Sunday, May 6, 2012


Get Me Back On Time, Engine Number 9
Wilson Pickett

Engine, engine number 9 
Can you get me back on time? 
Move on, move on down the track 
Keep that steam comin' out the stack 
Keep on movin' 
Keep on movin', keep on movin'

Engine, engine number 9 
Keep on movin' down the line 
Seems like I've been gone for days 
I can't wait to see my baby's face 
Been here, been so long since I held her 
Been so long since I held her

Been so long since I held her 
Been so long since I kissed her

Engine, engine number 9 
Move on, move on down the line 
Seems like I've been gone for days 
I can't wait to see my baby's face 
Move on, move on, move on 
Got to get on, I got to get there 
Oh, this soundin' alright? 
I think I'm gonna hold it a little bit longer 
I'm gonna let the boys do this a little bit

Keep on movin' 
Keep on movin', keep on movin' 
Move on, move on 
Get, get, get, get it 
Got to, got to, got to 
Got to, got to get it

Move on, Lord have mercy 
Feel alright then 
Keep on movin', keep on movin' 
Got to keep movin', gotta get 
Gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta 
Gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta keep movin'

It's alright 
Play your guitar, son

Get it 
Get it 
Get it

Feel alright 
Get me to my baby's place 
Got to hold her in my arms

Move on 

Greetings and Salutations;

Another wild week of progress to the finish line. I am amazed to find folks willing to go for it. There were some clowns out there that thought they could pull off, the biggest heist in history and get away with it The dumb thing that wasn't factored into their plans is, the biggest heist has already happen, so their attempts were kind of redundant. Don't for an instant, think you can out wit, the matrix, is my best advice to anyone. Stop thinking you're smarter than the folks you borrowed from in the first place. There is an order, that escapes the western mind. Perhaps learning the philosophy of kung fu would massage the mind a bit.

Here's a shocker, I hear the pres undid the bush exec order of removing us from the international criminal court, something the us started in the first place. Trick is, this wasn't done until war crime cases were being preferred against certain gov officials. Now I've always envisioned a 'nuremburg trials' type thing going down after this thing anyhow. I see more teeth were given to interpol in this country, too. Now this might go against your grain on our 'we against the world' mentality, but you can't have the authority to do what you want in this world and not pay for it in some way. Globalism means world wide order, no one is exempt. This isn't 'turtle island' anymore. There's still work being done up in the rafters to hone the new system to a well oiled machine, glitch free. Call it a work in progress. It takes a minute to turn this big ship to a new course. Money isn't the only issue. Returning freedom to people who don't even think they are just serfs serving the lords, makes people crazy. Equity is for everyone, not just the few. Lifting all people is a concept lost on folks who believe they should be running the show. Either do it willingly, or it will be done for you.

This reval thing on the world's currencies has been well thought out. The biggest part was finding a way to do it with out creating chaos for any one. Riots on the streets has never been the plan...but people smell change and the scariest things in the world are conjured up, then you folks who listen and read the 'stuff' start tripping in your space. I see the 'imaginings' are bordering on 'Mad Max' world. No, that's what the bad guys had planned, their New World order. That's why they created all those under ground bunkers to assure they would be 'the meek to inherit the earth'. That plan has been routed. This is truly the dawning of the age of aquarius. Read the lyrics again, if the meaning escapes you. Unseen hands are bringing all of this to fruition and they've got the matrix on automatic detection.

When? You ask, I'd say standby, action is already underway, as sneaky as, that may be. That D9 is steadily plowing to everyone's door, it hasn't stopped or backed up. Kimberly Clark's stock is way up, so somebody is soiling their pants other than little babies. Truth is no respecter of persons. When you see folks getting arrested for treason, you'll get my point and they will be people you think are good guys working in your interest. There will be no 'maybes about their guilt' either. No long, expensive trials either. No 'Bar' attorneys will be allowed to practice in the new courts. 'Discovery' has already been done. Folks will probably get tired from listening to the evidence. We will see who's left standing when they get done. Check your fear at the door, this is simply the medicine needed to fix the forlorn beast. A foreclosure on steroids!

Here's a little goody; "Romney, Bush 2.0, What could go wrong?"...hint.
Good luck!

Love and Kisses,


Game, Set, and Match, Dear Hearts.

Michael channeled by Ron Head
May 6, 2012 in Ron's Channeled Messages 

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius, dear friends.  Welcome to your new lives.  Become the masters on your planet now that you are deep within your hearts and souls.  Terra was not supposed to be here now, you know.  The plan, as it stood, would have already seen the end of her.  You changed that some time ago now.

Now that you are here, we watch in wonder to see what more you will do.  The possibilities are endless, and you are adding more every day.  Which will you choose?  You are now in a period that will be a teeny bit bumpy as your lovely planet settles onto her new path.  The next month will see a constant series of critical alignments that will aid you in creating your new lives.  Evidence apparent to each of you will confirm your awakening to you.  We can say this easily because, were it not true, you would not have found our messages to you.

