without radiation.

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Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP, World Orders, Time Lines and Ascension

Geoengineering and GMOs (continued)                                                                             
to live in this new, artificially-created environment that will continue to exist after the solar 
transition. This gave rise to all the UFO stories about human-alien hybrids. It was all just part 
of the genetic engineering that had to go hand-in-hand with the geoengineering.

If you look at all the weird UFO stuff going on over the last 60 years, most of it was nothing more 
than steps towards the focus of creating an artificial world and artificial population, to continue 
3rd density life on the Earth after the solar transition.

And it was not just people. Long-term food sources had to be adjusted to remain viable in the 
artificial environment, and that's where your good friends at Monsanto came in with their 
drought-resistant, toxic chemical resistant, GMO foods. Sure, experiment with the mass population 
to find the good strains for the people who deserve them. And make sure you have HIPAA and “health 
care” to get all
that genetic data back to the computers, to determine what worked and what didn't. After all, 
they're not collecting mountains of medical data, they are protecting your privacy!

They are really quite happy now with their little, artificial empire and are engaging in all the 
stalling tactics they can. The solar transition is already under way and all they have to do is 
keep the masses distracted long enough for the good stuff to start so they can lock themselves away 
in their underground bases and let the rest of us burn.

Or so they think. To quote Dr. Malcolm from Jurassic Park… “Life will find a way…”

ELE and Ascension

Extinction Level Events, ELEs, are not an “end,” but simply a time of change. Happens all the time 
in nature. Happened with dinosaurs, the hominids, uncountable millions of insects, bugs and varieties of plant life. Recent summaries say that the number of species going extinct has increased 1000-fold, compared to a century ago. But they aren't just disappearing… they are evolving. And that is what is supposed to be happening with mankind and the other intelligent life forms of Earth. (Humans are only the dominant species, not the only intelligent one.)

If the globalists had not started messing around with geoengineering and genetics some 50 years 
ago, humanity would have already been in the transition phase to a more complex form of life—a 
“higher density” expression of consciousness. All the GMO foodstuffs we are exposed to on a daily 
basis, combined with the chemicals used in climate modification, has delayed certain natural 
processes from being initiated.

In Dewey Larson's book, Beyond Space and Time, he discusses the “life unit,” the origins of the 
living cell and the biological level of existence. 31 One of the more salient points concerning 
biological structure is that it mimics stellar behavior—life is composed of a stable combination of 
matter and antimatter (antimatter being called “cosmic matter” in the Reciprocal System that exists 
in 3-dimensional time). This linkage also has its sub-light (spatial body) and faster-than-light 
components (temporal mind or soul), and even continues one step beyond that into the realm of 
ethics and metaphysics—hence Larson's title, Beyond Space and Time.

Life has remarkable similarities to the various stages of stellar evolution observed by astronomers, when the evolutionary direction is corrected. Stars are born from a cloud of dirt make a body, the infusion of a soul as the compression of matter reaches faster-than-light motion, and its eventual death in the glory of a supernova. Life can be thought of as twin suns, one in space and one in time, linked

31. Larson, Dewey B., Beyond Space and Time, pp. 70-88.

Page 9

Geoengineering, Chemtrails,  HAARP, World Orders, Time Lines and Ascension

ELE and Ascension (continued)

together in a controlled explosion of energy, such that all the thermal extremes cancel each other 
out. As Delenn from Babylon 5 stated, “we are star stuff” 32 and are inexorably tied to the stellar 
and planetary processes of the solar system. We have scratched the surface of these associations 
with concepts such as astrology and metaphysics, but only scratched.

The problem that has arisen is that for the last 50 years or so we've been blocked off from our 
genetic inheritance by geo- and genetic engineering. The proper signals to do a “life unit upgrade” 
were not received when they should have been, kind of like those people at the gym that wear 
headphones and don't see the basketball bouncing towards their face, despite people yelling to 
“look out!” Ker-smack, and they are totally caught by surprise.

