Thursday, November 22, 2012


I went up to Los Angeles today to meet with a friend of GW Hardin and Joe Crane to receive another dose of the Wholeness Blessing and also to get the Oneness Blesssing.  That was itself an interesting experience which I will write about later.  Forgive me if my writing is off, the two blessings really zonked me so my speech and writing is kind of like if I had been drinking or really tired....

On the way home to San Diego the traffic was quite severe in Orange County so I decided to avoid the I-5 and I-405 freeway and take the 73 toll road south as its quite a bit quicker.   As I drove towards John Wayne Airport on the 55 freeway I noticed  rather large UFO offshore to the left and west of John Wayne Airport at sundown.  It was flashing bright red lights. I have never seen lights that bright on a craft,  prior UFOs I have seen were during daylight hours.  The craft moved west then south along the beach so I drove to the Pacific Coast Highway and it hovered over Corona Del Mar for about 10 minutes then moved out to the Pacific Ocean. I called Robert Potter and he was in his storage building and wasn't able to see it. When I got home he called me and said it was still flying over Corona Del Mar which is the next town north of Laguna Beach.

I don't know what this craft is, but its unusual. There was a slight whine (which you can hear in the video) which might indicate a mechanical engine rather than antigravitic drive, but I really don't know how UFOs are supposed to sound.  It could be a military drone - its not far from Camp Pendleton.  I've seen drones flying over San Diego county during the day and night but they always had normal FAA standard aircraft beacon lights, this UFO did not.

Is it a UFO?  I don't know.  Its not a helicopter and its not a plane.  It is interesting that Cobra had just flown into LAX for the Laguna Beach conference so the timing is curious.  Those of you going to Cobra's conference in Laguna Beach might be in for some interesting aerial displays! :)

Pardon my bad grammer, I was trying to get this on video. I didn't expect to be in this area of town and wouldn't have been had it not been for the traffic on the freeways. This was not planned.

The first video is from Newport Beach on Pacific Coast Highway about 2 miles from the UFO. Notice how bright the flashing is.  The second video is probably within a quarter mile of it.


  1. Obvioulsy it is not a UFO. UFOs don't have lights: they are light.
    And they don't have flashing red lights (why the Hell they should have red flashing light?)
    And its motion is veri slow and linear, perfectly compatible with the motion of a little craft or airplane or object.

    It can be some kind of ordinary craft maybe with the green light blown.

    1. Not true! Some are light ships, some are plasma, and some are very metallic. This was very physical.

    2. Indeed.The "physical" crafts are earthly crafts. Made here on the basis of palns inherited by the aliens or with the aliens themselves.
      The "crafts" I've had to do with (I and friends of mine in different situations and locations) are plasma-made or just light-made, as you say.
      They, obviously, don't need flashing light LOL
      The use of the flashing light is typical of the earthly crafts, in order, as you know, to be seen. And their flashing is encoded. Red, green, and white strobe kind of lights.
      That's why I stated that it is not a real alien craft but something earthly. I don't know what, but if I saw a real alien craft flashing with red lights, I would be very deluded of their technology. LOL

    3. UFOs come in all shapes, sizes and colors of flashing and non flashing lights. Their FAA is not so rigid as ours. Earth based craft must use white strobes and red wing lights must be a steady red color.

    4. The green light could be blown. generally when the red light is seen it means port (left) side showing. when port (red) shows with stern or bow light (white) and no starboard (green), this means vessle is sailing (flying) from your right to left. [I say sailing however flying use same lights and navigation rules]. It could be that the stern light is not visable. This, I am sorry to dissapoint, is a man made, man regulated vessle. I am a firm believer in UFO; I am also am experienced sailor. there is always a clue in the lights; as a sailor we have to rely on them for our survival. we develop an intuitive feel for the misleading and the genuine 'guide to safety'. Sorry brother, very doubt a UFO. Peace with this.

    5. Light ships, plasma ships and interdimensional craft can all become solid. Why just make up stupid LOL nonsense

  2. I think that its a helicopter. I thought it was a UFO the first time I seen it. They are out every night where I live. No worries. (I wish it was a real UFO, I have yet to see one with my own eyes).

    1. It was round, it wasn't a helicopter. Not a bit of rotor noise. I live near a helicopter school and am on the flight path for Marine helicopters and Ospreys, this was none of those.

  3. Hmmm, as a true 'believer' this looks like a plane to me, straight line, blinking lights.
    Kinda hard to tell due to distance.

    1. At various times the lights blinked sideways and vertical.

    2. i, too, have seen these fairly frequently in the night skies for the past year or first i think "ET/ED", and then it keeps going in a straight line, with those twitchng light cycles....then it makes me think "made by Hand/Earth human inside", whenever i see them.
      My take on a sudden global disclosure by the convenient date of 12/21/2012 might make me suspicious as well. How many Human sky vessels/vs how many cities around the globe? The real Galactic fleets could just about cover the whole of all inhabited areas like a blanket. There would be no question then, but it would also probably scare the hair to white on most observers, too! Humans are almost ready, but maybe not quite...It feels to me that there is something else that has to be digested by the masses first, which hasn't fully presented itself to us yet, and that if mass global visual discolosure happens it just may be a last ditch distractive measure, and a defining test of "choice" between Love and Fear- ? to test Free Will and "net" those that they can before the Timeline shift. I say this because I have also seen a Blue Beam projection (with witness)of a planet beside the Sun- then pop- it was gone. So, who knows how far the "reality" exaggeration will go with the toys and trinkets thay have and use. Some days, it all seems so "Hollywood spectacular" to me.
      All I KNOW is that everything will work out perfectly for everyone, somehow; and it doesn't look like what you think it looks like in the Illusion.
      Our Truth lies in Now. So be of Joy- NOW. Love to You and All!