There will very likely be some momentous happenings these next months for you to deal with.  You have reached a point in your personal awakening now that will enable you to deal with everything necessary to manifest the changes you have created.  We can tell you that the love and peace you sent into dear Gaia’s energy grids as you entered the 5-5-5 portals will be returned to you many fold.  Catastrophe and cataclysm are not necessary any longer.

As you move into your summer months, hold fast to the vision you have for your new world and your new personal lives.  The changes to your personal energy fields will enable you to begin manifesting your desires as never before.  You truly will begin to amaze yourselves.  Many of you were able to feel the very powerful frequencies that came through the gateway last night.  There were many effects that you very likely were not aware of.  But the effect on your own power centers will soon be unmistakable to you, if it is not already.  We caution you to be very aware of your thoughts now.  The time between thought and manifestation is next to nothing now and growing shorter as you grow in your power.  We know that word makes some of you quite nervous.  In your distant pasts, you have seen power misused, as well as misused it yourselves.  It is time to forgive that, in yourselves and others, because you are returning to the mastership that is truly yours.  Game, set, and match, dear hearts.  Well played.

Tomorrow we will speak to you again.  Have a good and magical day.

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Hilarion:The Ascension is ON Beloved Ones,
Going Back is Not an option!

Enjoy the ride on the Cosmic roller coaster as it gathers speed towards Earth’s new beginning. 

Reposted from:
Hilarion as Channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana

May 6, 2012

Beloved Ones,

This is a very powerful time in the line up of planetary configurations and the energetic influence from the Spiritual realms.

Many special dispensations of blessing and Love are being offered to Humanity, all that is required is being open to receive.

Another passage of the Cosmic wheel has been made and we now embark on our new journey into unknown lands of new potential.

As these time codes open up the portals, the influx of Cosmic Love and the waves of Light being sent to the Earth will activate the awakening of greater masses of Humanity.

These are the times you have been waiting for, for it means that you are all getting closer to the remembrance of your reason for being here in this Cosmic moment of the cyclic movement from one age to another.

From this point onward, life will take on an impetus of one revelation after another coming into the Light of each person’s consciousness. Many of you will have your ‘aha!’ moments as the pieces of the puzzle start to fall into place and all the mysteries of your life become more clear.

BP Cover-up ‘They Knew.’

BP Cover-up ‘They Knew.’ Part 1

BP Cover-up Part 2: Bribery, George Bush and WikiLeaks 

Posted By: NaturalWisdom

Date: Sunday, 6-May-2012 15:14:56
Greg Palast discussed the BP oil spill cover-up on the Power Hour Radio Show with Joyce Riley this past Tuesday, May 1, 2012.
Hour2 - Guest Greg Palast
Hour3 - Continued with guest Greg Palast

Suu Kyi Takes Seat in Burmese Parliament

Art by Shepard Fairy   

Burma's long-time democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi has officially been sworn in as a member of parliament, taking public office for the first time after spending much of the past two decades under house arrest.

Burma's Aung San Suu Kyi Makes History with Parliamentary Oath: Download: MP3
Right click (Control click for Mac) and choose Save Link/Target As

The Nobel laureate took the oath of office Wednesday to enter Burma's lower legislative house, ending a parliamentary boycott that had threatened to interrupt the country's political reform process.
For more than a week, the 66-year-old opposition leader and her National League for Democracy had refused to take the oath because it required them to “safeguard” the constitution, which was drafted by Burma's former military rulers.

But the NLD earlier this week agreed to take the pledge, while vowing to push for constitutional change through legislative action.

Aung San Suu Kyi said after taking the oath that she has no qualms about sitting next to Burmese military members, who still make up the bulk of the country's parliament. But she said she would like to see the country's legislative bodies become more democratic.

The Official Bankster Dictionary

"I recently just returned from a week-long business trip to China, and in discussing the propaganda and hypocrisy of bankers with people I encountered during my trip, one thing was very clear. Chinese people consider themselves to be more knowledgeable about the monetary system than Westerners. They informed me that everyone in China knows that government produced economic statistics are a lie and that no one takes what bankers say in the media to heart. However, many people in China told me that it’s a farce that Western bankers tell lies to the world and expect the rest of the world to be foolish enough to believe their lies. Perhaps this is why even university Chinese students laughed in Tim Geithner’s face when Geithner visited them in 2009 and told them that the Federal Reserve had a “strong dollar policy”. As people in China told me, “At least when bankers lie to us here, everyone knows that they’re lying. No one believes these lies to be the truth. In the US, you guys actually believe that the lying bankers are telling you the truth.”
US Federal Reserve = European controlled private bank.
Central Bank = Counterfeiting Ring Leader
Nobel Prize Winning Economists = Banking Shill Propaganda Puppets, by and large, awarded with Ivy League tenure, that a 3rd-grader well schooled in monetary truths can generally discredit.
Criminal Underworld Currency Counterfeiters = Competitors that must be arrested and jailed.
Savings Account = Devaluation Account, Cash Advance for Gambling Division
Gambling = Banking Primary Business Line
Fraud = Banking Secondary Business Line
Las Vegas, Macau, Atlantic City = Model for running business operations.
Inflation = Currency Devaluation through anti-free market manipulation of interest rates.
Fractional Reserve System = Fractional Expansion Citizen Bankruptcy System, BSE (Biggest Scam Ever)
Futures Markets = Manipulation Casino, SkyNet Three-Card Monte Scam
To see the complete dictionary at ZEROHEDGE.COM click here:

