Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Difficult to Swallow, But It Can Be Digested

Difficult to Swallow, But It Can Be Digested
by American Kabuki

Carm sent me this video today, perhaps because she sees my own struggle with this concept that is so articulately spoken by this man in the video.  I don't know if Carm has mastered living in the NOW yet, but she's certainly well on her way to testing the water there.  And she tells me "the water is fine come on in!"  Her life has become a dance in quantum time.  I've met many others who are well on their way there too.

I can't say I fully grasp this concept.  Some of you seem to think I am highly evolved, but I am just like you. 

The last 10 years have been hell on earth for me. I even died and came back.  I couldn't even exit this madness it seemed. But I'm glad I didn't. I still had some lessons to learn.  I have a good friend in Los Angeles who's had her own 10 years of hell with a sick and dying husband. Its difficult for me to imagine she chose that reality.  There's not a day that goes by that I don't pray so that she has strength to bear the awfulness of it all. Having said that, I am awe struck by the depth of spiritual growth that experience has given her.

My own struggle with health, financial hardship that followed, and the subsequent restoration of health and vitality, has rapidly accelerated my spiritual growth too.  Yet its hard to imagine I asked for all that. Yet I do know that after two GW Bush administrations, and my own inability to improve a relationship,  I had given up the desire to live. The only thing that I seemed to succeed at was being a good father to my daughter.  But nobody else was too happy with me.  I did not want to live in a world where this blood lust filled nation was going.  I was creating my reality and nearly succeeded in leaving this reality, had there not been divine intervention. There is much I do not understand, but I have learned to trust the divine and I learned first hand how very much we are loved  by the Source of All.

10 months ago I felt my own frustration at the pace of change on this planet.  I didn't know how to help things along, but I  had an idea. And that idea began an act of my own little creation of reality, this blog to help others through this time of transition.  You've seen where this has taken me. places, subjects, and persons I never dreamed of encountering. A year ago many blog sites wouldn't even post what I wrote in comments.  I had an intent to do something good, and I set out to make it happen.  And everything I needed to accomplish it came.  More will come.  And it will astound me.  I haven't quite mastered this in my personal life, but I am working on it.

I picture the man in the video about like Snake A above.  He sees the egg, he's just having a bit of trouble getting his jaws around it.   Many people do not yet even see the egg.  I see myself like Snake B, I swallowed the egg, but haven't quite digested it yet and made it part of me.  Someday it will be.

- American Kabuki

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  1. Well, AK, all I can say is your blog is one of my favorites for these supposedly end and/or changing times.

    Poof seems to be the most authentic source and you managed to scoop him. all these other guys just link to it.

  2. Excellent link/clip!

    I just want to chime in that I have experienced my fair share of hardships in this life, and they did not bring me anything near joy. However, I had the desire to seek it out. Since awakening to these universal constants/laws I have slowly but surely gravitated towards joy throughout my entire experience. Your website and your actions have helped me, and if me Many others as well, to go further and enter a more harmonious state, despite being aware of the horrors of our 'reality' in 3D.

    I want to thank you, AK and your staff, for the wondrous work you have done. I have realized more of my Self through your website's work, and you should know that you have my Love and Light. For-serious! haha. I am so glad to have stumbled upon this site, and to be part of the community that seeks what I seek, and endeavors to the same ends that I endeavor towards. Life is so much more of a Joy because of it. If anyone feels down/depressed/enraged (as I have/sometimes temporarily still do), please know that you are never alone, and you are always Loved. :)

  3. Hey AK. I think I speak for many (if not all) who read this site when I say that we are blessed to have you fulfilling your role and that we send you our deepest love and gratitude. Your site is literally the first one I check every time I load the internet on my smartphone. You know (especially now) that you are here for a purpose and this blog is just part of that.

    Love and light, my friend, and to all who can relate to AK's message today,

  4. Agreed-- I really enjoy reading your blog. In fact, it the first site I visit every morning while I'm still laying in bed. I have a hard time not checking it several times throughout the day... I just really appreciate your insight, posts, and the hope I gain when I see some "good news". It makes it really difficult for me to even turn on the tv or read the newspaper knowing everything found there is censored to oblivion and tailored to encourage fear and negativity it the world. I'm just soooooo over it AK! And really ready for real change.

    On a side note-- I 100% believe that SOMETHING is in fact occurring "out there". I have always had some intuitive/empathic ability but over the past 9-12 months, I have been receiving some wicked accurate precognitive events and at a VERY rapid pace. They seem to be getting closer and closer together every new event. If this is a sign of things to come for humanity, I can't even begin to describe what that would mean to me. It's strange, there is something else that happens when I experience these events: there is an accompanying feeling of what I can only describe as a feeling of "big brother love" whenever I realize that the message I had received earlier had actually come to pass before my eyes. Its like having an older brother that is a genius, star athlete, student body president, the coolest kid in school, and not afraid to be their little sibling's best friend even in public kinda guy. Almost like a "See?Told ya, ya little knucklehead! I would never steer you wrong. Now come gimme a bearhug!" kinda guy.

    He's a really awesome guy and I hope everyone gets their own "big brother love" someday soon :)

  5. Good on ya Obi-Wan......I'm glad,- delighted in fact that you didn't shuffle off your mortal coil because I love this blog. It's become a sanctuary for me away from the dark, crazed machinations of this world that I read about too much. My health problems are still with me but I'm happy that you conquered yours and that gives me hope aswell. Thanks for just being yourself, namaste.

  6. Nice post. Abraham-Hicks is essential watching/listening - nice to see it here on your blog.

  7. I certainly appreciate what you do. My first and last stop for the day. I used to do all of my own searching. You make it so much easier. You're great at filtering out the junk. I trust your discernment. I've learned a lot from this site. You are without a doubt serving others in a big way. Thanks!

