Thursday, December 6, 2012

Updated 12/7/12: Pillars of Light Over Finland

Forwarded to me by GW Hardin and Michael Sharpe from a Finnish web site.

BTW: I've been told that Blossom Goodchild's contacts in the Galactic Federation say these are not the pillars of light they told her about. These are a natural occurrence in Scandinavia.  

I still think they are beautiful phenomena.

Spectacular phenomenon in the Finnish night: The sky was filled with a light pillars! - see pictures!

Erno Tammelin
Published on: 12.05.2012 13:37

Readers were immortalized stunning lighting effect in different parts of Finland.

Within a few days in different parts of Finnland have observed the reflected sky column of Light. 

The phenomenon caused by airborne, small ice crystals, of which the light is reflected and possibly also folds, says the Finnish Meteorological Institute researcher Tiera Laitinen. Laitinen said, "Pillars which form the ice crystals are generally in a plane. They hover in the horizontal plane, in which case with artificial lighting creates a column in the shape of a pillar of light. Phenomenon is reminiscent of many of the more familiar halo effect, which manifests itself in the sky visible in various circles, arcs and brighter and brighter. 

Halo occurs when the sun or moon light is refracted or reflected off of tiny airborne ice crystals. - It's really just the same phenomenon. This time, the light of the city illuminates the ice crystals." Laitinen says.

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  1. That is somewhat rare to capture on the camera. Great timing, good job by the photographer. You don't see many of these over on the internet, well at least as nice as this one.


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