Humanity's Great Step Forward now Irrevocably in Play! A World Liberation Message?

From: Rumor Mill News
Posted By: X_Hermes 
Date: Sunday, 6-May-2012 08:51:30

I regularly 'find' pieces of earlier guidance that I had long since forgotten, and that pop up 'accidentally' (!!) on my computer when I am searching for something entirely unrelated. They appear to be consciously re-presented because they have just become highly relevant once again. This one turned up this morning from an origin of 2001. Hot on the heels of the World Liberation Day mass meditation, it does, indeed, seem highly relevant! Xavier Hermes


The essence of your world has been a duality. The reality that you live in was intended to test many new possibilities, but the extent to which it would be diverted by outside interests was never anticipated. The resulting effect on your journey you well understand.

The transformation of this reality lays in integration. When the light and the dark are truly integrated, a magnificent new force appears. It is this force that holds the key to faculties that you would regard as magical, although they are actually a part of your heritage. These abilities have been removed from you by use of what you know as '‘frequency fences'’ and other techniques, however, the constantly rising energies associated with your planet and her own ascension process are poised to break through these engineered restraints, which will finally be destroyed in the process. The effect of their removal on your reality will be dramatic, as many of you will be fulfilled in ways you can barely anticipate, as these veils of control are lifted once and for all.

These are not the same veils as separate levels of consciousness, but they do change the operation of the latter. A de-lineation has intentionally been placed between reality levels to keep good order, but these were always intended to be relatively easy to cross, once a being in your reality had been initiated in the ways. However, the effect of the frequency fences has been to ‘harden’ this barrier, so that it has, in your recent times, taken considerable mastery to cross into other levels of consciousness. It has also meant that any communication between you and other realms was likely to be most tenuous, and therefore difficult for you to engage with, even when the communication was correctly received. And, as you know, our own protocols for communication have often been lacking in terms of understanding the human condition, and the effects of imposed constraints upon you.

This is all about to change. Humanity has stored such vision, such creativity, in the global wish that a new reality emerge. Although it may seem that these great works have been relentlessly suppressed, with the application of some focussed attention and the addition of the vital resources you need in order to operate, all these visions hold the potential to unite and become the core of your new reality. This will be a master lesson in manifestation, driven by the fervent wishes of many of your fellow humans.

We, and many others from realms that even we are unfamiliar with are poised with baited breath as the long journey you have all been on delivers a true phenomenon, which will be regarded as such across Universes.

This GREAT STEP FORWARD IS NOW IRREVOCABLY IN PLAY. It will affect realms and places far beyond the purview of those on planet Earth!

Huge UFO Near Sun on 5/2/12

Interesting video, in addition to the huge donut shaped UFO is the scalar wave pattern on the right side of the video. There's some object out of frame that is generating some huge scalar ring patterns in the Sun's corona.

You Find Yourselves Feeling More Hopeful and More Upbeat in Spite of the Chaos

05/06/2012 by John Smallman

We in the spiritual realms are watching with joy as we observe the progress you are making in releasing old self-serving attitudes and embracing the divine field of Love that surrounds you, constantly offering you the peace, the faith, and the confidence you need to move out of the darkness of the illusion and into the brilliant Light of Reality.  You know that that is where you belong, that that is where you truly have your existence, and that you are readying yourselves to awaken into that blissful state where all your needs are abundantly provided for.

You will not remain lost in the haze of confusion that has hidden from you your true identity for very much longer.  Its time is past, and without your support it will dissolve, enabling you to experience once more the wonder of God’s Love for you which has always been available, even though it has often seemed that you were alone and lost in an extremely hostile environment.  The knowledge of who you truly are is seeping into your awareness and can no longer remain unacknowledged because it is bringing with it the Light that will enable your awakening.

At first it is a little puzzling for you as you find yourselves feeling more hopeful and more upbeat in spite of the chaos of conflict, dishonesty, and corruption worldwide that is becoming ever more apparent.  It is becoming apparent because of your growing awareness of who you are, which makes it quite clear that the state of lack, of abandonment, and of suffering that you have been undergoing for eons has to be completely unreal.  Yes, you are finally coming to the only conclusion possible about your present state, namely that it is unreal. And what a relief it is to realize that it is but a horrible nightmare from which your awakening is inevitable.

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