  8. Ak,

    This woman talked way too much without a coherency that should be expected from one who speaks for non-physical "wise" ones. She completely missed the mark in answer to this man's challenge - she just simply did not answer him sensibly...though she is clearly practiced in sounding confident and authoritative. But as you know, this is true for any charismatic/cultish leader. Just keep talking boldly and confidently so that the poor seeking souls believe you must be right, even when it's hot air. If they don't get it, it must be them. Here's an interesting site with some interesting outlook(s) on "Abraham" Hicks.


    If her egg is what we are supposed to swallow, I'm saying "no thanks," not that egg.

    The truth is not so convoluted.

    1. I thought both people made excellent points. I don't know much about this Abraham-Hicks channeler, Esther? First video I have seen of her.

      There's something fundamentally unique about humans and our creative ability. We're led to believe we don't influence reality, but yet we know the controllers of the cabal literally feed and direct our creative energies to their purposes. If we were not in some way very powerful, there'd be no incentive to enslave humanity in a kind of hypnotic stupor.

      I read the book "The Secret" and something about it seemed just off to me. Bad things do happen to good people, and I see no virtue in blaming people for the suffering. Yet there is an aspect of humanity that self-sabatoges itself, and loves to wallow in victimization rather than take positive action to change things.

      For me, at least as I crudely understand it, manifestation is much like a guy who build a building to house busineses. Many people will say "I don't have the money". But a smart guy would say "I'm going to design it" and does so. Then he goes to people who do have money who might be willing to invest for a share of it, and if he manifests a really good design - a dream you will on paper - and people say "Wow that's a really good dream" they'll want to be part of it. Its not the money that drives things, its the good idea. We've been led into this false concept that bankers create wealth, they do not. Ideas create wealth, creativity creates wealth.

  9. I once had misunderstandings about Abraham-Hicks (thinking it was talking about how we "choose" our situations". Then I read more and studied and realized they are teaching us that we get what we have the majority of our attention on. Sometimes when we're sick or broke our attention is stuck solidly on that and .... we get more of that. Vibrational matches. Since 2008 I have seen this data to be true for me. It has done more to move me up the vibrational scale than anything else in my life. Once the full concept is grasped it's completely amazing.

  10. AK your blog has been my main news source and I want to thank you. I too have been going through a tough 10 years it makes me tear up to think that things will get better. Hang in there my friend someday all of humanity will toast to freedom and better days!

  11. I can relate to a life of struggle.
    It ended about a year ago (Dec 18, 2011)
    I chose Love and Joy.
    I still have hurdles, but I have grasped my input in my reality.
    I take some love with me, and I leave love with you.

  12. I hear you.. I have been working with manifesting for 20 years.. and was thrown for a loop when a buiding project that was to be my retirement was taken away by the dirty BANKERS. I ONLY recently found out about the Cabal and all their nasty business.. At first, I couldn't believe it ..
    When it finally sunk in .. I started posting everything all over the place to let others know.. It too has led me to the most amazing people and sites.. I thank you for all that you have done.. Love to all .

  13. Simply stated: I love you, AK!

    PS: Completely agree with "1043" Abraham/Law of Attraction is THE essential tool for creating/manifesting the reality you want...not mentioned enough IMHO.

  14. Thank you AK for once again giving such a rewarding piece. Your site and intentions are very appreciated!

    I think the biggest oppurtunity man-kind has is fully accepting that we really are the creators of our own reality. The man wanted to continue the belief that this reality is presented for us and no matter how "good" we want, we cant change it.

    It was validating to hear the channel correct the man when he said, "if I was the creator of my own reality", with no uncertainty "..since you are the creator of your own reality."

    Victim consciousness has many ways and means to rear its ugly head. That simple correction is a gift to humanity in knowing we are the creators! The thing however seemingly difficut to accept is it requires infinate responcibility as well! The end of the Mayan calender may mean its time to 'grow up!' like it or not!

  15. Few words about creating ones own reality -

    I am that part of your mirroring among your readers (36 y/o fem)
    who has a strong feeling you will succeed in your relationship.
    The feeling of inner prosperity will flow through you as a fountain.
    When you will be ready it will happen!!

    Much love and thank you for your openness and honesty!

  16. As the Prince/ Princess prepares to become a king/queen, they must survey the state of the kingdom. This will cause the heart to break. This heart break is the foundation of compassion, generosity, exertion, discipline, stillness, confidence and wisdom that gives rise to a life of ruling ones world for the benefit of others. Because one can share in the suffering, but cultivate the joy. The difference in the experience of "misery" seems to be related to intention. If one aspires to bring joy and abundance into their world and to that of the few "others" around them, they will experience some hardship, rise above it and provide joy and abundance in their world. If one, however, aligns themselves with the concept that all beings, bar none, are liberated from all suffering, then the stakes seem to get higher and the heartbreak seems greater. Neither is better or worse or anything like that.

    Either way, the future ruler must take their place in their own palace and begin from there. This may cause old alliances that used to bring comfort to fall away and one is left with an overwhelming sense of groundlessness. This can lead to fear and depression, causing us to move away from our aspiration. This causes greater suffering. So, the future ruler is called upon to create the very ground on which the aspiration can be based.This requires fearlessness. This is not being without fear, but acknowledging the fear and having the experience of heart break to provide the energy of compassion/love to move forward.

    I was actively writing a blog on these matters when you started yours. I recall it being quite the buzz and a very welcomed voice! I began to reference your list as soon as it began.

    As I see it, you have become the ruler of your world and it is through your heart break and aspiration that people are able to hear their truth. For this I wish all of the blessings of Heaven and Earth to you and all who read your work. You are amongst the chorus of wrathless trumpets which creates the frequency of love.


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