Friday, December 21, 2012

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius!

Music by the 5th Dimension, circa 1969.


  1. Well now so there you have it folks the revelation time has come and gone and we're still here.
    Maybe they forgot to send the memo. I didn't see anything happen nothing in the sky's except clouds.
    I think what we will see is a lot of back peddling on the various web sites though. LOL

    1. Now do you understand why I made no predictions? :) Or didn't you notice?

      The energies were very high, I began feeling them last last night much in the same way I felt them during a deep meditation except this time without having done any meditations. The energies are still high, I feel them all over my skin and as usual my digestion is all screwed up like in the past energy portals like 12/12 - but that will pass in a few days as this battered old body of my assimilates the new energies.

      Interesting how NOBODY complains about the 100% failure rate of apocalyptic religion, prophecies and every gloom and doom scam artist on the Internet!

      I am going to try and finished editing the Cobra interview, which outlines his expectations for today (he said today was not the transition to 5th density) and there's still THE EVENT upcoming which is some sort of flood of light, but that's not based on what happens in the skies but what happens on the ground on Earth, it comes when the time is right. Cobra has some interesting comments regarding channelers and depending too much on information from those sources. He does thinks Sheldan Nidle is one of the best.

      Fear sells. Love and joy is called unrealistic? LOL!!! Some bloggers did get a bit exuberant. They meant well. I still think the number one priority is humanity, not schedules or calendar dates. If you were saving people drowning in an ocean would you take all the time needed or would you punch a clock and say time is up? We hate customer service people who treat us like that in stores, "sorry shift is over!".... Time is...shall we say....a bit more malleable than people think.

      I didn't know what would happen and have felt nobody else knew either. You got to stop looking outside yourself for answers. Gotta trust that inner guide. But beware of gut feelings, those are usually fear - fear affects the gut. Love affects the heart.

  2. Loved this! Tks for posting, m8. Took me way back when, for all of us aging hippy rockers from the 60's. Pass the toke, bro. LOL. PS it was also posted at 1.11 am local time here ~ so more synchronicity! Rock on, dude! :)

  3. 1:11
    Happy 12/21/2012, AK and all who visit here!
    This is our time.
    Love and gratitude.
    “Something wonderful is going to happen, and there is nothing you can do about it.”
    ~GW Hardin

  4. I saw Hair about 41 years ago in Los Angeles. Have always loved this song - but it's amazing how much more it means now. "Intuitive lyrics"! No kidding!

    And I love that posting time of 1:11 am, AK!

    1. 1:11 was planned. No synchronicity to that. I set up as a scheduled blog post, which I seldom ever do. Can't say that was the divine hand at work unless scheduling it at that time was divinely inspired.

      Isn't interesting though the band that wrote this song was called "The 5th Dimension"? I find that the big synchronicity!

  5. Nice touch: posted at 1:11 am!

  6. Posted at 1:11....Good job, AK!

  7. Wow, that felt so good to hear this song today!!

  8. All that time ago...who knew.
    Whose art work is that. It's really beautiful.

  9. Here is another classic, it is resounding in my soul today!

  10. Here's the Donna Summer version, awesome!

  11. This song has been on my Wake Up Song playlist this year. Love it. Reposted onto TAUK fb group. Thanks AK. It's really good sharing songs which are meaningful. I'm finding so many now which talk to me. Wondering how they passed me by before I was awake.

    Btw am tingling and feeling the energies like you, in and out of meditation.
    My daughter actually felt my 'prickling' hands when I hugged her and stroked her back last night. The frequencies are raising within me ...

  12. Thanks for post A.K.!!!! I was playing that song last night getting ready for bed and up a 3am to prepare for the 5:11 meditation.
    I am so happy to hear that you (A.K.) are feeling the energies!!! wow!!! I was so zonked when if went back to sleep at 6 am and woke up at 9 am and my whole body felt weak like I had been punched with a powerful blast of Chi!! It took 3 hours before I felt somewhat normal and could function!!
    Those people back in the late 60's were really intuned with this present day age, when you think of all the songs that were written for this time...and yes just the "5th Dimension alone....what ever happened to them???

    1. To be honest it seemed my meditations were a bit of a dud on 12/21 but about 12:30 pm local time I got walloped. Did seem like my circuit was quite attached during the meditation. But it sure hit in full force later. Mind you if you were one to be a complete skeptic you'd find some other explanation for the sensations, so this is a very personally felt thing that one is free to confirm or deny.

      It felt an awful lot getting a huge Wholeness Blessing, had that sensation of cool water flowing into me. Then ever since I've felt this fuzzy energy feeling on my skin, not quite like fur, not quite like feathers, and it just hasn't stopped like in other portals, it just seems to have let loose to do whatever it is, it is to do. I still have that cool sensation in my scapula area, or as they say in Lomi Lomi massage therapy, where your angel wings get attached. ;) My stomach has settled down now but it was in real turmoil yesterday evening. I skipped dinner and had something light to eat late last night after posting the Cobra Egypt photo.

      I talked with some others who found themselves completely out of sorts.


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