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Senate Banking Chair Calls Jamie Dimon to Testify: But JP Morgan Chase is His Biggest Contributor!

Max Keiser's plan to crash JP Morgan's silver market manipulation scheme

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Holding your breath about the fallout from J. P. Morgan Chase’s derivatives losses? Yesterday, if you believed Politico, you could exhale. Senate Banking Committee Chair Tim Johnson of South Dakota announced his panel would call JP Morgan Chase Chair Jamie Dimon to testify.

It’s good that the watchdog is barking, but we’d all better watch closely to see if it will bite. Here’s what Politico didn’t tell you. Political Money Line’s tabulations of PAC contributions show that securities and financial firms have given more money to Johnson than any other sector in the last three election cycles. In the current cycle, for example, almost two thirds of his $361, 582 in PAC money comes from such firms. In 2008, when he collected over $2 million in PAC contributions, the swag from that quarter amounted to over half a million dollars – and neither figure takes account of numerous individual contributions. Johnson calls his leadership PAC “South Dakota First,” but, not surprisingly, contributions to his campaign committee from New York and other states often run far ahead of receipts from his own state.

Alas, it gets worse. Here’s the real punch line. Which firm is Johnson’s single largest contributor? You guessed it: The Center for Responsive Politics’ count shows that in both the current election cycle and the cycles between 2005-2010, it is JP Morgan Chase.

Don’t bank on the watchdog.

Annular Eclipse May 20, 2012

Sunset Beach - Huntington Beach, California
Photo by Jim Nista

Ring of  Fire over Monument Valley Arizona
 by Ben Cooper

Mt Shasta (ugh! look at the chemtrails!)
Photograph by Randall Benton, Sacramento Bee/AP

Though the glow never existed, all its pixels come from a full-sun image from this same set taken just
 before the eclipse started, highly distorted in PS. 
Photo was taken 20 hours ago in Butte County,
 California, US, using a Canon EOS 5D Mark II. Image Credit : Forrest Tanaka

My Little Reboot the Grid Experiment with The Ghost Radar iPhone App

A reader of American Kabuki told me a few weeks ago about this iPhone app called "Ghost Radar".  I downloaded it and played with it over the last few weeks.  Its a really strange thing.  Some sites reviewing the app claim its a fraud, but I am not so sure its a fraud.   You can read the details of this app here:

As I drove to the beach it became quickly apparent that the clouds there were so thick I wasn't going to see the Annular Solar Eclipse at all.  So I decided to use the time I would have spent observing the eclipse by running this iPhone Ghost Radar app. It could also run in the background with sound turned off  while I was doing the meditation.  My thinking was if this meditation was about clearing out Archons, then maybe Archons were what was showing up on this app screen and they would stop showing up?  Maybe if I got lucky I'd get a little empirical evidence from the meditation?  I really don't know what this thing senses but its sensing something.

Its got a little radar screen that shows when certain quantum anomalies show up in your vicinity.  The app claims to sample the various iPhone components for quantum fluctuations.  David Wilcock in his book The Source Field Investigations discussed some possible ways to make tools to detect hyper-dimensional quantum energies.  This app intrigued me, not because I have any desire to hunt ghosts and wandering phantoms, but more from the fact that when ever I had a intuitive feeling of something near it seemed to also show up on the device at the same time.  Seems to function as a bit of an intuitive bio-feedback device in way.  Was that feeling I had real? Seems to coincide with the device at times.   

Energy Symptoms Poll Results

Here's the result of the poll I did of energy symptoms people were experiencing.  Its not a scientific poll but the percentages have held steady since the first 100 people took it.  I forgot to add vertigo to this list, but since I had started the poll I let it run as is.

I'm curious what experiences American Kabuki readers had during the meditation.  I'm not going to relate my experience until I hear comments from all of you, I don't want give the impression to anyone that there's any single one correct experience of this event, there isn't.  I am as new at this kind of thing as most of you.  We're all in an awakening process.  If you care to share your experiences in the comments at the bottom of this article, that'd be wonderful!  You can do it anonymously if you wish.  I can then set up a poll of the types of experiences and see if we can get some hard data on what has transpired in the experience of meditation on May 20 for various people and if there are any commonalities.  I like hard data, and this is a hard thing to quantify, but perhaps a little informal polling will give some insights.

