Thursday, December 20, 2012

Update From The Cobra Conference in Egypt

I just spoke with Robert Potter who has been coordinating the Egypt conference for Cobra.  Here's a few of the items Robert mentioned:

About 30 people were able to make it to the Cobra conference in Egypt. They were able to get inside one of the pyramids via some contacts on the ground and were able to stand between the feet of the Sphinx.

Cobra and his partner preformed some ceremonies in the pyramid to revoke any contracts made there previously by others with the dark ones.  Cobra did the ceremonies in the Pleiadian language.

Robert also said 3 incarnated archons have been arrested by the resistance and/or positive military but they can't release the names yet.  These will be highly recognizable names. That leaves 12 left by my count, but there may even be less than that left.  There were 300 a couple of months ago.

Roberts contacts on the Giza plateau have worked there for 5 generations.  Among the things already found were:

1) A series of initiation temples

2) A long ranging set of tunnels that run throughout the area

3) An underground river tunnel with a flowing river

There will be some discoveries soon in the Pyramid complex that have not yet been made, they are as follows:

1) 3 UFOs in working condition

2) 12 Jars with the original writings of Jesus Christ in his hand writing (these jars will take 12-18 months to open due to their value and antiquity)

3) A laser scalpel that cuts between cells without damaging cells

4) A small pyramid UFO that Jesus ascended in [I've been corrected, it was a UFO not a pyramid -AK]

5) Star Maps from various ET Races

6) Records and proof of Atlantean interaction with ET races

7) Various artifacts of ET technology from Atlantean times

Note: Some items will not be found prior to THE EVENT.  Any items sequestered by the Cabal will be removed from the Cabal and returned to Humanity

After THE EVENT the high tech self-luminescent Argathan tunnels in the complex will be revealed to humanity.  The walls are made of a substance that self-illuminates without electricity.

Our sound connection was not the best but I believe Robert said Zahi Hawass is no longer in charge of the Giza complex.  He is not well liked at the Giza complex and had near dictator powers there for years.

Robert also said Zahi Hawass was hiding various finds and that he built a warehouse behind one of the pyramids and was digging covertly from inside the warehouse hidden from public knowledge.

The Mubarak regime had also built military bases on top of key archeological sites to cover their excavation and to keep them from archeologists and Egyptologists.

More information will be forthcoming, including a map.  The map will be posted first at Cobra's blog, and then I will release it.  It will show temple sites.


  1. Dear AK, have you please confirmed the reliability of such a message?
    It could be very imnportant for the Human Kind but before reposting it elsewhere we should be sure about the font and the content.

    1. The sources are Cobra (and his Pleiadian contacts) and also people on the ground who have been working at the pyramid excavations for generations. The current discoveries come from people at the site, the stuff that will be found comes from Pleiadian sources. I've seen enough proof for me that Cobra does have those contacts, but I know I can't convince many people yet, they will have to come to that on their own when more information becomes available.

  2. Dear AK, this is wonderful news if it is true. I'd be ecstatic if the truth can finally be released for all to know if desired.

    In other news, the NYSE was sold. Not sure what that is about, something tells me it has to do with the St Germain funds for some reason, even before reading this article!

    1. I wasn't aware of the NYSE being sold. Don't know what that is about. Will look into it. So much stuff happening so fast its hard to keep up with it and prioritize....

  3. iON has already told us that UFO artifacts will start turning up in unexpected places so as to prove that aliens have been visiting earth for eons.

  4. AK,
    its Rob Potter here from egypt we just got bcack from saqquarra today I saw your post and wanted to clear up a few things. first is the source for this information is rom various sources. Certain aspects of the underground tunnel system have been known for many years. The recent discovery of the nile river aspect is relatively new according to cobra. Nothing of major importance like space ships or alien technology will most likely not be found after the evehe venusian of "Stranger at the Pentagon" fame.

    I was very close to Dr Frank Stranges who went on board The victor class space ships on a regular basis before his death inby jewish authorities for years. Most of this information is in regards to biblical times contacts ith ETs on a regular basis. I was a member of his inner circle group and he was releasing information contained in the dead sea scrolls which has been suppressed der Valiant Thor tnt. The souce of the information of the 3 space ship is from many sources but my primary contact is through him and commander Valiant Thor the venusian who offered open contact with the worlds governments in 1957 but was rejected by the cabal. they promised free energy healing technology and many other offers of assistance.
    These offers will be given in the very near future. It is he who told Dr Frank of the 12 jars that have or will be found and the various artifacts I mentioned in this article.

    Also one other detail was an inaccurate and was due to our fauly internet connection. christ was the last person initiated into the Et spiritually based mystery school in The Great Pyramid. One of the UFOs that wil be found will be the UFO that carried christ up to "The Phonenix"( aka the star of bethlehem,) at the ascension this ship is quite small room for maybe one or 2 persons it will also contain the Cross he was crusified on. I personally take responsibility for the veracity of this information . The one problem of the internet is christ did not ascend in a pyramid.
    Victory of the light
    Rob Potter

    1. Tx to AK and RP.
      One simple question: when all this stuff will be shown on the media in order to let all the people believe in them?
      Maybe they don't deserve a public disclosure?

    2. These things will be forthcoming shortly there will be no time table given. humantiy not only deserves the entire truth but it is divine right as sovereign sons and daughters or the universe to know the whole truth! thbe public disclosure and revelation is the key to the entire process of planetary liberation.
      warm regards

  5. NYSE Story:


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