Sunday, December 23, 2012

Master list of Antidepressant/SSRI Related Violence

I knew this was a problem given the people I know who have died from taking these drug and using handguns to kill themselves, but this list is amazing and a wake up call to congress and gun control advocates that the problem is more than just guns, its the drugs people are taking.   

The combination of antidepressants and guns are a much more serious problem than drinking and driving.  Where are the Mothers Against Antidepressants?   Surely enough mothers are sick and tired of their children dying in school shootings?  Where are the calls for to hold the pharmaceutical industry responsible for its part in all this madness?

This list will astound you!


  1. Since about the early 90's, I had to start using alternative health care approaches because the western meds I was needing to survive were getting me sicker and sicker. While these were not psych meds that I was on, through that whole experience, I learned a LOT about meds, food, and how the dance with all of these things can seriously mess with someone's mental health ie:

    Any Western Meds, because they need to get processed through your liver, over time are likely to reduce your liver's functioning capacity for just normal detoxing stuff (and not just for the foods you eat, stuff in the air or on your skin etc, but for dealing with regular things like getting rid of your own intrinsic hormone waste products etc.) Many (if not most) Western Meds also cause various nutritional/vitamin depletions over time, some drugs hitting some particular reserves worse/faster than others. Suffice it to say, that if you are not extremely aware of this and supplementing accordingly with the right food/vitamins/herbal supplements etc when/if you HAVE to take a Western Med, one's system will start to get more and more whacked out. Now here comes the power punch when it comes to mental health - severe nutritional stores depletion - Vitamin B in particular - can CAUSE a person to have symptoms of being mentally unstable, resulting in diagnoses that end them up on psych meds, which then make the merry-go-round downward spiral go even faster. I know WAY too many herbalists who focus on food based/build up your nutritional stores approaches who routinely treat even the unhealthiest of the unhealthiest populations that find that even simple, basic building up of nutritional stores (we're talking teas, bone broths healthy fats and maybe some extra OTC vitamins), and people who were on psych meds can at least reduce dosages (sometimes drastically), if not get off of them entirely. Some who were even diagnosed with various disorders LOSING the diagnoses alltogether. (Mind you, there are DEFINITELY people who have deeper biochemical issues and/or PTSD issues that go WAY beyond the scope of what I'm talking about here. I also DO NOT advocated ditching ANY Western Meds cold turkey nor doing anything like this without VERY careful work with completely BTDT experienced people.) Disclaimers aside - the on-the-street-level observations of too many people that I know who see this kind of thing all the time can verify that there is a HUGE correlation with depletions/deficiencies, any number of medical issues that are normally just (literally) written off with a prescription pad, and some even hefty mental illness diagnoses.

    And what this brings me 'round to is the VERY cosy relationship between Big Pharma, Big Agro, and Gov't subsidies/support of same as well as the HUGE money spent on advertising the "wgonna-make-your-life-SO-much-better-if-you-just-pop-this-lil-ole-pill"/"Ooooh, look at this shiny new cheap processed packaged food/fast food" (and only that cheap because of the Gov't subsidies and Big Agro fertilizers and chemicals) culture. Fer corn sake (pun intended, sorry), the biggest ads for meds that I can recall as a kid was for things like aspirin, alka seltzer, pepto-bismol, ex lax and metamucil. We're talkin' head-is-ouchy-tummy-no-feel-good stuff. NOT for serious psych meds and boner pills!!!!!

    Anyway, from my own experience, seeing a roommate try suicide using her psych meds, knowing other people who have clearly crappy (fully gmo and crap chemical loaded) diets get on meds, feel worse and worse and worse and no one can figure out why. Well, let's just say, I think a few people out there have a few ideas of some different ways of dealing with all of this!


    Thanks AK and everyone else out there shining the light on some of the REAL issues driving much of this mess train most folk still think of as sufficient "health" care.

    Blessings and light.


  2. Correlation doesn't equal causality: people who need these drugs are much, much more prone to committing these types of acts.

