Friday, December 7, 2012

Verizon DVR Spies on Customers

Verizon has filed a patent for a DVR equipped with a microphone and motion sensors to record what its customers are doing. That means the television will be watching the viewers watching it. The idea is that Verizon could target advertisements to what their customer are doing while watching TV.
The new technology has disturbing echoes of the George Orwell dystopia 1984.
Liz Walh explains whether this new policy sits well with privacy advocates.
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  1. Advertising? What a good guy! How much the intelligence agencies and police would not pay for being able to look people's lives?
    That is why I stopped watching TV.

  2. Makes me wonder if Obama and his lapdogs are involved in this. Lol. Perhaps the cable companies could let this worthless president know when they spot someome in their living room with a gun or if anyone says anything bad about him amd his wife.


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