Time to rip the headphones off of people, and let them hear the warning signs—and the signal to
“upgrade” their psyche. There is still hope, but I don't mean from ETs…

Resetting Genetic Modifications

I have been doing some of my own, anti-GMO experimenting to see what it would take to get a 
“terminator seed” to germinate, based on the concepts discussed with David Wilcock in 2005, 
regarding the Russian “torsion fields” experiments to modify DNA. And I have had some success. 
Genetically-modified organisms, when exposed to a torsion field broadcasting “heritage seed” DNA, 
literally throws out the artificial changes and reverts back to the original DNA coding and germinates. Only about 15% success at the moment, but the important point is that it does work. And the seeds produced continue to germinate on their own. This, alone, gives me hope that if the artificial conditions being imposed on the planet were removed, life would quickly revert back to its “factory defaults,” pick up the proper signals, and begin the upgrade process—what is called “ascension.” After all, the Earth's core is the largest torsion field generator in existence on this world—someone just needs to push the “reset” button.

Geoengineering requires genetic modification to keep the status quo. If removed, nature will reassert itself and start the process of healing. The altered atmosphere and genetically modified organism are seen by nature as an injury and disease—and it can, and will, treat those injuries and kill the disease when given a chance.

The globalists must keep inflicting injury to the ecosystem in order to retain control of it. If they don't,
they'll lose control of it and it will start to revert to what it should be.

Time Lines

About these negative and positive time lines that Lambremont and others are talking about… Having 
worked so much with the idea of a reciprocal relation between space and time, and it's Eastern counterpart, yin-yang, these negative and positive time lines need to be considered two aspects of 
the evolutionary process. It isn't going to be one or the other, it is going to be both.

The solar transition must occur, as it is a completely natural process that is observed all over the universe. It just needs to be understood that when the sun evolves, the life associated with it also evolves—the life on all its planets, moons, and everything inbetween.

What is being called the negative time line is the one the globalists want, their artificial environment with total control. If one remains 3rd density after the solar transition, that's exactly what they are going

32. A paraphrasing of a notable comment by Carl Sagan.

Page 10

Geoengineering, Chemtrails,  HAARP, World Orders, Time Lines and Ascension

Time Lines (continued)                                                                                          

to have to have in order for 3rd density life to continue on Earth, as the conditions they are preparing for will actually exist—but only in 3rd density. And odds are, they won't last long, and the remaining 3rd density life on Earth will either die out, or have to be relocated to another world. (It is fear based, and they could certainly use a shoot-out between the “good guys” and the banksters to get that going.
People living in fear will be stuck in 3rd density.)

The positive time line is the one of ascension, moving to 4th density and beyond. The solar 
transition provides the energy needed to push life forward in its evolutionary process. Granted, 
with Larson's research I can identify the mechanics behind it, all the way through the biological 
stages. But that is actually unnecessary once the evolutive connection becomes evident. The sun 
evolves, which caused the planets to evolve, which causes life to evolve. Everybody wins.

To a person going with the process, all they see is growth and improvement. To those left behind, 
they see chaos and destruction. You can be clobbered by a big wave on the ocean, or grab your surf 
board and have a great time riding it out. It is a personal choice.

The difficulty faced by the ecosystem of Earth is the unnatural tampering at a critical time. They 
may be able to mess up the atmosphere and genetics on the surface of the planet, but they still 
cannot touch the inner workings. And that is what people need to do—get back in touch with the 
planet, as a living, intelligent entity.

My working with plants and animals here have proved to me, beyond all reasonable doubt, that a 
reconnection to Earth initiates the transition and ascension process, regardless of what the globalists are doing. It puts us back on the positive growth line. I've literally resurrected burned-out trees from abiotic shock, which are now green and thriving in the new environment without genetic modification. In extreme drought and excessive heat, I still have squash plants about to invade the next county. No
GMO needed, though a little “Miracle Grow” was, if you get the double entendre.


Like almost every aspect in our society, it still comes down to a “natural” versus “artificial” condition, whether it be a natural person versus an artificial, “corporate” person, real money versus fiat currency, or a natural, evolutionary world versus an artificial, 3D slave society. 

I know there is a lot of talk about divine intervention, ETs, angels and whatnot coming to “save us”… sit back, the Calvary is coming. Being of Cherokee descent, that never sounded very good to me. But all mankind really needs is an anti-globalist inoculation, so these monsters dry up and blow away.  I won't call them human, because after what I've seen at Montauk, I don't believe they are.

