Tuesday, December 11, 2012

We're All Still Here
(Funny music video about Dec. 21st, 2012)
by Laurell Eden

We're All Still Here (Funny music video about Dec. 21st, 2012) by Laurell Eden

About Laurell: 

Billboard Magazine called Laurell, "an ethereal poet with a talent for writing contagious hooks". She is a critically acclaimed, gold record selling recording artist and songwriter whose songs have charted on 3 continents.

The dance song, "We're All Still Here" is a great example of Laurell Eden's fabulous sense of humor and her "talent for writing contagious pop songs" as Billboard Magazine put it. Laurell is a critically acclaimed recording artist, songwriter and producer from New York City. She's earned a gold record, a #1 dance single and top-ten singles in Canada. Her songs have charted on three continents. Billboard Magazine also called her, "an ethereal poet". 

Laurell is also a teacher of personal and spiritual development, using music to convey spiritual concepts. Music is the language of the soul, communicating love beyond words. Songs created with a purity of heart can lift and transform us in a profound way. She especially loves writing and singing funny songs that can get us to laugh at painful or scary situations, helping us to move beyond them. "We're All Still Here", a song about how we all survive 2012, exemplifies this


  1. Some of us may not still be here after the 21st to 23rd......

    Mayan elder explains the energy burst/ray that will hit earth from the galactic center and how the CERN particle accelerator experiment will be used in conjunction with the natural force to produce a devastating pole shift, and what the Mayan are doing to decelerate/neutralize the proton burst:


    This video is also posted at:


    Still reserved in what I choose to believe between what is posted on various blogs and web sites.

    I also just finished reading, "Secrets of Mayan Science/Religion." I wish Hunbatz Men would have shared the details of the ceremonies and meditations with explicit instructions. Otherwise, good info, if true.

    1. The earth is either moving from being a bipolar world to a monopolar world (the inside one pole and the outside another pole) or a multipolar world. I am not sure which it will be. The current theories of pole shift are based on an incomplete knowledge of magnetics.

      If anything I would expect the earth to have many magnetic poles. See the article: http://americankabuki.blogspot.com/2012/04/solar-poles-to-become-quadrupolar-in.html

    2. Ehh...I'll believe it when I see it. Maybe the next new sun will be very different...I dunno. There is so much contradicting info, even among so called "official" Mayan elders. I'm beginning to think that every single prophecy has been planted by the controllers as a means to get people to a single point culmination in order to fulfill their ultimate control agenda. And they're all trying to profit off the prophecies...red flag for me whenever money is involved. (prophet or profit?)

      Is it possible that the info stating the reptilians have been around possibly 50 thousand years is true and that it is they who programmed the prophecies? Is everything truly an illusion, a holographic experience? Are the reptilians an illusion? Is the story of them a program encoding?

      I'm in the middle of watching the full David Icke nearly 7-hr video mentioned by a commenter at the link you referenced above.


      Not sure what to make of what he says but an awful lot sounds plausible based on everything I've seen to date...much sounds like things Jesus said, especially about infinite possibilities and abilities we should be able to use in doing things even greater than Jesus did...with belief.


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