One experience I will relate:  I went to the beach for the meditation and about 5 minutes before the meditation was to start, a pod of dolphins appeared about 25 meters in front of me.  They were circling around the surfers who were catching the 4 foot swells.  I thought that was pretty neat.  Usually they will surf with the surfers, but they were moving in a tight circles and their heads were out of the water like they were trying to see the sky.  Normally you only see their dorsal fins.  They seemed to be young dolphins.  We had a solid marine layer during the eclipse, low clouds made it impossible to see the Sun.

SaLuSa, May 21, 2012

SaLuSa, May 21, 2012

Can you feel the changes around you as the energies continue to rise up, and will continue all the way to Ascension. They are bringing a peace to Earth and your civilization, one that will see many more souls lifting up into the Light. It will have the affect of calming situations that are leading to an aggressive response. Indeed, there are many trouble spots that need it to bring about a cessation of disputes and fighting, and you will see them being turned around. When sufficient people have found the power within to bring a peaceful solution to such problems, they will no longer be a threat to peace. By our reckoning there has not been such a period in your past, when the people have risen up to successfully achieve peace. Naturally there are still Leaders and Dictators that talk of war, and those of the last cabal are still desirous of spreading misery and death. However, talking is all they will be allowed to do, as we can support you in your quest for peace and put a stop to any attempt to do otherwise.

We are quite active just now, as a number of events are being staged for your benefit. They will be fronted by our allies, and we will so to say stay in the shadows and ensure all manifests as intended. When the need has arisen we have been outgoing, and it no longer matters if you witness our actions as we have no reason to hide them. It will not be long anyway before we will find ourselves free from the attention of the dark Ones, and able to mix with you. We have provisionally sought assistance from some Leaders who work with the Light, so that at last Disclosure can be announced. We desire to tie it in with our intent to give a display of our craft, as a way of celebrating our re-union. As we have often remarked, there are many of you who are directly related to us and the other members of the Galactic Federation. So please bear with us as the weeks pass by, as our promises have not been forgotten. We are true to our word and a series of great events are about to be unleashed upon you.

Total Anular Eclipse as Seen from Japan

Contribute Your Self as You Are

Michael channeled by Ron Head
May 20, 2012 in Ron's Channeled Messages

On this auspicious day, we greet you, and join you in creating an entirely new energy for your planet.  Your solar star and the sun star Alcyone, your moon, and dear Gaia will be in direct alignment.

The resulting energy surge will be felt for days.  You have been feeling it for several days already as the alignment came closer.  You are now entering the time, the energy, the light, of which the ancient ones wrote upon their stones.  You are coming into the time of revealing.  The earth will bring the evidence of your past into the light until it will be impossible to ignore it any longer.  Once again your outer and inner worlds reflect each other.  The true nature of your being is coming into the light now, also.  The gossamer thin veil will now finally drop for many of you.

What you perceive will begin to change dramatically for your perception will be far more inclusive and accurate.  This will increase more and more.  Colors will change.  You may begin to see more of the fields around all living beings.  And many of the things which you perceived intuitively may become visible as well.  If you like these things, and we see that many of you do, try not to use words like ‘freaky’ or ‘weird’ to describe them.  Remember your words have a power of their own.  Better to say, ‘Of course.  I knew they were there all along.’

It will be easier to find those to whom you may speak of these things now.  They will be looking hard for others, as well.  Not all who begin to experience this will be prepared for it.  Please do NOT allow anyone to tell you that you are crazy or evil.  You do not need to convince them, but you do not need to listen either.

Listen rather to the voice in your heart.  If the heart is free and cheerful, you are doing wonderfully.  Were you to be evil, we promise you that the feeling in your heart would be unbearable.

Now, on this day, we urge you to spend as much time as you can envisioning the world and the life you wish to create.  The frequency and volume of light available for you to build with seldom reaches the intensity available now.  Breathe it in through every pore.  Draw it deep into yourselves and fashion your future with its purity.  Work magic this day.  Place your dream before your eye and energize it with the light.  Pick one of importance to you and build upon it, or trip lightly through all your dreams and light them all.  Do what your heart leads you to do, dear ones.  After all, you are here because you are the ones who are needed here.  Be that one.  Contribute your self as you are.

Today your roll down the hill speeds up.  There may be some bumps along the way, but the destination is not in doubt.  You can go down the hill yelling “AHHHHHHH” or you can roll down the hill yelling “WHEEEEEE”, but the bottom of the hill will be where you end up.  We’ll meet you there with the table set for the celebration.

Enjoy this day to its fullest, dear hearts.  We will speak again tomorrow.

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