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The Pentagon and agencies choose Obama,
the Chinese military stick with Hu

The Pentagon and agencies choose Obama, the Chinese military stick with Hu

Posted by Benjamin Fulford
November 8, 2012

Barack Obama’s victory in the electronically-rigged US presidential election means he will remain the spokesman for the pentagon and the agencies over the next 4 years. These same agencies recently have actively leaked information about Romney’s drug money laundering and other criminal activities in a clear sign of a military-industrial complex revolt against the Bush Nazi faction, according to CIA and other sources. The Dragon family also supported Obama because he agreed to go along with their agenda, according to White Dragon Society sources in Indonesia.

A push by libertarians and militia movements to write in Ron Paul, meanwhile, was squashed by higher military ranks, because of Paul’s proposal to close US bases world-wide.

However, the biggest losers were the Zionists, who were hoping Romney would help them realize their dream of starting World War 3.

In China meanwhile, the old guard kept Hu Jintao in charge of the military to make sure incoming leader Xi Xinping keeps within the consensus of a peaceful rise of China and does not provoke unnecessary macho violent incidents.

The big changes as usual, remain under the surface as a consensus on the shape of the new financial system slowly gels.

Here the Lee family, the one that has traditionally worked the closest with the Western committee of 300 secret government faction, is emerging as a pivotal force. The models they are holding up for future US/China/EU relations are Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and Vancouver, Canada. These regions have also successfully and harmoniously integrated the strong points of both Western and Asian culture while avoiding pervasive corruption.

There is a general consensus among both Western and Asian secret government factions in favor of the formation of a new world economic planning agency run along the lines of the meritocratic bureaucracies mentioned above that have merged the best of Western (Roman) legal culture with Asian (Chinese) bureaucratic culture.
There is also a consensus that such an agency would not be a world government but simply an agency in charge of development projects too big, international and ambitious to be carried out by individual governments or corporations.

However, before that can happen, the bastions of the old regime such as the BIS, the European Central Bank, the UN, the IMF, the World Bank and of course the Federal Reserve Board, need to be subjected to a final charge of the Bastille.

To this end, the pentagon and agencies have agreed on the need to start creating government issued “greenback” currency in lieu of the US dollars issued by the privately owned Federal Reserve Board. If the US government did this it would be able to rebuild US infrastructure and finance ambitious development projects such as the high-speed rail network proposed by Leo Wanta.

Before that is possible, though, the new greenback has to be decoupled from the international currency wrongly named the “US” dollar. If that happens, the greenback would plunge in value compared to the international dollar. This would generate a huge increase in US exports plus investment into the US manufacturing and tourist industries.

However, it would also mean the Pentagon would find it prohibitively expensive to maintain much of its overseas presence using devalued greenbacks. That is why the White Dragon Society has proposed that Asian countries, including China, hire the services of the pentagon for worldwide police and security work. This has been already been agreed to and test projects in places like Afghanistan have begun.

The unsolved issue remains deciding who would take over control of internationally traded US dollars. No US dollars [paper currency? -AK] have been created since 2008, which is why the US currency has not collapsed despite announcements of quantitative easing that should have been hyper-inflationary if the announced numbers were for real.

The problem is deciding on {whether} a new management structure can be put in place to manage the international trading currency formerly called the “US” dollar. The general consensus is that it needs to be merged with the Renminbi, Ruble and other currencies.

In Japan, meanwhile, signs of fundamental change continue to proliferate.

In a sign Japan is beginning to unravel the disastrous Wall Street and Nazi-imposed economic policies of the past two decades, the Japanese Finance Minister, its Economy Minister and the Governor of the Bank of Japan all issued this unusual policy statement on October 30th:

The Japanese language version of this release is longer and more detailed and makes it clear the Japanese government has decided to end government debt slavery. In essence the Bank of Japan has started to print yen to use to pay down existing Japanese government bonds and reduce government debt.

The White Dragon Society has proposed that independent Japan’s ruling Democratic Party merge with the resurgent Liberal Democratic Party and place itself under the strong and charismatic leadership of Osaka’s Toru Hashimoto.

The Japanese imperial family, for its part, is seriously contemplating moving its headquarters from Tokyo back to Kyoto as a move to transfer some government functions towards the Kansai region. This would be in preparation for the establishment of the new economic planning agency.

The Japanese underworld is also undergoing fundamental reforms. All of Japan’s yakuza gangs are now under a single umbrella and will become a semi-autonomous semi-government agency somewhat like the CIA is in the US.

The new leadership is strongly opposed to the distribution of drugs but this is causing friction with gangs like the Inagawa who traditionally earned a lot of money selling drugs brought in through US military bases. To help generate funds and make up for lost income, the White Dragon Society has proposed that marijuana be legalized in Japan and sold by yakuza companies. In exchange, yakuza groups would continue to obey current directives not to sell hard drugs like amphetamines, heroin and cocaine.

The Yakuza and right-wing groups have also formulated a new general policy towards China which can be summed up as follows:

“If China is a beautiful woman, make love, if it is a fat man coming to rape you, fight.”  

The Chinese, for their part, are planning to bring plenty of money to Japan in search of investment opportunities. They are looking for a company listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and one rumour has it that Sharp is one of the companies being eyed.

The Chinese will be doing the same thing all over the world as well and all countries should welcome them so long as their presence is constructive and beneficial.

The old regime may still try to provoke conflict in a desperate attempt to stop all this friendly activity. Whenever they do so please remember it is better to make love than to make war.