    This posting is an indictment on the lack of comprehensive and standardized mental health care available for those in the US. It's another reason why our people not only deserve, but desperately need a true healthcare system, and not the pyramid scheme patchwork of HMO's and independent healthcare providers that we're stuck with.

    1. Depressed people are prone to kill themselves. They are seldom prone to kill others. That takes SSRIs! Angry and humiliated people will kill others but they are often not depressed.

      A very close friend of mine was not depressed, he was prescribed Zoloft for anxiety due to some cut backs at work, a week later he shot himself. This was a man who never was depressed. One of the most joyful people I have ever known.

      Another friend had issues with depression after losing a teaching job in Georgia for being black. He tried to get off them but couldn't due the physical reactions Paxil gave him.

      Some of these drugs put you into sensations of electrical shocks if you go off them cold turkey. There are also sexual and other psychological affects and they seem to aggravate depression in people in their teens and twenties.

      This is a huge issue that's being swept under the rug by Big Pharma and Psychiatrists. If I a drug that is supposed to cure depression causes people to commit suicide (or worse other people too!), what good is the drug?

    2. These are all very real concerns you have voiced here AK, things people should be aware of. However, every medicine has the potential to be poison if given to the wrong person, or the wrong dosage. Each of these drugs is like a key - the problem is that each key unlocks slightly different doors in different people. Further complicating the matter is the fact that different doses have different effects in different people.

      Unfortunately one side effect is, as you mentioned here, increased suicidal ideation. I'm sure your friend's physician feels terrible about the death; however, if he was responsible, he would have told your friend about these risks. The undeniable fact is that statistically speaking, SSRI's still do more good than harm in those that truly need them. Statistics, however, are a distant and cold lump, and the loss of someone we love is like a searing hot poker plunged into our chest.

      I can't speak to whether or not your friend truly needed the Zoloft at this time, as the length and severity of symptoms play a very large part in what, how much and if physician's are supposed to prescribe a given medication in any given case.

      Today Big Pharma isn't required to give all the details on all of the trials that they run prior to releasing a drug, and only supply the 'good' ones to the FDA. This is a part of the change that needs to take place in our medical system - this and more available counseling and access to information.

      Blessings to you and all of your readers this Yuletide!

    3. So where's your list of people who committed school shootings not on medication? Oh right, you don't have one. Just empty statements, i.e. opinions.
      The correlation doesn't equal causality argument works both ways and is against you in the same degree as supporting you. In fact, it is working against you until you provide the -longer- list of school shootings that were accomplished by people NOT on SSRI's.
      Since the linked list was from public data and 'open' records you should be able to compile your counter argument list from the same places.

      "SSRI's still do more good than harm in those that truly need them." Again, another empty generalization without proof or evidence. Opinion, not fact. There is no way you have any idea of what you speak. Even if you had access to all the pharma companies private/non-public database's worldwide. What % of the worldwide population on these drugs do you know 'statistically', i.e. have medical/factual proof, that these drugs did "more good than harm"? None?
      All you have to do is look at the long list of side effects for these drugs to know they can 'harm'. Even the FDA (who is extremely limited at best to research all these drugs) has issued warnings on the use of these drugs on young people.
      What you say is no different than saying it's an undeniable fact statistically speaking that Ford's have always performed better than Chevy's. Just empty talk trying to push your opinion as fact.
      Again, there is plenty of research based evidence (even from the FDA) that concluded these drugs have a minimal benefit, if any, and of course major side effects. Many have concluded these drugs do more harm than good! Just the way it is according to the facts and all opinions put aside. I'm sure you could argue the merits of the research that doesn't support your 'side', but that's another story. Just because such negative reports of big pharma don't reach the mainstream media does not make them un-true, just not as widely known.