  4. Even though I've seen a UFO myself which was a long time ago and I won't go into the what, where and when of it, I am starting to believe that they are UFO's to the general public but not to the military or governments of the world.

    I think these UFO's belong to the military and these are secret Government projects they've been working on for a century and are just now comeing to light. My guess is because it's part of their plans for superiority and control.

    I have read the stories about the so called ET's and ED's or what ever and even hoped that what was being said about them coming down here to free the people of the world etc.. etc.. were true. But now I don't think that's going to happen and it's all just some people's wishful thinking about why these UFO's are showing up.

    When Dec, 21st comes and goes without anything happening or they don't show up that will be the cut off point for me. Then I'll know it was all a bunch of hog wash.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving Ben! I am hoping that the Wholeness Blessing is working wonders on your ailment. Would love to hear more about that.

    I grew up in Newport Beach, went to Corona del Mar H.S. Class of 1972, steeped in arch-conservative tradition. Some of my early classmates were either related to Richard Nixon or his cabinet members, some who my dad went to college and graduated with. Dad was appointed to the 'bench' when Reagan was in office.

    Also, had family and friends in Laguna Beach. Remember the Greeter?
    Also, I had an uncle, who was actually a second cousin, who owned the Victor Hugo Inn and a house with an attached castle spire leading down to the beach at Victoria beach, which Rob Potter is quite familiar with. At the time my uncle was alive, the interior of the spire was chock-full of coins in the cracks of the castle rock, sometimes $10 bills were taped under a stair step, and the kids were dressed up as pirates and allowed one pass through the spire to line our pockets with loot!

    Except for the brightness, was there anything else unusual about the craft? Seems like it was behaving fairly 'normal' from what I could tell. Regularly blinking light, whining engine, no sudden movements. Did Rob have any notions about it?

    If truly an ET or IT craft it would be a great omen for the Portal 2012 conference in Laguna Beach I will be attending this weekend. Expectations are quite high and I am ruling out very little at this unique event.

    I spent the summer driving to-and-from Mt. Shasta, having a number of great experiences. Synchronicities abound there. The last trip we met a 'holy woman' who showed us a few 'back doors' of Telos, including the famous one outside of Dunsmuir with the two squarish doors that is popping up all over the net. I have a photo to prove it.

    Are you going to attend the Hollow Earth meeting today in S.D.?

    1. What Hollow Earth meeting in San Diego? First I have heard of it.

      Can you send me the photos of the Mt Shasta Telos doors?

    2. This one: Sorry, had a time warp: it's on Saturday!
      It might be fun to have somebody from AK report on that event, and I'm going to be in Laguna Beach then.

      I gotta figure out the best way to get photos onto this iMac, since I am a PC guy, too. Or, I just go back to the PC and attach the camera and upload the photos from there. Anyway, where do I send them to?

    3. Same here.... I would like to be at a Hollow Earth meeting today. email me at I live in the OC so I hope it is later in the day (I should say ever shortening day). Susie

    4. Meeting's on Saturday, had a time warp. Link is:

  6. Yes please enlighten us all!

  7. StrangerThanFictionNovember 23, 2012 at 9:23 PM

    My opinion, helicopter, though you where there so who knows. I live in between three military airbases and have seen some not so normal aircraft, in particular a helicopter that only had a red light on it. I had to double check since most have white lights on them. I think they are some kind of stealth chopper because the sound they make is not near as loud as normal ones. Other interesting craft? I have seen one for sure UFO, maybe some others but I couldn't say for certain. They also fly C130s with giant discs on the back like on the spy planes and I have a few photos of them. IMO, I think those are used for some type of weather manipulation but it could be just the conspiracy theorist in me. Their activity seems to pick up before storms and such. One of the strange storms we had was very unnatural, the thunder was more like a strange crackling noise rather than its recognizable "boom". I wasn't the only one that noticed.

  8. I saw something like the lights in the second vid. It was broad daylight and had colourful lights, it was in fact a helicopter.

  9. I have seen many starships and light ships in my day, this doesn't appear to be anything out of the ordinary. I live close to an air force base and you see things like that all the time, a little more unusual than a regular plane, but it just doesn't seem like a star ship.

    Sometimes you see regular military craft with all sorts of different colored lights. All sorts of weird shapes but they are obvious military when you see them during the day.

    It could be a startship disguised as a military craft, but it pretty much just sounds like a plane.

    starships and star people are very much real, and anyone who looks at the sky regularly is sure to see at least one in their life time.

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  11. Hey, thanks for posting :)

    In the second video I can sometimes hear something reminiscent of some sort of rotor, predominantly obscured by the sounds of the cars.
    At 22sec it becomes a bit more clear, and a few secs after also a high-pitched sound, often heard with helicopters, becomes audible (for me).

    Although, I can imagine that these sounds may have a different origin than the red blinking light that is the primary focus in the video.
    All of the galactic craft I have (physically) seen did not have a repetitive pattern of flashing light, but rather directly responds to your own emotions.

    Apart from all this, I personally believe that the feeling you get from something is way more important than what something really 'is' (in '3D definition').

  12. All this great info discussing "lights in the sky", when what I really wanted was to read an in-depth article about your personal impressions of Cobra, and insights you might have experienced pertaining to our immediate future, as result of the information disseminated at the conference.

    As you are, in my opinion a gifted writer,when you set your mind to the task.

  13. It would make sense for an extra-terrestrial based craft whose mission required moving slowly to flash a red light so it would be seen by earth-based aircraft and not a hazard to air navigation. This would be a matter of common courtesy.


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