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Ode to Joy Flashmob

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Strange Circular Chemtrail Around South Mountain, Phoenix Arizona 7/10/12

The 2012 Scenario: American Kabuki Interview Tonight on The Light Agenda Show

Its in my nature to cringe at at the thought  of self promotion. I think what I do works best when I am not the prime focus.  Its worked for me in the past. I know my days as an obscure blogger shrouded in mystery are coming to a close.  People are figuring out who I am.  Not that I am anyone most people would recognize. But I hope the privacy for my family will last at least until the end of the year. Those that have endless budgets and technology already know who I Am. 

I am actually a fairly open book, I never lived my life in a way that I needed to keep secrets.  I've done my best to say my truth and live it. I had my father for an example in this. And for the things he couldn't teach me I have had the most wonderful mentors.  I didn't get rich living like this.  But I have had a very interesting life full of adventures.  The friends I have made have been loyal and true. And like all I've had my share of mistakes  and missteps.  I hope you enjoy the interview.... I've never done an interview before but I couldn't have asked for a better interviewer, one that was good at keeping me on topic.

American Kabuki: First Ever Radio Interview – The Light Agenda

2012 JULY 11
Posted by Stephen Cook

American Kabuki: First Ever Radio Interview – The Light Agenda, Presented by Stephen Cook

Wednesday, July 11
6pm (PDT, USA)
 / 9pm (EDT)
Remember: If you can’t tune in at this time you can listen at ANY time that’s convenient to you, once the show has gone to air. Just click on this same link.
I’m delighted to report that American Kabuki, the man who helped us all keep track of the mass banking resignations earlier this year – and who just this week tipped that $83 trillion of gold is about to be released to the abundance program – will make his radio interview debut on The Light Agenda this week.
Most of us only know American Kabuki from his blogspot – The now-influential blog was only launched in February this year and takes its name from his chosen online pseudonym.
It’s a name he has used simply to protect the privacy of his family. The man himself is an open book – and , yes, you’ll hear his real voice! – as we find out a whole lot more about him, including why he chose that particular moniker, when he chats with me about his life – and his death. Seriously.
In a far-ranging interview, we find out that American Kabuki is, not surprisingly, American and grew up in a family of  six kids;  his father would talk about the UFOs he’d seen flying during the war; his mother’s cousin broke the land speed record; and that at the age of nine, when camping in the desert with his father as part of a group of 30 kids and parents, he experienced his first ‘cowboy’ angel; an angel who may have saved the whole group from dehydrating and possibly dying in the heat.
He also suffered terrible asthma and a dog mauling as a young boy; only to be healed, instantly – twice – by a minister of the church. And it is that same church which had a such major impact on his life – and for way longer…
From the age of five, American Kabuki was an integral part of the World Wide Church of God, led by former advertising guru Herbert W. Armstrong, which his father had joined. The church soon had control over many of the family’s regular activities – from the food they ate, to what they drank and where a percentage of their weekly income went.
Sometime after beginning his working life as a carpenter, American Kabuki finally landed, by accident, in the world of IT. He loved it and it brought him into a whole new world. IT widened his eyes on many fronts, as he soon had dealings with and access to people and confidential corporate and banking information from way outside his church group – and from all around the world. His work also led to him living overseas for several years, in the UK and France, and took him to countries as far away as Australia, regularly.

The Worldwide Church of God and its doctrines, meanwhile, retained American’s Kabuki’s devotion for 35 years. Yet it was his IT knowledge and worldly experiences, combined with what he was seeing and hearing within his church, that led him to uncover a mass of untruths about the church during the 1990s. Including the fact that his church had an annual income of over $300 million a year!
His disillusionment with the church – and his IT know-how – led him to setting up and running what was, albeit, a very archaic, early version (it was the 1990s, after all)  of an email database and online chat room. But it was one that was highly effective, as during the late 1990s, he and a couple of others helped over 50,000 people come to terms with the church he had by then left – or leave themselves. Most joined him and left.
Since then, American Kabuki has enjoyed what he describes as a continuous and wonderful awakening.
But he has also endured incredible physical hardship. In 2007,  he contracted an illness which, in early 2009, saw him die. He tells me what happened during his death and how, once he was eventually brought back to life,  his life changed even further.
While he says he has had unusual dreams all his life, he maintains they have increased in their intensity since that fateful day, and he now also enjoys remarkable intuition.

Which is also why he also embarked on his goal this year to share his knowledge of what’s going on, globally, behind the scenes. And how he now also uses his vast network of “insiders” among friends, family, former church members and work colleagues from various countries to gather info for the blog, which continues to expand in its scope and reach
American Kabuki also talks about his new mission and what he feels lies just ahead for all of us.
PLUS – You”ll learn why a haunting song from a ‘kooky lady’ from Iceland has had such a ‘loving’ effect on him.
Separate to the interview: American Kabuki recommends anyone who is interested in more about his former church heads to this site. :  He also acknowledges his former colleague “James” for  assisting former Worldwide Church of God members. He also suggests people watch the movie “Paradise Recovered”.
Tune in to American Kabuki’s first ever radio interview on The Light Agenda on InLight Radio Wednesday this week.

John Kettler Is In The Hospital!

Please send light, energy, prayers, to John Kettler.  He's in ICU.  That's not a fun place to be! I know! Boy all of us have been hit with one thing or another it seems!  -AK



John has been going through a very stressful, complicated and unexpected move. He was just settling into his new place when he had a slip and fall accident. He hit is head very hard. Being the typical guy, he didn’t want to go to the doctor but fortunately, friends convinced him to call 911. It’s good they did, because it turns out he did some real damage to himself. John has bleeding on the brain and presumably a concussion of some kind.

Right now he is in the ICU. At least some of his family members are with him. The report I just got is that he is stable, but that’s all I know. Until I talk to John or his family, we will not release any info about where he is hospitalized, his specific condition or prognosis.

Please think good thoughts, send your prayers and good wishes, and watch this post for updates. Sunfire and I will add more when we know more.

– The Webmaster

UPDATE 6:00 P.M. PST: I spoke with John’s brother a while ago. The prognosis as far as can be determined at this point is good. No serious damage, but full test results come back tomorrow. John is resting and seems to be doing a bit better. Keep those good thoughts, vibes and prayers coming, everybody! It means the world to John!!!

– The Webmaster

UPDATE 4:00 P.M. PST (Tuesday): Just got off the phone with John. His voice was strong, all things considered. He is still in the ICU, but he is doing much better. The doc’s think he can leave tomorrow, but we won’t know for sure till then. He wanted everybody to know how much he appreciates all the kind thoughts, comments and good wishes. Keep ‘em coming! 

It turns out he had a sort-of “out of body” experience in the hours after hitting his head, which explains (in part) why he didn’t immediately get himself looked at. He was in quite an altered state of consciousness. Perhaps John will describe it in a post. Special thanks to Gwen for insisting he call 911 and get himself checked out.

I’ll report more as it develops, but hopefully we’ll all hear from the man himself in the next 24-48 hours.

– The Webmaster
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