Monday, December 17, 2012

So Much for the 1st Amendment: Connecticut Police Will Prosecute Independant Journalist Whistleblowers

Never thought I'd live to hear US law enforcement say something like this....


  1. Translation: “The feds told me to say this. They want to grandstand and demonize guns and we don’t want any opposing views being heard.”
    They want to intimidate anyone else pointing out the idiocy of trying to take away guns from law abiding citizens when there are already 100m or so guns out there not to mention an endless array of makeshift weapons that any determined psycho can use to commit atrocities.

    He’s using legalistic double-speak. He says “any misinformation that can be construed as a violation of state and federal law” which is basically only speech that incites violence, and doesn’t include people making logical arguments in support of our constitutional and God-given rights. So actually he’s not telling us anything we don’t already know.

  2. So He says they are talking to the FEDS , they are the number ONE in disinformation ! Sounds like ANOTHER false flag .

  3. Bring it the F on! TRY and silence us, the truth WILL get out and your empire of evil will topple.

  4. Change you can believe in!

  5. Are you freakin kidding me??? Hmm...we know who signs his checks, don't we.

  6. A case of the screws getter tighter means the Light has gotten brighter :D

  7. Soooo...I'm guessing he's referring to the blogs, message boards, etc. where people are talking about the shooter being a victim of CIA MKULTRA mind control/drug altering behavioral manipulation?

    I am by no means saying that this is the case, but thoughts did turn in that direction immediately when I heard about the horrible incident. Apparently, many feel that this was done because the theater shooting didn't get the reaction they wanted...part of their scheme of problem-reaction-solution.

    It is interesting that it seems they may be in a hurry as the UN's Small Arms Treaty is scheduled to be passed in March and sent to the Senate for ratification.

    If this is the "news" or info to which he is referring, how can Fulford be correct in saying the cabal is finished? Looks like they're still controlling the media and their servants of their system.

  8. At the 15/16 second mark you can see an edit. The original video can be seen here:

    Whoever edited this video is a disinfo agent, but i still think the original is worthy of posting.

  9. So its not only business as usual, problem, reaction, solution scenario...its now a complete ramp up of all things cabal...when are people going to wake up!!??

    So much for containment, assistance, end of the criminal activities...i fail to see how ANY of these actions are for our freedom and what's REALLY going on??!!

    It's so blatantly obvious this event was ORGANISED, there are actual police recordings of MULTIPLE suspects apprehended at the scene, so how long do we take this crap for??


  10. That Is a nice try at spreading his own disinformation and THREATS.Get ready for a house cleaning coming your way for such an assinine statement. This officially put this guy at the head of the line to investigate!!!!! He will be out of a job in 2 weeks what do you want to bet.this kind of nonsense goes a long way towards proving that the wrong kind of people are in control.

  11. Check out comment section on u-tube I would say this public servant is about to be kicked to the curb!!


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