Thursday, November 15, 2012


My personal computer is dead, bricked, toast.  I consider myself an expert in computers, I've worked with various Windows Operating systems since 1987.  I hold a Microsoft A++ Certification in diagnosing personal computers and fixing them.  But this latest episode takes the cake.

I experienced an unusual hack in May of 2012 after I posted the banker resignations.  It took away my account and created a new administrator account. I logged in from another computer and posted to my blog "Hahahaha! Very clever! Now give me back my computer!"  And strangely enough, whomever was on the other end of that hack, very kindly and cleanly restored my PC to the original state with my account back in operation.  I've never seen a hack that elegant, usually they just destroy your windows system software.  It was professional.

I've seen many bloggers accuse hackers of things that I think is just malconfigured and insecure systems. You leave your front door open any 11 year old can walk in. And 11 year old boys are nearly psychic when it comes to password guessing.  This is not one of those situations.

After that spring hack I decided to get a new motherboard and upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 and have a clean operating system, and I inserted another firewall between my computer and the router provided to me by my Internet provider.  I also VPN tunnel with encrypted links on my internet browsing.  I take reasonable precautions for the kind of blogging I do.

What I didn't realize is the motherboard I bought has a new kind of BIOS called a UEFI bios. I knew it looked different but I didn't realize it can be updated through Windows.  Many new PCs, especially the lower end ones have this kind of BIOSs which is not really even a BIOS in the traditional sense since its so malleable. The borderline between hardware and software has been blurred.

To cut the story short, my computer won't boot and probably won't boot unless I can clear its CMOS chip successfully and it looks likely I will have to at the very least buy a new motherboard and install it with money I don't have.  So here I sit in my daughters room with Disney, snow globes, pink unicorns, and Hunger Games posters doing my blogging today.  Posts may be a bit slower coming out until I get this situation cleared up.

GW Hardin has a new paper which I am about to post. I explained my situation to him and he suggested I contact my readers and see if I can raise some funds to replace the motherboard and CPU (I can likely reuse the memory chips).  GW said "You serve us, why don't you let us serve you.."

I suspect my drives have a boot sector virus and a very clever one at that.  I will need $300-400 to fix this.  I'd really like to just get a MAC mini (with that I can reuse my monitor and keyboard and mouse which I am used to) but that would take $900 or so. But I'd be quite happy just getting the motherboard replaced.

I am so fed up with Microsoft, brought to you by the man behind Windows, 3rd World compulsory vaccines and Geo-Engineering.  I'd really like to switch to the MAC platform. I had a MAC Air book but I gave that to my daughter for her college work last summer. Apple has much tighter quality control and far fewer back doors into its operating system. No system is unhackable, but some just make it darn easy.

If you'd like to help, my paypal account is


  1. hey ak,i like your blog very match and look twice a day for news.i would like to help you but i don't know how to work with paypal to send a you have a visa account?
    love from luxembourg

    1. I do have a merchant account but with overseas stuff it works best to use PAYPAL. If you send me your email address to I will send you a paypal request which will simplify paying from VISA. I don't advise sending credit card details over email where they can be interecepted. PAYPAL is pretty secure.

  2. AK!
    I stumbled on this today! According The Keshe Foundation the US got their USB-stick today!
    That's an 180 from Obamas executive order on 22nd of April this year.
    Love and light

  3. I've been trying to get to the veterans today website and it hasn't worked yet. I think they are getting hacked to. The cabal must be desperate. They have lost. Their time is up. To many have stopped looking at the shadows on the walls and are now leaving the cave.

    1. I can't get to it either! I'm sure it will be back up soon. Could also be a hardware problem, those do happen!

  4. I'll send you a little something, sorry it won't be much, in about 2 weeks, next payday. Hang in there. Ambriel (AquarielCharm youtube channel).

  5. You haven't considered Ubuntu? Seriously, a computer savy guy like you hasn't gone to Linux?

    1. Actually UBUNTU has been keeping me going since Saturday, I had it as a backup on an SSD drive. This has gone deep into low level bios, I can't even boot into UBUNTU anymore.

