Monday, December 3, 2012

Is The Event Near?

This was forwarded to me tonight by one of Cobra's readers. Notice there's only one sequence left. Most of the intervals are 18-20 days. There was only 16 days between Nov 14 and December 1.  Looks like event happening somewhere from the 12th to the 21st.  


  1. 9/11 INSIDE JOB - NAMES AND CONNECTIONS EXPOSED every connection made I thought u might find this interesting it was posted November 20th 2012 i believe this is HUGE as it connects everything everyone didnt & that was overlooked if this is seen by the mass it might trigger some arrest & an investigation into 9/11 as it also proves it wasn't a US AIRLINE commercial plane indeed it was a military jet a huge Apocalypse ;) ENJOY! AK!

  2. Soon. Any day now..but first send some more cash.

  3. What do these 13 "events" mean? This is new to me. Thank you.

  4. :)
    Fixed event like December 21, 2012.
    Collapse in numerology – December 12, 2012 – event known by everybody who want to know about it.
    Seems like the ruin of Old Reality Grid.

    But it is not dangerous.
    As we all know, Old Reality Grid longer time does not function even satisfactory.

    So we can expect even anticipatory ruin of this old reality grid.
    What will happen?
    We will be able to feel something like we have felt in November 11, 2011.
    And soon later forces of The Light will carry out out almost all events delayed since May, 2012 – adapted to situation in Universe, in December, 2012.

  5. HI AK :-) I was at the Cobra conference and he stated 3 criteria for the Event ... which I will post below. I actually do not have any idea what these "R" messages are about. I know he is involved with a project to heal the timelines but these may or may not have anything to do with that. The three criteria stated for the Event are:
    1)Cooperation of positive surface groups
    2)Biological and Chemical weapons clearing ( note: All nuclear weapons have already been blocked or neutralized –Nov. ’11 – Jan/Feb ’12 blocked 99% of all weapons ie Rothschild controlled weapons … this was reason for explosion of info. Small amount of Jesuit controlled nukes cleared in June ‘12 . Humanity was basically in a hostage type situation- ie any organized endeavors to free humanity prior to weapons clearing would have resulted in Illuminati reprisals causing much destruction)
    3) Removal of non-physical controlling forces from the etheric plane (Archons)

  6. if we have to wait just one more day it's too much. I have no idea how or why i ever agreed to come here. It's been tough and it has taken its toll. I want to go home already.

  7. Question, ra says in the law of one he is karmically bound to earth bc of the changes in counciousness he caused trying to bring a better understanding of oneness to the Egyptians. Ra is sixth density. Service to self can't even go passed fifth density as a service to self entity. My question has to do with archons as the creators of karma and why ra would have to stay to eleviate such. Sorry I posted this here but I don't have a Blogger id or whatever. Any answers/thought paths to go down would be awesome. Cj

  8. "KARMA" is a fiction created by the Archons... who then deliver the "punishments" from the etheric/astral plane...

    The ideas connected to the concept of "karma" will soon be replaced by a different understanding, more accurately encompassed by the term RESONANCE.

  9. Great blog thank those who contributed to... :)


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