Thursday, December 13, 2012

GAIA PORTAL: Immense Higher Dimension Energy Input into Gaia on the 12-12-12

Immense Higher Dimension Energy Input into Gaia on the 12-12-12

13 December 2012

Achievement of immense Higher Dimension Energy input into Gaia occurred on the 12-12-12. The planet-wide participation of Hue-mans, Light-workers, and Higher D elementals and other beings, caused an upsurge of integration of these new energies with the new Gaia grids.

Corner was turned.

Shadow elements and so-called dark entities fade to nothingness, as the veil has been removed.

Much gratitude to all.


  1. My 3 friends and I went down to the river and we had a short meditation and intended the energies to flow through us and into the Earth. During this time I was given the message that we had turned a corner, I shared this with my friends at the time.I cannot tell you how amazed I am to read those words in this post. Peace and Love Dawnb.

  2. AK, do you by any chance have any background information on who is behind Gaia Portal? The tone & content of the updates seems to imply that the source of the messages is more direct, as opposed to being obtained through indirect methods such as channeling.

    You post the updates both here and on the Obi-Wan Kabuki subsite too. It's a very interesting page nevertheless, and one I feel that is definitely worth watching.

    1. No I don't. Not likely to get it either right away. I think it is a direct source. Its very terse, doesn't reveal too much, but just enough that everyone knows where things are. I actually like their approach.




  4. Why then this massacre of children? What good are we doing by lifting a veil if the paradigm hasn't shifted fast enough to save young children in CT? I'm sorry, I just am frustrated with the light working efforts only to find this show up in mass human consciousness. :(

    1. My honest opinion is that its the dark's last attempt to create havoc, a bit like how insurgents cause trouble right after a country is taken over by another power. I suspect these guys have all been drugged or mind controlled prior to the violence, its all the same pattern whether its Gabby Giffords tragedy, Auroro CO, The Sikh temple in WIsconsin, Oregon school shooting or this one. Really, if it was all random you'd think the pattern would change, its almost like script they follow, find some unarmed innocent group and shoot it up, usually followed by a self-inflicted suicide so there's no interrogation.

      The media always spins it as "its you sick citizens and your 2nd amendment rights that is causing this and we need to take your guns"....but the typical American is very non-violent.

    2. Hi Unknown. I find it ironic that American bombs and guns shoot Middle Eastern children and no-one gives a damn... but when American guns are turned on your own children, the nation goes into a frenzy. Why is there no surge of grief, anger and outrage when innocent children in the Middle East are gunned down ???? ... particularly when such outrageous acts of genocide by the USA (including armaments supply to places such as Israel) are in support of such villains as Benjamin Netanyahu and his Zionist agenda ?? In such circumstances, Americans turn a blind eye. btw. Your responder is of British/ Scottish extraction, a baptised Christian, 5th generation New Zealander.

      Why such a massacre you ask? In a word: karma. Your nation apparently, needs to know what this pain is otherwise the Universe would not bring such events to you. Your nation needs to learn that it is no longer appropriate to bear American armaments into communities where innocent children live... Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan... Have you not learned this lesson yet ?? You know the shooting of young civilians (in the Mid-East) is horrific, but you kept on doing it anyway :( How does it feel now that you have attracted this event against your own young civilians ?? Multiply this feeling many times over and you will approximate how it is for a mother in Gaza who has had her child's life cut short with American weaponry. Yes. I DO find it outrageous that an 'enlightened' person even needs to ask such a question :-/

      Call all American troops back to the USA. We certainly DON'T want them in Australia (as they now are) and certainly NOT in New Zealand as is planned for the future :( Re-call your troops forthwith... in the Middle East and every other region you have entered as occupier.

      And then your teenagers will learn that to pick up arms against innocent people is no glorious thing :( Your teenagers at the moment are indoctrinated that such acts are perfectly acceptable... and see that grown men who should know better forge careers by killing little innocents :( No wonder your teenagers are confused :(


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