Saturday, November 24, 2012

Welcome Galactics!

After my iMac was ordered, a reader offered me an iMac that he had inherited from a friend.  Its the smaller screen model, but same year of manufacture.    I told him that I knew of a light worker that really needed a new computer and I would set it up for them if he shipped it to me to inspect, configure and forward to the person in need.   Thought I'd share the love that was shown to me to someone else.

When I unpackaged the box tonight I found this bumper sticker attached to the screen.... "WELCOME GALACTICS".....  My readers keeps me entertained and laughing! 

I am a little behind in posting to the blog.  I've been a busy last 3 days.  Not even Brian or Sophia is getting any email from me very rapidly.  My apologies guys!  Honestly I haven't forgotten about you!

I did a partial interview with Cobra Thursday prior to the conference in Laguna Beach.  I visited the Laguna Beach vortex, and met Lady Cobra as well!  Yes folks! The Cobra's come in pairs!   I was very impressed with both Cobra and Lady Cobra, simply delightful people to meet in person.   Its been a long time since I have seen a couple this close and happy as these two are.  And I really like their energy and nature. Very gracious and charming people.  I even took them grocery shopping! 

My interview got cut short by time considerations and a bongo player in the room next door (we don't know who that was)  so I will be going up again next week for a continuation of the interview and possibly a short review of what transpired at the conference after I was gone.   

I learned many things I didn't know, which I will be writing up as my time frees up.  One thing is quite clear to me is that he is good and decent man.  I think Cobra has been wrongly maligned.   He's speaks 5 or 6 languages, one of which is Pleiadian.   Lady Cobra is a very interesting person as well, with some special gifts of her own.  I am hoping to do an interview with her, but whether we do that has yet to be determined based on what the folks upstairs think is best.  Nobody has interviewed Lady Cobra yet that I know.   What a lovely human being and soul she is!   She's a perfect counterpart to Cobra.

We covered some interesting topics in the first half hour of the interview but the conference was about to start and I had a Thanksgiving dinner to attend with the family back in San Diego.    I'll give you a teaser or two, we discussed recent Israeli violence, the star gate on the Temple mount/Dome of the Rock mosque, and how the Ascension of Mohammed happened on that spot....something I've never heard anyone else discuss.  Yes Mohammed is one of the Ascended Masters, along with Jesus, Buddha and St Germaine...among others.  And Cobra says he has been to Argatha... and I think he's telling me the truth!


  1. I am very happy for you and for the "Lightworker" that will receive that iMac my dear Brother~

    It shows me that there out are people that care for those of us that sometimes are in need of support.
    I also had about two years ago a crash of my pc and was desperate because without having an own computer my network had to be closed. I had no way to afford to buy even a second hand and some of our readers sent me the needed cash. This way I was able after one week to buy a laptop for about 400$ and this laptop does an excellent "job".

    Be always grateful for what you have or become however small or big it is :)
    LOVE and BLESSINGS from my heart IN yours

  2. soooo....where is the interview?

  3. Cobra or Mohammed? You say he has been to Agartha but the he is a little confusing by the way you wrote it, I would assume you meant Cobra but it could be construed that you also were talking about Mohammed.

    1. Mohammed. Cobra is very much 3D like you and me.

  4. Can't wait to hear the rest! Namaste :)

  5. I always felt from some of Cobra's messages on Portal 2012 to hold a feminine energy. I even wanted to say "she" when I posted one of the messages on my own blog!

  6. @Grace: Highly evolved men usually have the Divine Feminine fairly integrated and accessible ;-)

  7. Very interesting. I am new here. I started channeling Muhammad in 2011 and his energy is so soft and gentle and loving. Archangel Metatron has stepped in and I'm having a hard time with the transition as his energy is so completely different. I was fascinated to hear that Muhammad "ascended" and is one of the Ascended Masters. I was trying to figure out the connection between Metatron and Muhammad and it seems to have something to do with "ascension." Thank you for your work.

  8. How wonderful to know there is a Lady Cobra as well. I met Cobra at the Austin Conference and loved him and his energy! Also glad to know he isn't alone out there!!!

  9. Oops, Cobra always refers to himself as a him or a her. Now the cat is out of the bag that he's a he! hope you haven't blown his cover.

  10. Please let us know when we can learn at least some of the content of the conference. There is a little too much of enticement with promises of info, like keeping us begging for more:(


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