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UPDATED 12/6/12 - RUMOR: Free Energy Devices In US Warehouses NOW


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Hi, I was lucky enough to be able to hear the interview with POOF, and I woud Love to Thank you and Thank Poof as well

I know he is being truthful, the last few minutes of the interview was what got me so very excited was hearing that he was involed with the free energy boxes.

My husband's job takes into different businesses and he happened to go into a business last year and was told "You see those boxes? Do you know what they are?" He didn't have a clue of course. He was told "one box could supply enough free energy for a town".

He has been back several times since then.  Several weeks ago, there was a big meeting and he said there was two men in black with sunglasses on.  I thought he was joking but he wasn't!

I wrote Drake about this months ago and he never replied not that he could have if he known about this.  I stopped listening to him.  Now I am in another Facebook group called NO HOLDS BARRED THE NEW ONE.  A lot of people seem to have even more knowledge of what is happening.

I have requested friendship with you.  Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

♥ Love and Peace to You!



American Kabuki:
Is he allowed to say what company it was and what kind of devices they were? Were the of Chinese, Japanese or Indian origin?


They refered to them as being PODS and No he can't say the name (in fear of his job) had to sign papers.  They were German and Koren not sure between Japanese or Chinese just the ones he had seen.

There was one in a huge Catepillar machine [earth moving heavy equipment]. 2 different kinds I think I told you that already. Hope it helps.


He has been going there for the last 3 years. About 4 weeks ago was the first time he had seen the men in black. He said there were 2 black SUVs there. Most everyone there drives BMW, other makes of nice cars. The Catepiller was inside.  They seemed to be testing the newest pod on it.  He said it was running with the POD in it.  The building is 3 stories high.  He has to sign in with a computer terminal, then he has to wait on this certain person to take him around.  Everyone knows he isn't to be disturbed working on the _______ in the ________.  That is about all I know to tell you.

Thanks for listening and caring.

♥ Love and Peace to You!


  1. AK: you are brave to post this. I see alot of room for ridicule if you know what I mean.


    1. Focusing on what we WANT, Now, matters these days....the days of ridicule to control are OVER! More articles like these, please! As ever- see you in the mirror!

  2. I remember a vision I had several years ago, after meeting Tom Bearden (www.cheniere.org). I saw these devices just appearing in homes, buildings, factories. Simply "arriving"... without fanfare.

    Sorry, electric companies. Your time is over.

  3. I couldn't find an info NO HOLD BARS group on FaceBook. The only group/s of that and similar names seem to be oriented around a party life. Is there an alternate spelling? I'd like to check out the group. Thanks

  4. Cowabunga! Thanks!

  5. I am aware that such things do exist. In 2003, I know of a group that had an energy-free electricity generator - however this was to be installed only in an area where there were born-again Christians. I hope that free energy devices that are now available WILL NOT have these sorts of restrictions and will indeed be for all to use!

  6. I'd like more info on the facebook group NO HOLD BARS as I looked for it on Facebook. I did find one group but it did not look like the group you are talking about. Anyone else know about this group?

  7. Project Camelot has posted stories about persons who make free energy devices and efficient engines that run on just water suddenly dying under mysterious circumstances. I hope who ever built these, warehouses these and knows about these machines don't suddenly disappear or worse.

  8. Dr Steven Greer briefs about this extensively to top military and other top elected officials including the Presidents. http://www.theorionproject.org/en/index.html. The disclosure project http://www.disclosureproject.org/

    Sirius the never ending light is a new movie to expose the new/free clean technologies and Et presence and is coming out soon. The only way that it can is via the internet. That is why internet freedom has been under attack. http://www.sirius.neverendinglight.com/

  9. Hey my name is Ciaran and I am a member of that group since it started. It's called 'no holds barred the new one'. Cya there

  10. VERY interesting!I have a friend who is a contractor on a military base who described a similar situation. This is fascinating news!


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