Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sirian Message on 2012, Social, Economic and Physical Earth Changes.

I am not familiar with this source so I can't speak to information within this.  Most of it seems reasonable but I am not sure about the consciousness being stored magnetically (as we currently understand magnetism).  As in all channeled information use higher discernment.  The sight of the once high and mighty babbling like fools would be a curious thing to see.  While it seems funny to think about it I imagine we'll feel plenty of pity for them when/if it happens.   Was this the kind of thing that happened at the Tower of Babel?  It was also my understanding that the earth shifts don't occur until later in 2013. - AK

Sirian Message on 2012, Social, Economic and Physical Earth Changes.

James Gilliland

These social economic and physical earth changes were given Nov. 30th 2012

They are what are on the books now and can be avoided by changes in the collective consciousness, divine intervention or individual choice. They are not given to promote fear and all parties are to be held harmless from any decisions or actions concerning this information. We are living in fluid times, events and timing can change yet if we don’t get busy changing our destiny what is presently on the books will manifest. Be well

The first topic will be the power grid. It is seen to take a series of hits in 4 weeks with a series of computer failures as the beginning followed by the entire grid collapsing. This is due to solar activity and the magnetic pole shift now occurring. Water and sewage pumps will not be working, ATMs will not be working. Most businesses that depend on power will not be working. Even gas pumps will not be pumping unless they have a back up system. Alternative means of generating electricity are already on the planet that can provide all your needs cleanly, efficiently and in some cases fueless. These need to be released and put in place immediately

The next topic is the magnetic pole shift. This could occur in as few as 5 weeks. When it does there will be a 6 day period from beginning to end. Your consciousness is magnetic. It is stored magnetically. The denser consciousness such as fear, anger, jealousy, competition, greed, separative beliefs in culture and religion will be erased. Those whose identity is heavily composed of lower frequency consciousness will find themselves lost. The tyrants and controllers will become lost in consciousness most not even knowing their name. They will lose their minds, their kingdoms, and the ability to reincarnate on Earth for they will no longer be frequency specific to where she has evolved. If you loose the magnetic field for over 14 days consciousness is erased and it is irreversible according to Russian Scientists. If your identity is held in the higher mind there will not be a problem. The access to the higher mind is through the heart for there resides the soul connection which is the doorway to the source. This is not intellect, for those who do not have a consciousness of love, joy, service to others will not make the shift. There is nowhere to hide during this process, no castle or kingdom be it underground or on the surface.

Crustal Shift

Following the magnetic pole shift there will be a crustal shift where the Earths surface will shift from 23 to 30 degrees as she straightens up again to where she once was before a major meteor impact knocked her off her axis. Those in North America will find themselves moving South. Crustal shifts often follow magnetic pole shifts due to inner levels becoming liquefied and the pressure from overheating. Due to this process there will be a rise in volcanic and earthquake activity. You will find a lot more moisture in the air, storms, high winds, and flooding will continue. The greatest challenge will be along the coastlines. Those moving towards the equator will rise due to the bulge caused by the Earths spin. Those moving away from the equator will fall. There is a 41 kilometer bulge at the equator during the rising and falling of lands there will be major ocean displacement. Such as in the days of Atlantis and Lemuria or Mu and in the days of Noah.

4th Dimensional Shift

Many have spoken about a 4th dimensional shift occurring before these changes. This topic needs a lot more clarification. It is better understood as a rise in frequency; which moves one into a new time or what some call the many worlds existing right along side of each other. This is determined by frequency and consciousness. Your consciousness determines your destiny here and in the hereafter. There will be some who will avoid this scenario altogether due to rising beyond this world. There bodies will become less dense physical then move beyond this reality. This means total loving detachment from this material reality, people, places and events and mastering judgment. It is aligning with unity consciousness.

This is not an easy task and many mistakenly believe they are already there. There are many levels to this healing process and those which once were hidden will surface to be released and healed. There is a lot of help with this if one makes it their intention. All will be tested as their consciousness is demonstrated in the quickening. Those of a baser nature with negative intent will find themselves experiencing all that which they meted out upon others and the Earth. The action/reaction principle or what some call karma will be almost instantaneous. The lies and deceptions will be made known also in what seems to be instantaneous. Their only hope is to shift in consciousness, release the past, forgive themselves with deep soul awareness not just mentally and start making restitution. Be careful of whose sword you pick up, their true intentions and character as well as the real motives behind such choices. Nothing is what it seems.

