Monday, March 5, 2012

Good News That Liberates

by Hank Hasse

The Galilean sage taught and lived his insight of the “kingdom” of the Father. It offended the religious folks in his audience, but it was a comforting message to those who were not so religious, including the immoral people among them. Joshua invited them to join him at the dinner table of all things! The good religious people called them “sinners” not only because of their immoral lives but especially because they did not participate in the rituals of the temple worship, nor did they practice an exclusive behavior toward outsiders.

What was this message of the “kingdom” of the Father? It was not unlike the message of the Old Testament prophets who spoke of the Father-God’s mercy without sacrifice, and accepting and coming to the aid of the fatherless, the widow, and the stranger among them. It was treating others as they would like to be be treated. (Not just as you would like it, but as they would like it.) It meant loving them rather than paying them back or getting even with them. It meant forgiving those who caused you harm – over and over again – until they finally stop their behavior! It meant imaging the Father's way.

This was not all that difficult, because the Father had already placed his consciousness into humans when they were called out of muddy clay. This is what set humans apart from other creatures. Humans are free to actually mirror the Father's greatest attributes of unconditional love, acceptance, and forgiveness for unloving choices made by others. It was an amazing act of love to take this risk. It turns out that when humans make the unloving choice, such choices only make the better loving choices shine all that much brighter. Because loving choices are so beneficial to all, and harm no one, humans can learn from their mistakes and choose better ways in the future. Children learn this faster than adults.

This message called religion into question. It even called the authenticity of the scriptures as being the very word of God into question such as an (“eye for an eye” or many other scriptures speaking of an angry sky-god destroying enemies, even the Babylonian idea of an end-time apocalypse which had crept into Judaism after their captivity). It called the need for a mediator into question and it called religious rituals into question. It set humans free to be humane toward each other. It put an end for the need to appease an angry sky-god, and it abolished the fall mythology. It taught the presence of the generous Creator-Father among us, revealed in sometimes insignificant but unconditional loving acts between humans. Little wonder that this message was so scandalous to the religious mindset. It was indeed offensive to such thinking, especially because it threatened its further existence. It required some hard rethinking. It meant moving on to something much better than harmful exclusive behavior and an old payback justice system. No wonder that the religious leadership called for the Galilean's death!

Corporate Cops to Control Crown Citizens

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Britain: Government Plans Radical Privatization for Police
March 5th, 2012

I like this moment of clarity from the unnamed West Midlands police authority spokesman:

“Combining with the business sector is aimed at totally transforming the way the force currently does business – improving the service provided to the public.”

Law enforcement = business.

If you start thinking about Mussolini and corporatism as you read the piece below, I think you’re on the right track. And here’s a fun little fact that many people don’t know about Il Duce:

In 1917, Mussolini got his start in politics with the help of a £100 weekly wage from MI5, the British Security Service; this help was authorised by Sir Samuel Hoare.


Highlights From Today's Benjamin Fulford Newsletter:

Summary Courtesy of Kauilapele's Blog
(Benjamin Fulford was a former Asia-desk Editor for Forbes Magazine and is the grandson of one of Canada's richest men. Benjamin Fulford is naturalized Japanese citizen.)

Ben's complete newsletter is available each Monday at his blog Ben posts minor news items at this other blog (I include the google translate address as sometimes its in Japanese which sometimes gives details not found in the English text)

The ongoing financial war is accelerating… 

  • George Bush Senior and Bill Gates were arrested last week for sabotaging the new financial system after being fingered by Timothy Geithner, pentagon sources say. 
  • Hong Kong Police Chief Peter Stevens… is wanted on charges of smuggling into Japan the nuclear weapon that was used for the 311, 2011 nuclear and tsunami attack against Japan. 
  • The gnostic illuminati family and the hacker group anonymous have also agreed to join forces with the White Dragon Society with a program of attacks on Monsanto and other cabal strongholds. 
  • …cabal families will be systematically hunted down and rounded up if they do not surrender within the month of March. 
  • The Dragon family provided… a document… According to this document, all 69 “first and second world countries” together with 225 other sovereign groups, have signed on to the new financial system. 
  • …main backers of this system include the military forces of Russia, China and the US… [the] new system would eliminate all private ownership of central banks as well as “off the books” accounting. 
  • …the Dragon family has agreed to provide nations with funding to clear their debts and engage in new infrastructure and other spending aimed at “harmonious development.” 
  • The cabalists have also tried to either kill or else freeze the assets of supporters of the new system. Despite this, a growing number of banks have defied the banking families and “crossed the picket line,” into support of the new system. Just ask a bank if they are Basel 3 compliant or not and you can find out what side they are working for. 
  • The battle… took a decisive turn last week when Bill Gates was arrested on charges of sabotaging the new financial system. 
  • The hackers group anonymous has also promised to systematically attack all cabal linked corporations, media outlets, individuals and power centers in a campaign of steadily increasing pressure and intensity. 
  • In Japan as well, preparations for a coup d’etat against all banking cabal flunky politicians, bankers and media are nearly complete. 
  • A delegation from China has arrived in Japan this week to discuss the transition to a new regime in Japan and the Korean peninsula.
There is a rumor, mentioned on Ben Fulford's blog, that Lord Blackheath has been murdered by the cabal for his speech on the missing $16 trillion in The House of Lords. This rumor is unconfirmed so discernment is advised as this could be another effort to discredit Ben Fulford. Ben is quite good about correcting errors in subsequent newsletters. We'll know if this rumor is confirmed in due course.  In related developments the petition at for a hearing on the missing $16 trillion has had its 3500 signatures mysteriously reduced to 600, at the time of this writing it is now back up to 1,154.

Updated: Mystery as 'poison' kills British Banker and wife in remote Estonian forest

Mystery as 'poison' kills British tycoon and wife in remote Estonian forest
The Daily Mail (UK)
  • Police they do not yet know if deaths are suspicious
  • Philip Townsend was analyst for obscure Russian firm
  • Couple leave two children as orphans in Britain

Last updated at 11:05 PM on 3rd March 2012

A wealthy British businessman and his wife have been found dead at their retreat in a remote Estonian forest.

Philip Townsend, 55, worked for a mysterious Moscow investment company, where he was an analyst in the lucrative but murky Russian telecoms industry.

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