Monday, December 10, 2012

American Kabuki Interview on
Hamilton College Radio Station WHCL

I have an interview scheduled on 12-12-12 with Pete from the radio show "The Wringer" at Hamilton College Radio Station WHCL in Clinton, New York.

I had a very gentle introduction to being interviewed by Stephen Cook of the Light Agenda. Now I will be in "The Wringer" with Pete Bianco.  I hope Pete's as gentle as Stephen Cook was. It seems 'Allendale's prediction about being on radio and TV is coming true. I do not enjoy interviews, but I am rising to the occasion.  I express myself better in writing.

Hamilton College was founded by Missionary Samuel Kirkland who presented a proposal to George Washington to build an academy  for the Oneida Indians to help ease their integration with the white immigrants. Construction began in 1794 and struggled financially for 20 years.  It never really lived up to its aim of helping the Oneida Indians and was later became rechartered as Hamilton College in 1812.  Its one of the oldest colleges in America.  The college describes itself this way:

"The College that evolved from Samuel Kirkland's plan of education will soon celebrate the bicentennial anniversary of its charter. Far from the modest frontier school for white and Oneida Indian children that the missionary envisioned, it has become an institution of higher education that draws its students from all areas of our country and even beyond our borders. Although Hamilton remains small by present-day standards and currently has a student body of fewer than 1,900, it provides resources and facilities comparable to those of undergraduate institutions substantially larger in size. While faithfully maintaining the tradition of liberal learning in a comfortably intimate environment, Hamilton has responded to changing needs and circumstances in preparing its students for a world unimagined by Samuel Kirkland in the days of our nation's infancy."

The time I have been given is 9-10am EST, but the web site says the show airs at 8am EST.  I am seeking clarification on that schedule difference.  Confirmed: 9AM EST!

I have been told the topic of conversation will be "DANIEL: Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP, World Orders, Time Lines and Ascension."

WHCL can be found here: 

WHCL can be streamed here:

Past pod casts of "The Wringer" can be found here: 

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