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Japan Shuts Down All Nuclear Power Plants 5/5/12

Japan, from Saturday, for the first time for 42 years, without nuclear power
Published: 04/05/2012
(Article translated from German at the Swiss website )

Tokyo - For the first time since 1970, Japan will have to make do without nuclear energy completely, starting Saturday. The only currently operated nuclear reactor will be shut down for maintenance more than 70 days.
Japan has 50 reactors, the reactors at Tomari nuclear power plant on the northern island of Hokkaido, however, was the only one who was after the earthquake and tsunami disaster last year still in operation. Japanese reactors to be shut down for maintenance every 13 months. The systems must the grid only when the local governments have agreed.

The shutdown of the reactor at Tomari on Saturday will be accompanied by anti-nuclear demonstrations throughout Japan. Until the disaster of  March 2011, Japan drew about a third of its electricity through nuclear power.

The earthquake and tsunami in March 2011 and a meltdown at a nuclear power plant in Fukushima, the worst nuclear disaster was triggered since Chernobyl in 1986. After the failure of the cooling and the core melt down, radioactivity was in the air, ground and into the sea.

Since the meltdown in Japan there is growing distrust of nuclear power. For security reasons, all reactors have to shut down including the nuclear power plant in Tomari.

With the cessation of nuclear power, there are fears of  power shortages in the country during the hot summer months. According to the Japanese government , however, two units in the Oi nuclear plant in the west of the country are safe enough to be put back into service in summer. The nuclear plant has recently passed a stress test. But against a startup of the reactors from Oi to defend the inhabitants of the region.
The government argues that Oi could help to avoid bottlenecks in the power supply. Whether or when, the authorities approved a resumption of operation is an open question.

The power companies argue, with impending shortages in the summer, to restart their reactors. Recently also the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) had urged Japan to take the safe reactors back into operation, as in the case of bottlenecks in the electricity supply business risks threatening.

To compensate for the shutdown of nuclear power for electricity generation, Japan will get energy from combustion power plants. Disused thermal power plants were started up again. The necessary importation of fuels like natural gas and crude oil is causing high costs. In addition, the increased emissions of greenhouse gases in Japan. (SDA)

David Wilcock: Winston Shrout MP3s

The following is courtesy of Kauilapele's Blog

Below are MP3 files of the interview David Wilcock did with Commerce Law expert Winston Shrout.

Click the links below to download mp3s which Kauilapele slimmed down (total size, ~21 MB) and split into four approximately 30 minute sections, each about 5 MB.

David says he will put out a transcript of this interview later. Here is a link to Winston Shrout’s website:


MP3s Links (each part = 30 min., ~5 MB)
Part 1a
Part 1b
Part 2a
Part 2b

Lest We Forget Why We Formed This Country....

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I Need Your Lovin' Like the Sunshine!

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World Liberation Day! Dream a New Earth Together

Kahuna Massage at High Spirits Retreat

Its rare to find massage therapists trained in this form of massage therapy.  High Spirits and the Mette Sorensen Institute of Bodywork & Personal Development in Australia is one of the best schools in it.  There are other unaffiliated schools in Hawaii, California, and other countries. 

This is a very ancient form of massage long kept as a secret tradition by Hawaiians until 1987 when Kahuna Abraham in Kauai shared it with the rest of the world. you can read more about Kahu Abraham Kawai’i here:  Abraham is to Hawaiian Kahuna arts what Bruce Lee was Asian martial arts, he reformulated the knowledge into a western context that could be spread more widely in the westernized world. See also:

World Liberation Day - Last Update

Our moment of breakthrough has arrived. We will gather and create a resonance field for our freedom. 

Many groups have designed their own visualizations for this event. This is ok if they are so guided, but it would be better to use the exact visualization I have specified, to create the most effective result. You can find it here:

After the World Liberation Day, our liberation process will continue. It is a global process that will culminate in our actual liberation. Hereby I am issuing a call to all people wanting to be free to actively participate. The process that Drake is speaking about and has started in the US is now spreading worldwide. If you want to actively participate in assisting to create freedom for your own country, please contact Freedom Reigns group that is supporting Drake’s efforts at their email

Victory of the Light!
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Obama Rejoins International Criminal Court,
US No Longer “Rogue” State

From: Veterans Today

American War Criminals Now Subject To Laws US Enforces on Others
by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

In a surprise move, President Obama signed an executive order rejoining the International Criminal Court, an organization established originally by the United State to enforce international law and punish war criminals.

The US left the court under Bush in order to protect those responsible for kidnapping, drug running and torture.

They may now be arrested, even if American office holders or members of the military or CIA, which, oddly enough, many of those responsible for such heinous crimes are.

Almost all facing prosecution are, curiously enough, members of the Republican Party and are trying to spin a return to freedom and justice as America giving up rights.  The only right sacrificed are the rights some of the 1% and key officials had to murder, rape, steal and run drugs.

They may now be arrested under the same laws that applied to Gaddafi, Saddam and other “war criminals” that America has seen fit to bring to justice.
A careful read of one of the trickiest documents I have ever seen limits arrests of US elected officials as long as they are in office.  Language protecting the military is less clear if not clear at all.
In doing so, Obama even puts himself at risk but the risk is far higher to Ashcroft, Gonzales, McCain, Lieberman, Bush (all), Cheney and a list of war criminals who may number in the thousands.

As to how far the ICC is willing to go is questionable.  The organization tends to arrest only those of dark skin or targets of American foreign policy.

Perhaps that will change with the Arab Spring and elections in Europe which has gotten rid of some and may  eventually remove nearly all the old leaders, most of whom are potential suspects in war crimes.

When we see Interpol put the cuffs on McCain and Lieberman and “perp walk” them out of the Senate, we will know we may get America back.

SaLuSa, May 4, 2012

SaLuSa, May 4, 2012

Let no one persuade you to change your beliefs, except that you intuitively feel the Light within the words you are given. That which is of the lower vibrations will not resonate with you, and at this time when Ascension is so close there are those who would deliberately misinform you. The dark Ones thought to conquer Man and his world for their own agenda, but now grasp at any opportunity to stop each souls path of Light that leads to completion. It will be to no avail, but it means you still need to tread carefully and not fooled by those peddling fear. Naturally physical changes are happening, but they will not be on such a scale as the biblical prophesies. At one time they were actual probabilities, but with your acceleration of consciousness the vibrations have been lifted up. That has allowed for a less chaotic end time, and we of the Galactic Federation are determined to help you through the period that remains before Ascension. There are many ways in which we can help, and where earthquakes are concerned the flow of energies can be directed in such a way that it minimises their effect.

Our mission is now reaching a critical point where we will be brought into action to monitor events, that are about to impinge upon your consciousness. The immense work put in to rid you of the Illuminati and their minions, is about to pay off and result in large scale arrests. This requires our allies to be at the ready, and for us to back them up to ensure it all runs smoothly. We do not wish to see panic result from the purges taking place, or violence resulting from the news of such events becoming public. Sooner or later you will have to face the awful truth of how you have been used all along, to fill the coffers of those who have for eons of time been the driving force behind your governments. The extent of their power will truly astound and shock you, and more so when you realise how a large proportion of the population was destined to be eliminated. With our coming that threat has been removed, but history will show that the lives of millions were nevertheless subject to their insidious plots.
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