      There is nothing wrong with death. As the Hagakure says, those who measure death as loss are contemptible people.
      Clinging to what is dear brings sorrow, as Buddha said. As we try to posit something permanent into an impermanent reality, we cause our suffering.
      Don't let death be your master or your friends go away. Let love be your master and your friends are everywhere, always.
      Of course don't take my word for it. Open your heart and See for yourself. :)

  3. yeah - it can't be said enough. i blogged about this, too:

    mass killings being caused by psychiatric drugs

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  4. An adjunct article to this thread:

    Top 10 Legal Drugs Linked to Violence

    Which fully acknowledges the points that we've made that linkage doesn't *necessarily* equal causation, but I'm also fully onboard w/ AK and many others I know in the idea that if there is so much violence linked with drugs that are supposed to *improve* a person's mental health, there is the baseline issue of seriously considering whether these drugs are any good at all (and, at minimum, for the depth and width that they are currently being prescribed). And THAT is the big issue with Big Pharma as a whole. Yeah - you *could* take this or that med, but what are the chances it's ACTUALLY going to do what it purports to do AND without a good sized potential of causing even worse harm?!

    One of the wisest things I ever heard on the subject actually came not from an alternative person, but straight from the mouth of the head of an ER department in a large, prominent, metropolitan hospital. He was talking to the family of an elderly woman who was managing many ailments with a soup of meds and they were trying to tease out which symptoms were genuinely ailments, and which might be being *caused* by the meds. He flat out told them "ALL drugs are poisons", followed by something along the lines of "We just have to figure out exactly which ones to give in exactly the right amounts to not make you sick with them." I just wish more in the profession just as openly took that same point of view.

    - Crow

  5. I guess you'd need to compare these US stats. with the statistics of other countries where these same anti-psychotic medications are often prescribed. What is the incidence in other countries in the OECD of homocide being committed in connection to anti-psychotic drug withdrawl ?? Or is this a purely US phenomena ?? In which case, it's not the drugs solely... It's the drugs combined with, eg: easy availability of guns, and undoubtedly, combined with other factors as well, such as, eg: the soul-less consumerist compass that leads to a box canyon for many youngsters and, eg: that which is purported to be 'normal' as piped in to young people on your TV shows. Grown-ups and non-US citizens know this 'norm' to be all BS. Your TV shows DO NOT refect REAL LIFE. Maybe this causes a disconnect in people between that which is Heart and that which is Insanity, ie: Separation.

    The definition of 'Evil' is 'A Lack of Love' (A Course in Miracles). It might be good to keep this in mind as part of this discussion.

    btw. AK. I work in Adult Mental Health where a part of my job is to supervise people taking their anti-psychotic medications. I have no problems with this. Most people I have direct contact with (around 60 residents with the greatest need in our city) have greatly enhanced lives as longs as they continue taking their meds. When compared to the chaos and deprivation many of these people would get themselves into if they decided to stop taking their meds, their medications are truly such a 'life-saver' for many people.

    In the US, I think there's a tendency to "broad spectrum" OVER-PRESCRIBE. I don't think this happens to this level in New Zealand, although I know of GP's personally in NZ who don't screen people properly for a correct diagnosis. In NZ, such meds are generally only prescribed to people who really need them and who would gain a tangible 'life benefit' from taking them. Anyone in NZ (and many other countries) can 'decline' to take their medications, as long as they're not on a Court Order specifying that the meds need to be taken - for the protection of the person themselves, their family and the wider community (self harm or the harm of other people or property, for example). There needs to be very good proofs/ reasons why someone needs to be on such an Order. We don't "make" people take meds either, in NZ... even in our residential services, people have the right to decline... like the doctor on Dec 24 Anonymous comment. We don't prescribe anti-psychotic meds to children either, by-and-large. I think it's horrific that in the US, you do !!! Why aren't parents simply saying "No" to their GP's an psychiatrists ????

    Yes. These medications ARE classified as "Controlled Poisons". That's why there's so much training required for Support Workers like myself around administering even the pre-packaged pharmacy sachets that we supervise people taking. It's poison. We're openly told that.

    I hope my comments are of interest to you and your readers AK : )
    It's another perspective : )


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