Personally, I don't want ETs intervening in our society, dumping their version of “absolute truth” on us. One thing I've learned in my life is that nothing is “absolute”… everything is measured relative to something else. It cannot be absolute truth, just truth relative to what the ETs have accepted as truth.

What bothers a lot of people is that many of us have spent most of our lives looking for truth, and now some alien is going to drop by and hand us a copy of The Universe for Dummies, which will do nothing more than make us feel like our entire life was wasted. I don't mind a few pointers, but I want to do the work for myself.

Now if the ETs want to come by with a big vacuum and suck off all the parasites that have retarded human consciousness and evolution, I'll be the first to shake their hand, claw, tentacle or whatever. But I don't really want to get rid of a world order, just to have it replaced by a stellar order, reeducating and reprogramming me with their truths so I don't have to think for myself.

Page 11

Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP, World Orders, Time Lines and Ascension

Consciousness doesn't grow from being told facts—it grows from the search for them. And I think that is what the people of this world really need—a chance to grow up on their own in a free society. Hopefully, you can use this information to help people get that opportunity.

Addendum: Hurricanes

Using the information on the structure of the sun provided by Dewey Larson and Prof. KVK Nehru, one 
can infer a similar structure to planets (see footnote 18, page 5). Though the planets have an atmosphere rather than a photosphere, what goes on beneath the mantle is very similar to what goes on in the core of the sun—and the Earth produces similar effects as the sun, but just on a different scale.

One of the more prominent features of the sun is that of the sunspots, dark areas that often produce flares and prominences on a recurring cycle. Recent footage has also shown that “solar tornadoes” are present above these active areas of the sun, stretching thousands of miles.

If the Earth were generating its own version of sunspots, what would we see? First, a regular cycle, but at a different scale, rather than every 11.5 years, perhaps once a year. And when a sunspot formed, there would be a massive, vorticular motion to it that would pull up material from underneath and send it sailing out around it, just as the solar tornado does: we just call it a hurricane.

If one examines Figure 8, “Migration of Prominences” of Nehru's paper on “The Solar Interior and the Sunspots,” it shows that hurricanes show up at the same latitudes as sunspots, move in the same fashion, and diminish just as Nehru describes the sunspot cycle. There is a very high correlation. Hurricanes, like sunspots, are just a feature of planets. These are seen on other planets as well, such as the giant red spot on Jupiter—a hurricane.

Knowing that hurricanes are the product of “co-magnetic thredules” in the Earth's core, they are natural events and cannot be artificially created. Nor can they be directed in their early stages, when the magnetic forces are at their strongest. But they can be intensified during formation by the same process that creates the super-cell thunderstorm mentioned earlier—excessive amounts of water vapor nuclei forced into the upper atmosphere through chemical seeding of the tropopause to create vast quantities
of clouds and torrential rain. When the generating thredule begins to collapse, the hurricane can be
controlled by localized changes in temperature and pressure, just what HAARP does best.

This was observed in the case of hurricane Sandy. A small, tropical depression that never got to 
more than a Category 1 hurricane. Nothing spectacular about that, and common for this time of  year—except the quantity of water vapor present in the system was significantly higher than it should have been. Watch the animations of the storm as it grows—the center of the storm is literally throwing off massive amounts of clouds because the small amount of ocean water being pulled up met the excessive amounts of condensation nuclei that were sent to that location via atmospheric chemicals—chemtrails.

The co-magnetic thredule creating this storm lasted longer than normal, which is why the storm followed the “sunspot” track, rather than being deflected by the Gulf Stream back out to sea, as hurricanes normally are. This indicates that, like the solar transition, the Earth is getting ready for a similar change down deep.

HAARP would not have been able to direct or deflect this storm with an active thredule, though they 
probably tried. It followed a natural course, but an unnatural intensity, thanks to chemtrail geoengineering.

