Friday, November 9, 2012

UPDATED: 11/10/12 - Pleiadian Contactee, Robert Potter,
on Coast to Coast AM Radio Show Last Night

Robert Potter is an associate of Cobra's who's doing much the organizing work behind Cobra's Laguna Beach Conference November 23, 2012.

I met Robert Potter about a month ago for lunch. He is a charming man, an energetically very much like myself.  He felt like a long lost relative is the only way I know to describe his energy and personality.  He felt like family.  I don't know why he feels that way to me.

He's an interesting man, and his adventures with Dr Fred Bell are quite amazing tales.  They'd make a good movie screenplay.  I don't know a whole lot about him or the Dr. Frank Stranges personality behind much of what Robert Potter is doing.  They seem to be very close.  I think Dr Stranges represents one of those secret societies that Sheldan Nidle is always speaking about.

I will not be at the Laguna Beach conference. Robert seems to me to be a very sincere individual and a very likable human being. Robert is the kind of guy I could hang out with. Very Californian! That's how much at ease I feel around him.  Maybe that's just the effect of those Dr Fred Bell Pleiadian Scalar Energy medallions? I dunno! :)

He's quite a good speaker on radio, I was amazed at his speaking abilities, you can get the MP3s from the URL below of his interview with John B. Wells.  What follows is the show description from Coast to Coast AM:

John B. Wells

ET Contacts & Intervention
Date: 11-08-12
Host: John B. Wells
Guest: Robert Potter

Filling for in for George, John B. Wells was joined by Robert Potter, who has been experiencing UFO contacts since 1975 with (the late) Dr. Fred Bell in Laguna Beach. Potter said he's been working with a man who goes by the code name "Cobra," who's been releasing information in regards to an ET/Inner Earth or "Agarthan" network that's helping our planet to heal.

There's a "galactic enforcement codex" being enacted due to regressive ETs' (Greys, Reptilians etc.) genetic manipulation of humans-- the positive ETs, who are part of a Galactic Federation, are arriving to help us remove the "hostile force that has been here for 26,000 years," he said. The Earth has been in a semi-quarantine position because we were infiltrated by these forces during the Atlantean/Lemurian times, which led to a destructive planetary war, he continued.

As we move through the Galactic Plane, and more light is hitting our planet, humans have evolved, "and we're beginning to reestablish our galactic humanity, and our membership to the Galactic Federation," Potter announced. The hostile forces or "lower astral beings" are being cleared out by various higher dimensional beings & spaceships, and the underground bases of the Illuminati and secret cabals "have been cut off at the knees, and their attempts to create WWIII have been thwarted," he related. Yet, the negative forces have used such things as chemtrails, vaccinations, HAARP, and GMO foods to genetically alter humanity, he lamented.

image courtesy:
Potter described some of the encounters that he and Fred Bell had with Semjase, a Pleiadian being of light, as well as accounts from contactees such as Frank Stranges, Alex Collier, and Norm Paulsen. The displays of space fleets/UFOs, which began increasing in intensity around 1991 in Mexico City, "are part of the process of identification and preparation for open interplanetary exchange," he noted.

Update 11/10/2012  A reader sent me this link to a YouTube video of the interview John B. Wells did with Robert Potter.


  1. I thought Susan Ford was discredited by Kathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips. In the book "Access Denied: for reasons of national security" I believe they mention her specifically as being someone who was not in the Monarch program.

  2. I saw a picture of susan in a uniform at 6 years old with a monarch butterfly on her lapel she was in a clinical setting this was showed to me in irvine several years ago by norren gosh who's son is a victim the book "why johnny cant come home" documents their struggle. how would a mind control victim know who is a mk ultra victim ? it is strange she is denying someone who is supporting her story... maybe she has never fully broken free?

    1. If I remember correctly from the book Mark Phillips helped to rescue Cathy O'Brien and her daughter from the program and help her remember what happened. Apparently, they met Sue when she was a news reporter and Mark tried to help Sue break through some of her programming as well. While she might have been used in some part of MK Ultra, Mark didn't think it was the Monarch program because she always mentioned it by name rather than just trying to remember what happened and figuring out how it fit in later. Cathy never knew the name of the program she was in until she put all the memories she had together and had a better idea of what happened overall. Cathy is pretty credible since she even has Youtube videos of some of her mutilations, and their book "Trance - Formation of America" was submitted to congress as evidence against the program.

  3. show cut off abruptly in mid sentence-???

    1. this is the full video

    2. Hiya - I was the person who uploaded the video and didn't notice that the last half hour had been cut off! Sorry... I've now re-uploaded the full interview and and if you still want to imbed it here, the link is:

  4. How can I break free? I know there is something deep in my concious. I also know that, as a little boy, I was connected. People still think I am slightly diffent. Now at the age of 45 I want to come out and be free. Point me to a link or what ever leads you..... In-Joy

    1. Hello GreenEarthMan,

      I had the same trouble as you and went for the Alfons Vens 28 day cure. It's not a medicine but a mixture of alchemy, homopathy and sound.. which helps a person who is out of alignment with source to become rejusted in all aspects of your life. I feel so connected now, and no longer look to gurus and outside sources for a mental understanding of my being but am turning within now for my answers and am just happy to Be ( I have found also that my comprehension of spiritual matters is so much better, without doing anything extra... and am suprised, myself. Please investigate this site. It might help.


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