This is how it is now seen. There are forces beyond comprehension assisting in the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth. They are no match for tyranny or the controllers. It is our job to get on board with the process and do our part. There are enlightened ministers, monks, yogis, and adepts praying on a scale like never before aligning with higher dimensional beings working on the cause or consciousness to change the effect, the hard copy we call our physical reality. This is done on the levels of light and energy as well which is what creates the consciousness, light and energy grids surrounding the Earth. Now is the time to join them. The present reality and its governing systems are not sustainable, socially, economically or environmentally. Maintaining the status quo is self-defeating, neither logical nor feasible and living in denial will bring the necessary lessons to aid Earths transition. She has chosen and we can only adjust to her evolution and process. The who le multiverse is behind this event. I am praying this entire event is transmuted, lessoned, and humanity awakens from its slumber and enslavement. Yet I love and understand the Earth and her people knowing what is necessary in the days to come.

Be well, choose wisely, know the Creator, God, Great Spirit is omnipresent within all Creation; there is one unified field within which we all reside. We are moving towards Unity Consciousness. Now is the time to release the past think and act in a way that is in the highest and best good of humanity and the Earth. It is time to transcend all cultural and religious boundaries, cooperate in peace and harmony with each other and nature. It is time to join the greater family of man, our ancient ancestors from the Stars and higher dimensions; which will disclose them selves in the very near future.

Permission to duplicate in its entirety and send far and wide granted.

James Gilliland


  1. As well for the other chennelers, in less than 6 weeks we will be able to "fire" them definitely or not. We can't but to wait the incoming time. What else?
    Be serene. Many people are "payed" to spread fear.

  2. there is a lot fear porn in the message...this just doesn't align with what SaLuSa, Tolec and Cobra are putting out. This aligns with the martial law folks.. Guess we just have to listen to our hearts!! James is touch and go as he too speaks very negatively of Obama, he could put Drake to shame in that arena.

    1. Tolec is a mixed bag of marbles. Much of what he says is very positive and beautiful, but then he dropped the "Government is planning a fake ET invasion" meme in the middle of his recent video. I know the positive ET forces have confiscated Cabal earth created ARV vehicles. They don't have them to fly them. They cabal is in really bad shape. They still control the media and still have very dangerous humans out there many who are not even coordinated now and bit of loose canons, but this is typical in any war. And removing these people is a galactic war. Call that 3D if want, but there's some very non-3D beings engaged in this warfare.

      These channelings are never 100% accurate. Keep that in mind. They are coming through 3D humans. I saw a Montague Keen channeling the other day that had a complete sentence lifted word for word from one of the Daniel papers I posted on my blog! Talk about a WTF moment!!! These channelers are affected by what they read, and the best do not read outside sources of channelings. There is a little bit of an echo effect in the light worker community although its not as bad as in right wing talk AM radio. But I think we need to guard against it.

  3. Feel this message engenders fear and negativity = control...more light would be helpful.

    1. Seems to me Kat that the message is hopeful in that we CAN change the future if we only change our selves. Perhaps you are responding with fear thoughts because there is something you are not ready to change yet? It is a good sign that you are feeling though and recognizing those feelings as you initiated your comment. Personally, I don't pay heed to channeled info but this caught my eye with a sign and it makes complete sense to me. It is up to us! Our choice! I enjoyed the read. love & light Kat!

  4. This is very interesting that consciousness is magnetic and that losing the magnetic field for over 14 days, consciousness is erased and irreversible.

    So many are saying the same and similar things that are to occur, that the evidence is becoming hard to refute. Therefore, the truth is growing stronger with each passing day.

    The "power grid" that he is talking about, is that all electrical power or the Smart Grid or everything? I hope we can do away with the Smart Grid form of banking. I see the Grid as a sophisticated pickpocket. That is just unhealthy mind control nonsense.

    1. Unless I misread it he said IF it occurred for 14 days it'd erase memory, NOT that it would be 14 days. My understanding from Cobra is the event is temporary and only a few days, but enough to raise consciousness. I do know that arrests of the cabal do occur during the event so perhaps to disabling effect of The Event is something useful to rounding them up. I think James Gilliand is partially correct, his knowledge is just incomplete.

      I don't necessarily see this as fear porn.

    2. Total grid failure and the continents moving around in rapid fashion is fear porn, is it not? Either and/or both of those two things occurring would result in the complete annihilation of what humanity has come to experience as civilization. The kind of mantle/crust shifting he is describing would basically wipe out civilization as we know it, would it not? Immense fear and catastrophic suffering would be the result, which doesn't exactly prime the pump for elevated levels of consciousness to easily take hold in preparation for "the shift." I do not believe either of these two predictions is going to occur, at least not as they are being proffered here.