Page 12


  1. This information is incredible. But as a seeker of the truth, what do I do now that I know the natural cycle has been tampered with? Am I stuck in their 3D artificially manipulated world destined for extinction because I have had my nature evolution interfered with? I know I can die and separate my spirit from my physical body and that is fine. But how can I keep my physical body and reside in it during this transisition. Shall I just accept acsencion means the loss of this toxic physical body? Explanations with out answers are just another form of fear mongering keeping us further in the negative time line. I seek not just answers but truth that is useful. Anyone with some useful answers out there? For now I will reside within my heart and pray for us all.

    1. The negative timelines are no longer there. There's only the positive timeline. The only thing you need to do is stay positive and show love to other humans. The rest takes care of itself.

      The article doesn't address this issue, its relating the history of past time line manipulations. The angelic realm and higher dimensional ETs have corrected the time line.

    2. Wow this is amazing! Thank you for posting this AK.

      My only comment is that if indeed ETs made contact with us they would most likely let us figure the universe out on our own. It would be a violation of our Free Will to make that knowledge available without consent.

      Keep up the good work everyone! Thank you all!

      Love and Light :)

    3. The following articles will address the issue of Time and the Timelines, and several other subjects.

    4. OK...I supposed I mis-read this too (it's a lot to take in at one sitting). From the article I got that there were no ET's going to be "intervening"...I'll read it again.

      I have one more question: If only the "positive" timeline exists, then why are the Chemtrails still being laid thick and heavy? I can tell you for a fact that here in Austin and Central Texas that "they" DEFINITELY ENGINEERED our hideous drought that killed nearly fifty trees on my little chunk of woods. All it takes to figure it out is careful observation.

      Every time our weather guy forecasts a decent chance for rain (better than 40%) the planes fly and the trails get laid down thick for several days. Then our weather guy has to alter his forecast down to 10% chance of less.

      If only the "positive timeline" exists and ET is gonna show himself any minute now, why are we still being sprayed?

      Frankly, I'm weary of all this "it's gonna be any day now!" and "It's almost here" and "Soon!". I'm exhausted by the constant stream of posts out of all these guys that say it's all just around the corner...for months on end...sometimes years on end. I'm tired. I'm weary to my very soul. I just want this thing "done" so we can go on. Until it IS, I have to continue to be suspicious of every single thing that crosses my consciousness, and that takes tremendous amounts of energy and causes much pain and grief. I know I can't be the only one feeling this way!

      I say "Show me the Motherships, Mofos!"

    5. I feel exactly the way you do. I'm trying to make my life as good as possible and clear any "karma" out of my system. But I look out everyday and still see the same world with no definitive changes as of yet.
      The 'it will be soon, its gonna happen, don't worry' message is starting to get annoying because they've been saying this for years now. All I'm saying is hurry up! We got less then two months you know.

  2. Replies
    1. The "Law Of One" series that Dewey Larson participated in, which was channeled material from the early 80's, explained that ascension, or "harvesting", would come to those that were in service to others at least 51% of the time, instead of service to self. David Wilcock's work stems from this channeled material and has a great amount of free information at his website,

  3. AK: Kudos! This is brilliant, timely and right on the money. Thank you for posting this - it ties up a myriad of research done over decades. Much to explore here - much to apply to current events. It confirms that what we are calling 'global warming' is a stellar event, not a man-made one (though of course we need to do some serious soul-searching about how we have disrespected our 'nest'). It is also clear that 'ascension' is real - a 'next event' stepping stone to planetary evolution. Well, bring it on. The Ancients and the indigenous have known what's what for eons. We, of the techno-age need to curb our egos, get our humility in gear and pay serious attention. Elections be damned - they will do nothing in the face of what is really going on. Awake, connect, clear and stay centered. We are about to take the ride of our collective lives.

    1. Yes! "Awake, connect, clear and stay centered." That's it! Being brave and positive with all this knowledge can be difficult sometimes, but WE ARE CREATING our own stories here!

  4. Excelente informacion! Gracias AK for posting it.

  5. thank you again, AK for posting great articles! Peace and Love to you and All. ~ morgaine

  6. Thank you AK and the sender

    This ties in with logic and scientific proof and I accepted as such.
    Great great job.

