Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Clif High: Chase f...ing Bank is about to explode......

Interesting article from Clif High at halfpasthuman.com about the crappy way Chase Bank does business. My wife had a WAMU account, and several credit cards at WAMU.  Once Chase took over the bank the fees were hiked, her credit lines axed. Which lowered her sterling credit record (thank you FICO algorithm!).  She moved to US Bank which treats people like human beings who are actually welcomed by the bank.  Since she has a great credit history it was easy for her to move her credit balances out of the hands of Chase's nasty service personnel. Its almost as if Chase purposely set out to piss off the west coast of the United States. Or do people in New York actually enjoy being treated this way? I don't know. I feel for people with lesser credit ratings who can't move their accounts, they are truly captive of this New York based monster.

Here's a portion of Clif's first article about Chase:

hmmm...an interesting tactic.....

with respect....

I did not intend to develop this as a tactic against debt collector calls. It arose spontaneously from some prank universe is playing.

Basically what has happened is that since Chase Bank took over (probably illegally, certainly without doing their real work) from WAMU bank, my mortgage payments have been going astray within their system. I mail them out as usual, regularly, and yet these last 3 or 4 payments have not made it into their system in a timely fashion (like that is my fault), and as a result, i have been receiving early morning phone calls from their 'debt collections debt'.

Now note, I am old, raspy, and get up early usually as a result of pain....so calling very early gets me at my peak, while the old wounds are still sharp, and the wits are eagar for contention just as a distraction until tea is ready.

It should come as no surprise then, that confronted early in the AM with the statement that 'this call is being recorded for debt collection purposes' resulted in my reply that 'well, ok then, if you're going to record, so am I', and I trot off to get my handy little phone-to-pc recorder and fire up Audacity.

When I returned, I was informed that 'you have no right to record this call'....which of course, was JUST the wrong thing to say.

Instanly my response is, "EXCUSE ME?!? Are you calling from Washington State? Do you know the laws in my STATE of residence regarding mutual assurance of documentation under contract law?!? Are you aware that you are performing contract work as an agent at this moment, and as such are acting for your principle and likely have the authority from your principle to alter contracts?! If so, you are modifying a contract, and if you are recording toward the purpose of validating contract alterations, then under the REVISED CODES of WASHINGTON, and the Uniform Commerical Code, I also have the RIGHT to a copy of any and all contract alterations!".....

Well, I was then informed again, that 'sir, you have not a right to record'...that is when I went ballistic and demanded to have the woman's supervisor put on the line....off to hold I went where I waited with their shitty music for 4 minutes out of courtesy before hanging up.

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  1. Have you listened to Clif's interview on Time Monk Radio? wow

    1. I used to read and listen to his stuff a lot. But then I realized his software is highly biased in favor of negative events (not purposely so) and that skews his interpretations of events.

      He can scare the tar out of you, and often needlessly so.

      But I did like this article on Chase. Reminded me so much of what we went through with them. They punish their customers severely, but never impose the same expectations upon themselves.

  2. Just a couple of months ago I was urged to switch all of my funds from chase to a credit union.. now I'm chase free.

    They keep asking if you think there is anything wrong with the chase service and if you try to talk about their recent scandals they have this prepared response that is saying stuff like there is no problem.

    So later I ended up pretending there was nothing wrong, just felt like doing it. Then they don't ask any questions. :)


  3. I received a letter this week that Chase will be closing all three of my accounts with them along with my husband's business account. Very confused, we called the bank manager and was told that yes the accounts were being closed and they would not give us a reason why. We have had the accounts for 2+ years with little or no problems, so you can see why I would be very confused. We were told that Chase has the option at any time to close an account and they don't have to have a reason.
    So I guess, I will be Chase free too......still confused though.


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