Sunday, December 30, 2012

Keep an Ear on Sheldan Nidle

Sheldan Nidle, who some have tried long and hard to defame, is proving to be one of the more interesting sources of information. Sheldan is called a channeler by most (even me), but he has claimed he was fitted with a communication implant by the Galactic Federation to be their spokesman.  He's a different sort of "channeler" than most of them.

I've noticed over the years and months that Sheldan often announces events mere weeks before they happen.  Others have noticed too:
  1. During my interview with Cobra he told me that many human telepaths are fed erroneous dis-information by the dark ones. This doesn't mean they don't get accurate information too, but many times its a mix. This isn't their fault so much, just the pervasive power the dark ones have held up until recently.  He also said he felt that Sheldan Nidle was the most accurate "channeler" out there.

  2. We (Brian, KP, AK) are noticing strong corelation of what Sheldan Nidle has said, especially in the last 2 months, with the information being released by The One People's Public Trust.


  1. Sheldan has been doing this for years, and subject to so much ridicule I don't know how he manages to continue (maybe that's why his Soul chose the childhood that he had, to "prepare" him for his ultimate work and Service). What is helpful for us to know is that "The Plan" has been derailed by the Dark so many times over the past years, making it look like Sheldan (and some others) are spouting fantasy. Thank goodness he's still determinedly plodding on :)

  2. Sheldan is connected 24/7 @ during his Webinars & Seminars you can feel the Presence & the input & experiences of being on board Galactic Ships or Inner Earth gives a vision that makes you know they're areal & waiting even as we are.
    Galactic Jack

  3. I personally have followed Sheldan for a long time. I believe he is in direct contact with the et,s. I just wish Sheldan himself would post a message on the blog here for us occasionally. (Please Sheldan)

  4. Nancy Leider also claims to have been fitted with an implant to help with communication with the Zetas. If you read what the Zetas are saying, you are getting supposedly advanced notice on what is about to take place with respect to MAJOR earth changes.

    One thing is absolutely for sure: Nobody, and I mean nobody has been able to take down the Zeta website! Why not?

    Anytime the Zetas are even mentioned, they are attacked with zest and enthusiasm.

    Sure the Zetas are lower 4d with little or no emotion. One thing that cannot be disputed is their accuracy record.

    Remember one thing: you are either prepared, or a soon to be refugee. Your call.

    1. I've seen plenty of disinfo from the Zetas. Really depends on which Zetas...the local ones (I believe they are gone now) or the ones with the GF. I don't care for that site at all. One of the first channeling sites I ever encountered. Very strong fear vibe there.

    2. AK, you don't need to distract this blog with this so don't publish it, but for your own FYI, there is a very, very strong fear vibe at Nancy's latest gig, poleshift.ning. Her Zetas, if they existed at all, were the ones working for the government. Love does not exist in her camp and she shows many signs of service to self, control freak, classic gov't disinfo tactics, and mental illness. How do I know? I worked with her for a while and then was on the receiving end of her defamation campaign. (On the other hand, Sheldan Nidle has a very peaceful and loving aura about him.) I've compiled documentation here: And Zeta accuracy, oh, puh-leeeez! 7 of 10 was supposed to have happened before the end of 2010. Two years later, she's still at it.


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