Sunday, December 30, 2012

AA Michael's Visit to Joe Crane

December 26, 2012 Visit
It was the day after Christmas here where I live when Michael and Shekinah showed up having something to give.

That is all the poetry you are going to get. My daughter Gabby is spending the time with me till after the New Year, so I stayed up until after she went to bed. I was ready to turn in and call it a night when I noticed a light start to form in the office. No bedtime for me I thought, because angels are afoot or maybe on the wing. I strolled to the office because I knew nothing was going to take place until I got there. The light was a little strange this time because not only was there the bright white light that announces the arrival of an angel but this time there was a violet light mixed with it. It didn’t take long to see why this was happening. Michael came into view first but there was the Shekinah right behind him. Michael stood in the gate as he always does, yet in the background the light of the Shekinah started filling the space as she came in to full form. This doesn’t happen very often so I knew something special was going to take place.

Michael:   We would speak with you.

Well Michael I can see this is going to be important if you and the Shekinah are here at the same time. So let’s us get down to it. No sooner did I say that when they both chimed in saying…

Michael/Shekinah:   Holy, holy, holy blessings be to the masters. Blessings be to all those that took in in their hearts to be with the birth of the Light. 

Michael:   Little do they know that which they have done. The bringers of a new dawn of time create an age unlike any that has been. Much will be asked of you in this time to come. All will be charged to bring about the setting of the vibrations that will truly bring about wonders that none have dreamed possible. Something wonderful is truly happening. You and others may not see it, yet it is coming to pass. As this grows, the masters will play a most important part.

(There is more that follows dealing with the Wholeness Blessing. If you wish to read that you can go to


  1. This painting has amazing colour combination , Thanks dear for share this beautiful pics.

  2. Maybe someone here can answer a question for me so I can stop feeling stuck in a 3-D moment.
    Like I have an issue with a hidden hand guiding my life, I take issue with people who take sacred Native acts and sell them (Sometimes killing a bunch of people in a sweat lodge). I just take issue with people selling Sacred things that have no right to be sold. I also have a problem with the fact this guy is asking 2500.00 a pop for a wholeness or wellness blessing.
    Like the Government keeps data from us and wants to get its hands on ALL OUR data...I do not trust people who sell teachings and sacred blessings.
    It is not that I haven't come to terms with my relationship with the Source and found my connection to Creator anyway...but why is it seemingly OK to ask for big bucks for something that should have no monetary value?
    This is not an attack, but a serious question.

    1. You know I got a lot of these kind of comments tonight about various posts, taking something out of context and try to make like someone is out con people. Its very clear to me Heather posted some information that has more than few of the powers that were scared. I will assume for now you are not a co-intel-pro blog troll and answer your comment anyway...

      Its costs nothing for a wholeness blessing or the oneness blessing. There are costs associated with being a Wholeness blessing trainer, which includes some special tuning forks and some rare sacred oils used in the healings as well as the instructors time. Learning to pass on the blessing to others takes a few days of training time. The fee is for people who are planning to be healers not for people who need healing. In fact the whole premise of the program is so that the growth of healers can grow geometrically and the amount of people healed growing exponentially


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