  7. Dear AK,
    Thank you so much for all the work you do, and thanks for this post in pulls together so many threads into a picture I can actually wrap my head around. It clarifies & explains so much. Do you have access to other material by this author? He makes reference to another paper in the footnotes.

  8. Thank you so much, very informative.Like everyone else reading this article I've got my surfboard in hand.Kowabunga!

  9. Remarkable! Some of it seems speculative, but when tied in with all the other information out there, it really does a great deal to complete the picture. Well done! I've already started heavy metal detox, using HMD, and I highly recommend it to all! Love and light!

  10. can hardly contain my gratitude for the far-reaching, encompassing information and connections tying up mega loose ends contained; decades of seeking for Truth covered herein. i concur: great, GREAT job! such an amazing and wonderful time in which to be alive. my hope and faith is renewed with your reporting on the GMO seeds throwing off their taint, and returning to life, and healing. may we, GAIA, and all do likewise!!! LOVE>FEAR. much much love and light to all.

    1. Very well said! My heart is full!

  11. "The globalists must keep inflicting injury to the ecosystem in order to retain control of it. If they don't, they'll lose control of it and it will start to revert to what it should be."

    Is this why they're so bloody-mindedly intent on fracking? To 'disease' the water on purpose, and not so much for the gas? (Of course there are likely other reasons too--they appear pathologically unable to let any 'good' opportunity go to waste.)

    In any case, according to Daniel (in the lion's den indeed), what they're doing to our Mother, Earth is exactly what they've done to us: constant stress and dis-ease to retard the immune system and keep things under their control. Yet another reason to pull our heads out of our soft asses and sort this mess out--as if we needed one.

    Altogether there's a lot of very interesting stuff here, and much more to it, I'm sure--plans within plans within plans, and all that. But this is another great lead.

    Thanks Team Daniel, AK, and highest regards to everyone involved. Appreciate your effort.

    BTW: Love the "Universe for Dummies" comment! LOL. I'd like to think we don't need it, but then again… OK, maybe just "Waking Up for Dummies."


  12. There is one type of "Clair-" that was forgotten... the Empath... we FEEL what others FEEL and thus can see beyond the duality of one's mind and see the true Divine Purpose of others by way of the FEELING of their timeless energy signature which reveals their process. It is a wordless experience which must then be interpreted to words. It gives the deepest perspective.

  13. There is one type of "Clair-" that was forgotten... the Empath... we FEEL what others FEEL and thus can see beyond the duality of one's mind and see the true Divine Purpose of others by way of the FEELING of their timeless energy signature which reveals their process. It is a wordless experience which must then be interpreted to words. It gives the deepest perspective when done in unconditional love free of judgment... recognizing the equality of all experience as well as the point within the order of process that it is mastering.

    1. As an empath I wholeheartedly agree. For years I thought I was nuts, feeling everyone's energy around me was at time overwhelming. Angry crowds, rock concerts and charismatic church sermons an empath can feel the emotions very accutely. It can lead to being a loner (solitude gives space to feel one's own emotions) or to shut down sensitivity entirely, and I have in the past done both.

      There were times I even envied the cold-blooded business types as they seem unimpeded by any human emotion. I now realize that I was given a gift, not a curse, and am slowly learning how to use it, and how to attenuate being overwhelmed by others strong emotions by non-attachment and oneness consciousness. I think in large part learning non-attachment and oneness were almost coping mechanisms for me.

    2. Don't think don't try don't matter

    3. AK,

      I started "getting" the non-attachment idea much better when I took another soul-searching look at the Serenity Prayer.

      Once I began practicing letting go of worrying about things and people I cannot control it was like dropping an anvil I was carrying.

      I, too, feel I am an empath, which is better I suppose than thinking I am one.

  14. Daniel,

    WOW! That was an awesome interpretation and synthesis of the subjects at hand. Bravo! You are a brilliant and intuitive seer, and I thank you for sharing this remarkable overview. It really makes sense where there was little sense before (but SM thinking never makes sense anyway).

    You are a true bringer of light.

  15. I have never thought of myself as scientifically inclined, and much of the content is very hard for me to grasp. I am, however, very sensitive to the issues you address. Thank you for shedding light on what otherwise could be construed as a "dark" topic.

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