      UBUNTU is a very fine operating system from South Africa based on LINUX. I recommend it to anyone who would like to use LINUX but are not experts in LINUX. My problem is depend heavily on Adobe CS6 cloud for my graphics, and I need either windows or a MAC for that, otherwise I'd use UBUNTU. The GIMP graphics package on UBUNTU is good but not as capable as PHOTOSHOP.

    2. Ahhh, but you forgot to mention the best part..... It is free... all the software.... In fact, I think it is time to give them a donation as well.

  6. I send you some dollars from the Netherlands :).

  7. Well, after Obama got relected, it took about a week of the guys at the office thinking about it and I knew it was time to strike while the iron was hot. I had had my job potentially threatened for speaking before, and people laughed at me. But now, everyone smiles at me and respects me, just look at yesterday's email i sent out to guys at work:

    (We now joke for the whole office to hear and laugh along about how yesterday they were signing the petitions to secceed from the US in all 50 states at the rate of 1.x million a day when they cut it off).

    I can send you the link if I can find it again, it was about an hour and a half or more long.

    From: [Some Guy]
    Sent: Wednesday, November 14, 2012 3:26 PM
    To: [Maybe some Gal or something]

    [photo with the highlighted section about the georgia guide stones saying keep the population under 500Mill.]


  8. AK: I'm an old MacHead and you'd be well-served to get a Mini. I will send what I can to The Cause.

    That said, you gotta remember that we are in the middle of one whoppin' big Mercury Retrograde, and one of the signatures of a Mercury Retrograde is...wait for it...COMPUTER PROBLEMS! As well as mis-interpretation, mis-communication, "I thought you said THIS"..."No, I meant THIS"...etc.

    But need a Mac.

    1. My computer certainly got "retrograded"! :) Has a very nice case and components but a dead motherboard. I am so sick of rebuilding windows every 3 months.

  9. Too bad I don't live 100 miles south, I'd give the money to you in person. My accounts are basically empty though, so I can't paypal you anything. Will send some good vibes n stuff :)

  10. Once you go Mac, you don't go back! Good luck, my friend! I send you good wishes and sweet dreams.

  11. I will have some $s by tuesday next week. If you still need some money by then, I will be more then happy to donate what I can.

    Pay it forward as they say, because you never know when you might need help yourself. :)

  12. Hey AK,

    I am a former IT guy. I how crappy windows is and how many back doors are in their OS. Like one of the previous posters, I use Ubuntu and love it. A small bit of help is coming your way from a very grateful everyday reader of your blog and currently a second time college student due to the economy; your messages have changed my life and uplifted my spirit on the path to the light.

    Many thanks for your work! Good luck staying secure with hopefully a brand new Mac!


  13. ok kabuki..i hear your need and to say thank you to you for keeping me sane these last few months because i do look to see what you say and because of your friendship with Hardin and because you just sound like 'a sane guy'...i say thank you with my cash...these are crazy weird times...i was one of those who have been tracking this stuff since the mid eighties... I choose to take a break at the millennium after 9/11, it was just all too painful, i turned off the tv, did not have a personal pc, and i just stopped paying attention to anything that was happening globally or domestically, i studied marshal Rosenbergs, non-violent communication and delved into Buddhism...until april of 2012 when I happen to catch the bill woods & eva moore vids...and 'oops a daisy' i was down the rabbit hole with the best of you...AMERICAN KABUKI provides information of a wide variety, allowing the reader to digest what they will, i, as i have said, appreciate your brief observational opinion that you sometime add, i have shared articles with my very skeptical husband, who would never shame me or put me down for anything that i choose for myself but also maintains his own autonomy and makes up his own mind on all this controversial, who the f**k knows SH*t. He has read some articles and has said, 'Yeah, i see where this could be happening', it has helped me share what has me 'lit up like a christmas tree', comlicated far-out stuff that has me sounding like a total 'new age wank', when i talk about it. The look & presentation of the blog is straight forward 'here's what i heard today folks', keeps me informed, while not sensationalizing some really unsettling information.

