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Iran Sells Clean Fusion-Based Electricity Across South Asia

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Iran Sells Clean Fusion-Based Electricity Across South Asia

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Date: Monday, 24-Dec-2012 11:53:38
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Reader B. sends us this item with link to a 2-minute YouTube clip. Here's the URL to the site Gordon Duff mentions in that clip:

I saw a bottle of wine in the store the other day that was being marketed as Conspiracy Chardonnay. 

It has finally come to this: corruption around the world is so rampant that it has caused the "conspiracy" concept to become a hot marketing ploy.

So then, what if Iran's nuclear energy program is advanced and non-polluting - and so abundant that they are selling electric power to half of the Middle East, as Gordon Duff says here?

And what if the real problem that the US has with Iran's nuclear program is that its clean energy technology will collapse the entire hydrocarbon fuel industry - and all of the industries powered by antiquated, environmentally-destructive means?

Iran Sells Clean Fusion-Based Electricity Across South Asia

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  1. hasn't the Keshe foundation been saying for a while they've been working with Iran? 'bout time we see some actual evidence

  2. I caught the KEY term on utterance: DENSE Plasma Physics.

    As an old-line Junior Manufacturing Physicist from the Tokamak (ie "rarefied plasma") era, I can only stand and provide one STRONG ovation to the Keshe Team! We really thought it was all over once Reagan scotched the US Fusion Energy program in favor of more GE Mark 1 fission devices, more DU, more war etc.

    Sure is GOOD to be mistaken, sometimes! :)

    Fact: Seventy grand for one of these is mere peanuts. This thing'll pay for itself from Day One, once installed in MY building! A Smart Shopper sure recognizes the merits of THIS buy!

    I shall HAVE one. :)

  3. Nice article, Iran's nuclear energy plan is advanced and non-polluting so plentiful that they are mercantilism wattage to 1/2 the center East. Electricity Market Report


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