Thursday, December 27, 2012

Giant Space Cables Found By The Sun

This was posted by Hobie at Rumor Mill News.  I don't know if these are portals showing up, or if they are photo image stitching software errors, or the edges of film emulsions from telescope cameras.  Very curious  phenomenon on Google Sky.  Or are we just now seeing what we couldn't see before? Perhaps "the veil" was more than a metaphor?  -AK


  1. no way. Overlapping data-set seams. If you have ever tried to make a "ball" out of digital arrays, you would understand. Binary has the best storage capabilities for data, true, but trying to put 3D data into the 2D world will always have some "fudge" applied to get the job done.

    I think the old maps of the world that are all split up like orange peels to reduce the error are a good example. This video would be sorta like saying to somebody in the 60's... OMG if you go up north and try to get to England you will fall off the world.

    Sorry, it just don't add up.

    Sine Matu

  2. this is a comment I saw on Youtube from Julia May:
    "This is part of the force field being used to hold you all here of your non physical electrical energy forms powering energy via the sun's energy. This whole entire end of the outer regions of the universe is locked within this not just the earth. If people's minds were woken to the truth about all of this in the wrong way of understanding, you could then imagine what would happen.
    This is what the US are keeping quiet about and this is the reason I am here. We have a way to release the truth about themselves and explain how to free themselves and what they all must learn first to enable this as a hopeful possible solution." ~ FireSky

  3. I dont believe these are Google map seam abberrations because they'd be consistant and everywhere and not just in localized areas. This is a possible containment grid or alarm system for our part of space that has been set up in order to stop other, (not so pleasent races) from invading us by higher dimensional beings. I believe the grid to be much closer than we think due to the fracturization of other stars light that's bending through these grid lines causing abberration or diffusement.

  4. Looks like tunnels to me and gathering the sun energy to use through the whole system for power. These are not made by nature because of the perfect ninety degree turns. We can't see what these are made from but we know we are not alone in this endless universe. I am sure NASA has zoomed the Hubble in on these, but has not made that disclosure yet. I hope they do so we can see more detail crystal clear.

  5. Well, after the later post of Cobra's Egyptian Pyramid activation, particularly the info regarding the virus put in the black box of the Archon mainframe, I wonder if this is an unraveling of the matrix. Especially since upon viewing the smaller cables intersecting planets and stars, the 2 halves at the intersection point are no longer in alignment with each other. Curious.......

  6. They're portals used to enter and leave the sun's core. Who would've thought of it! An entire sunlike satellite for protection!


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