    1. Lately I've been trying to do more sifting on what I post.

      I ask myself "is this relevant to improving anything"?

      "Is this fear porn?"

      "Is this info Bush Cabal neo-con warmongering in the middle east?"

      "Is this the Cabal end game of separating the American Republic into a thousand secessionst pieces that are at war with each other rather than the real enemy - the cabal and duality they represent?"

      I mean really what spells out the game of duality more than secession?

      Those who see themselves at One with their fellow Americans, and those that want to see everyone but their narrow religious and political views as "the other" [insert derogatory label here].

      Just the questions I am asking myself right now. I am not saying that those who don't agree with me are evil, I don't believe that. But there's clearly a large group of people in this country that don't like the rest of the country for the way they voted. There's no way this secession thing grew up overnight. Just because Obama got elected? Would any of these people promoting this idea have done so if Romney got elected? I don't think so.

      Food for thought: Is secessionism the mechanism that separates those who want to be "separate" from those that choose Oneness? Wasn't Lucifer the original secessionist?

    2. To Anon 12:31: I resonate with your post.

      Best wishes to you.

    3. Excellent point there Obi; another POV {from another with computer issues}:

  14. AK,
    Like so many others you are my one stop info center. You save me so much time in sorting through the info avalanche. To send some help via paypal do we use your obiwan kabuki e-mail?
    Dennis Patterson--Deer Park, WA

  15. Thank you AK for all your work- I really value your efforts with this blog. I am unemployed so can only send you $10 but if I could I would get you whatever you needed!Thank you Dawnb

  16. Others have suggested Ubuntu. I've been using LinuxMint, which is based on Ubuntu, for quite some time and have had smooth sailing with it. It boots up and shuts down extremely fast and it's not as hackable as Windoze. You might want to give a go. You can read more about it here:

    You probably already know this, but you don't have to get rid of your Windoze partition in order to install/try LinuxMint.

  17. Amazing group here, AK, and yours is an amazing blog. I'm up past my eyeballs in bills, so all I can do right now is visualize plenty of $$$$ coming your way!

    Take care and have a great weekend with the pink unicorns!!

    Love ya,

  18. "Food for thought: Is secessionism the mechanism that separates those who want to be "separate" from those that choose Oneness?"

    And what will become of those?

  19. Hello AK sorry to hear about your PC problems
    I'm no computer expert but have learned enough
    over the time that I have been using a PC
    to ghost my drive as soon as the operating system
    is installed and software I use plus all the updates
    are downloaded.

    And I only save to a removable drive
    of course it was much easier to do with
    win 98 and xp because even if your motherboard
    failed you could replace the motherboard and still
    run the old drive on it all you needed to do is update the drivers

    Myself I don't think it matters what PC you use because I
    believe the CPU is a Trojan horse which could possible be
    accessed through the mains power grid.

    I read your posts every day the article by GW Hardin
    made my day.

    John Smith

  20. I do believe it would be best for you and anybody else for that matter to invest in a Mac. The Mac Mini starts at $599.00 and even though the spec sounds weaker that PC specs, keep in mind how much more efficient the unix core of the Mac OS is. You'll do fine with it. I just added 16 gig to one of mine and it really flys now. I am old school Mac since 1984 and I have made my living working on PC because they break. Buy the Mac Mini and I will donate one of my Mini Mounts. You'll be able to hang the Mini on the back of your monitor!
    If you want to recover that PC motherboard, start by disconnecting everything from it. Then remove the lithium cmos battery. It looks like a shiny quarter. Locate the 10 mm spaced pins silk screened "cmos reset" and leave that pin connected for 10 minutes or so. Now move the cmos jumper back and reconnect the power cables, drives etc. Reboot. If your drives have boot level corruption you may have to re-install Windows 7. If you want to disable Windows from updating cmos you will need to password protect the bios to require user interaction.
    Let me know when you get a Mac Mini.


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