Saturday, December 1, 2012

Interesting Article at Drake's Web Site on UBS Theft of Indonesian Gold

There's an interesting article at Drake's web site about UBS bank's attempted theft of Indonesian gold bullion.

Poof writes:

EVERYbody is getting a hosing out, Barclays in Switzerland just dismissed a buch of employees that had no idea they were getting fired, just a call to report to a certain spot. Then their personal belongings were brought to by security in little box and told your services will no longer be required and don't be seen on this property anymore. The gold is controlled by the dragons.


  1. Does this have anything to do with the "glitch" of trillions of dollars in the futures market in switzerland?

  2. First document "SAFE KEEPING"receipt

    "Total of there item"......and then we make Certificate Gold Deposit on "bahave" of.....illiterate stuff for a Swiss bank.

    Second document "Certificate of Guarantee"

    1)"Goverment DLB Finance"...Misspelling of government 2) Bottom right "Govenor Bank".....misspelling of Governor.


    misspelling of "Govenor" again and shadows of signatures behind the signatures in mirror image.

    So did high class banks use both sides of the page for documents like this in 1966 ? I don't know but the signatures and stamps can be seen coming through from the backside in reverse. Statement of Protective Family Heritance(odd title in itself)is coming through to Statement of Protective Metal(Ditto).Furthermore the signatures of Soekarno,Ronggalawe,and deGoulie are identical on both sides, the spacing between them is also identical....therefore one line of three is a photocopy of the other. Soekarno's signatures on other pages are also identical... either photocopies or a stamp.

    In my humble opinion these documents are fake.

    1. Sharp eye. See what you mean. These agents sure are sloppy. Think it's the same crew who faked Obama's birth certificate?

  3. It has been said over and over that mis-spellings of words were *intentionally* put into these types of documents... this is a tactic of the cabal that they have used to discredit those *honest* people who present such documents for legitimate uses- the cabal then accuses them of being forgers and has them arrested (or worse).

  4. Although this might seem off topic, it actually isn't. My latest video expose on the Aurora shooting event begins with a 55 minute set-up drawing a correlation between the event and previous financial tyranny. Gold is featured prominently. I honestly think it would be a very compelling watch for anyone reading this article...


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