  1. Dear Benjamin oh boy , oh boy

    are you trying to convince us that Obama is the right man to lead US and the rest of the world to new light ascended golden era, you must be joking.
    WDS agenda( not known to now) will make the changes needed to a new golden era leap bejamin suggested to revise the US economy to create a new speedy railway, oh poor beny you must be way behind history haven't you heard about mr. KESHE and his organization please, please wake up and leave us alone (poor people of this traumatized planet) keep your agend for yourself.

    Thank you A.K.
    for the use of your comments section.

  2. I'm sorry, but I just can't take this guy seriously or I just don't trust what he is saying. Just my opinion.

  3. While I always appreciate Benjamin Fulford's insight, information and offerings, this one raised my eyebrows too.

    With all due respect, unless 'bo' (as he calls himself on Twitter) somehow miraculously manages to shake off his handlers and emerge from beneath the (mind?) control mechanisms in place, putting our faith in him (or any of our so-called leaders) is like looking at the scum on the surface of a pond and reckoning you can just walk right across. It may look solid, but just give it a go. Enjoy your swim. Too bad the water's murky. But hold on, it's our job to clear it up and get the pond flowing again to keep it that way.

    IMHO we need a grassroots realization here, not another top-down 'dispensation' of advice, 'benefits,' authority or structure--whether it seems 'friendly' and 'humanitarian' or not. Humanity STARTS with us and sadly pretty much ends quite some time before you get to the top these days, at least in terms of the 'humane' component.

    Power plays will flourish until we realize our power is not outside ourselves but deeply rooted in our hearts, to be realized and implemented by our minds and enacted by our bodies. This movement is 'spirit' being realized.

    Truth is, we need to take a whole new look at this currency thing and realize that 'money' is an analogue for the currency that powers All That Is.

    Currency is 'spirit.' It's what flows to enliven and support everything, including us. And so of course this power is 'love' not money.

    Until we figure this out--and flow our currency to the things that are good for us to love (because they help us work WELL together) and not those we think we do, or are 'programmed' to--then we won't solve any of the problems we're 'currently' facing in this world.

    It's reasonable to say that the main reason we're debt slaves--or slaves of any kind for that matter--is because we missed this vital point. It also shows us how and why we bought into the unconscionable lie of usury at the foundation of the dis-eased system we're trying to shake off as we wake up.

    So we need to reconsider what we truly VALUE; and ask ourselves what it's WORTH. Is it 'stuff' or is it 'us?'

    Inert things are consciousness trapped in form in order to serve other consciousness. It's a sacrifice beyond our wildest imaginations for consciousness to willingly imprison itself for a while so we can come to our senses. This is why gratitude for all we have (good and bad) is so important.

    We're designed to awaken, to become empowered by our Self-realization, and then to act appropriately--that is, humanely--and so with the response-abilities of the little self we appear to be geared toward the great Self (of all being One) that we represent in Truth.

    I guess the question is, will we? Or, if not now, when?

    Highest regards to all, and much love as always,

    1. Wow KAZ, you are way cool. What lovely writing and sentiments.
      Do you think it will be easier to "flow" our "currency" toward what we love if it is local alternative currency?
      If we combine that with personally produced alternative energy and aquaponics permaculture gardening for all, we can just quietly and lovingly drop off the giant tree and bear our own fruit.
      Like you said,grass roots realization instead of top down largesse.
      Blessings all,

  4. Since coming out with that landmark interview with Wilcock about a year ago in relation to the Keenan lawsuit, Fulford has lost a lot of credibility in my eyes. I mean he obviously does have some credentials as he really was an editor for Forbes, and did get to interview David Rockefeller (no small feat). Since then, however, his narrative just doesn't make hardly any sense. It started out with the lawsuit and the seeming of an organized resistance and plan with "arrests of geithner" and "LIFE planning going on at highest levels of pentagon" but has since devolved into random postings about "we are really just fighting an artificial intelligence" and "there is this super legitimate claim to be japan's actual emperor with all these magical artifacts" that never have any follow up or reference. As much as I want to believe the positive information he has put out, his storyline just doesn't even seem to jive with itself from week to week. But then again, if he is just a nonsense disinfo agent like the Drakes and Alex Joneses, what is he going for? Simply to make "truthers" look like idiots for following his info?

  5. Simply more and more BS without any drop of proof, not been verified. What else? One more god" to have faith in? from Jahweh to Fulford?

    Thngs must be proved. This is the very first rule of a journalist, furthermore of a normal guy speaking about plots.

    So, it is years that Fulford is talking about sci-fi plots and never they have led us to a proof of their reliability. Everything is claimed as "subtle" etc.

    It is time to fire all these fantasy bearers. As well as in 43 days we'l fire all the channelers claiming a great event on the 21st Decemeber.

    Let's see the rest.

  6. Rogue members in private banking at RBS + ABN Amro act like criminal crews.

    Laws + rules do not apply to them.

    They operate by the 3 D's: DENY, DELAY, DESTROY.

    We are insiders exposing the next big banking scandal involving private banking fraud, asset hiding, black money,money laundering + tax evasion.

    This HIGH LEVEL private banking is much more than numbered bank accounts + offshore credit cards.

    High level private banking can be hazardous to your health if you get in their way.

    WE are in their way!

    See + keep up to date with our library of Press Releases + postings of evidence until we break out this story in the headlines:

  7. I agree with everything said above me. Fulford is all over the place, and it seems that the storyline largely changes week to week. To me he's a hair more believable than Drake at this point...which means he's not believable.


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