Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Stealth Tanks

Infrared camouflage of tanks to hide them from night vision.

Then there's the Russian shrink wrap camouflage of tanks....sorry this is in Russian...

A note on John Kettler's blog.  When I post a link it doesn't mean I endorse all the views expressed. Cobra expressed something to me about John Kettler's blog that I have long suspected.  What John writes from his sources, and John is a very good dramatic writer, is often true but 5 to 10 years out of date.  Some of it is current, and some of it is not.  Why his sources do that to him I don't know.  Perhaps to get people used to the idea that this stuff actually happened?

The articles he's written on reptilians and the blob form of Archon is generally based on true events but happened a good while ago (pre-Obama).  What agenda is being served by making these events seem current I am not quite sure.  I don't mean that as an insult to John Kettler, but its something he's going to have take up with his sources.

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  1. I get a website block note at the Kettler site:
    Access Denied
    This site is protected by the Stop Spammer Registrations Plugin.

    Pretty sure I have never commented there and if I did it would have been a legit, if contrary observation. Anyone else get this? Not sure I'm that needful of pre-Obama blob stories, but I did read that one with respectful, if circumspect fascination. Didn't comment, but maybe he read my mind.


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