      I think this is disaster-timeline stuff that is no longer applicable, even though it still demands attention while harmlessly bouncing around in the ether for a bit before finally being released from our collective consciousness. Wonder what David Wilcock would say about this take...James and Drunvalo both seem to get great satisfaction from talking about The End, oftentimes to the detriment of The Beginning :) It would seem to me that if the massive Galactic presence currently here has the capacity to maneuver in planet-sized dwellings and travel through the sun, that they probably can shield us or mitigate any solar activity that might wipe out our electronic infrastructure, don't you think? Seems logical :)

      This take certainly doesn't measure up with what the 2012 Scenario folks and AAM have been delivering, that we can be sure of -- for whatever it's worth....

    3. Drunvalo is saying the mayans are saying the same thing in his new book. After reading that, the law of one and other random snippets of info the picture is kinda forming for me. And I'm interested where the ascension to the fifth density came from. Is that meant as the planet or us.

  5. James Gilliland is also a mixed bag of predictions that just do not materialize. a gent in my local area attended his Chi-gung training and came back a total convert. this was just previous to the Comet Elenin, and James was spreading death and destruction around Elenin at that time. needless to say i heard weeks of buy food, dig a shelter, and get ready for the end. uh, not...

    although these people with their channeled 'warnings' intend to help us by giving us time to prepare for their perceived scenarios, the warnings and death and destruction predictions are simply a distraction. the need to send these warnings out comes from ego-consciousness. we built this world with ego-consciousness, or unconsciousness, and Service-to-Self attitudes. none of those old structures can remain intact as we move 'up' the octave into a Service-to-Others, Unity Consciousness world.

    focusing on processing your own emotional baggage, embracing love, living from the heart- these practices will lead you through the seeming chaos of the crumbing old paradigm, into the new world to come. i say seeming chaos, because even in the appearance of chaos is Divine Order. my feeling is it'll be several months into 2013 before the underpinnings of the new paradigm begins to really emerge. until the summer equinox, just relax into it and enjoy the ride, which i like to envision like a giant, twisting water slide into a fresh new pool of Unity Consciousness....

  6. I hope there is no misunderstanding. I did not see this article as fear porn.
    I stated "over 14 days," and not that "it would be 14 days."

    Only commenting on this sentence: "If you loose the magnetic field for over 14 days consciousness is erased and it is irreversible according to Russian Scientists."

    I had not thought of consciousness as a magnetic field, though it makes perfect sense when I think of it. Consciousness and energy are two aspects of the same thing.

    I wonder if consciousness is erased, what becomes of the person?

    1. Hi Anonymous
      listen to Drunvalo's interview on Coast to coast. He states that when Mire was built, the Russian astronaut that had spent two weeks out there lost his mind due to the magnetic pole shift. I guess Drunvalo has been studying with them. How they discovered it was because they sent another astronaut out and he went insane also after having spent time out there. It makes sense what James says about consciousness being erased and being magnetic field.

  7. This message is not consistent and not my choice of the reality I choose to experience.
    All will be exposed!
    Magnetism, the Sun both briefly discussed here:
    Thunderbolts and Mr2

  8. This message seems to me to have come from a place of judgement, not of love.

  9. Well, unless one knows, one does not know. Channelled messages? I don't know.
    If they are, are they true? I don't know.
    Get the tingles reading them. Is that a clue? I don't know.
    Three days of a dimmed Sun? I don't know.
    Magnetic conciousness? I don't know.
    Conciousness erased? I don't know.
    Earthquakes, storms and crustal shifts? I don't know.
    Bolts of energy from central Sun? I don't know.
    Inelia Benz, Drake and David Icke? I don't know.

    What do I have to fear in a channelled message? That I do know, it's what I don't know!

    This I believe; There is only the present moment. The present moment is all we have, have ever had, will ever have.
    It's all we will ever need.
    All answers to all question will be found there.

    Whether there be Ascension or not, dimmed Sun or not, et's and ed's, or not, crustal shifts or not, the present moment, awareness and attention are a constant.

    The circumstances of our lives are not important.
    Awareness is.
    Greeting the circumstances of our lives from that awareness, that's the important bit, the rest, mumbo-jumbo.
    As a wise man once said; "Never underestimate the power of attention as ALL blessings arise from it"

    (puts apple box under arm and saunters away from street corner...)

    1. Terrific replies, one and all. We are all trying to discern the infinite future by imposing our miniscule perceptions gleaned from ego and 3D, etc, onto what we do not know! Correct, Capt. Fantastic. The now is our friend. Trust it implicitly. We only try to figure out what the future holds because we are uncomfortable with the present. Make peace with the now and it will never disappoint you.

      With love and oneness,

      Sharda Chaitanya

  10. Whatever happens it is happening in your hologram. You decide your future your timeline. Scaring people comes from the invented religions to keep the peoples in line (under control) with some or other dogma. We cannot die, we evolve, we move on to other 'lives' experiences. Every phase is a moment of learning to get closer to the one consciousness. Just keep on learning.


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