Thursday, July 12, 2012

Updated: Large Solar Flare!

Updated 7/13/12 1:45 AM PDT - Solar Influences Data analysis Center - RWC Belgium is reporting:


The X1.4 flare of yesterday evening triggered an Earth-directed coronal mass ejection that will reach the Earth on July 14 around noon, with an uncertainty of many hours. Strong geomagnetic disturbances can be expected. Auroras might be visible in the hours following the arrival for observers with local night time and clear skies.

Updated 7/13/12 1:51 AM PDT - SPACE WEATHER NEWS

Earth-Directed X-flare and CME
Space Weather News

EARTH-DIRECTED X-FLARE: Big sunspot AR1520 erupted on July 12th around 16:53 UT, producing an X-class solar flare and hurling a CME directly toward Earth. Forecasters expect the cloud to arrive on July 14th. Its impact could spark moderate to severe geomagnetic storms, allowing auroras to be seen at lower latitudes than usual. Check for more information and updates.

AURORA ALERTS: Would you like a call when geomagnetic storms are underway? Aurora alerts are available from (text) and (voice).

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X-FLARE! Big sunspot AR1520 unleashed an X1.4-class solar flare on July 12th at 1653 UT. Because the sunspot was directly facing Earth at the time of the blast, this is a geoeffective event. Stay tuned for updates about possible CMEs and radio blackouts. Solar flare alerts: textvoice.
NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded a flash of extreme ultraviolet radiation from the blast site:
The UV and X-ray pulse from the flare will have partially ionized Earth's upper atmosphere on the dayside of our planet, disturbing the normal propagation of radio signals. Watch the Realtime Space Weather Gallery for possible reports of sudden ionospheric disturbances and other effects.

Watch the radial velocity animation at this link:  (its the bottom animation). It looks like the Sun is blowing a smoke ring at the earth!  Torus shapes have special energetic properties.

Updated 7/12/2012 @ 20:50 UTC
1520 Produces X1.4 Solar Flare and CME

The silence is broken! A major and long duration eruption reaching X1.4 around Sunspot 1520 peaked at 16:52 UTC Thursday afternoon. Type II and IV Sweep Frequency Events were recorded. This event was also responsible for a Strong R3 Radio Blackout on the sunlit side of Earth. A bright Coronal Mass Ejection was produced and appears to be Earth directed.

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Radiation Storm: The S1 Minor Radiation Storm threshold has been reached. Earthbound Proton levels continue to increase.

Solar Wind Model here:

We Passed 2 Million Page Views!

The Fibonacci mathematical sequence shows up in almost all
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Wow!  Over 2 million page views since February 2012!  Thank you everyone!  I am amazed!   

I enjoy doing this blog and hopefully with my health improving I can improve the blog and write more original articles in the coming months.

My wife doesn't read my blog. Its not that she's hostile, she's just not all that interested in these topics. I think my daughter reads it more than she does. She asked me "so how many people visit that blog anyway?"  I replied "2 million so far".  The look on her face was priceless! :)

Michael on Meditation – 6/8/2012

June 8, 2012

This meditation, channeled from AA Michael by ContraMary, was e-mailed to me this morning.  It is almost exactly like the one I have been guided to use.  I would like to thank ContraMary for sending it, and I post it here with her blessing.  I have made a few editorial changes to make it more readable while trying to leave the meaning exactly as she intended it.  Her first language is German.  Please forgive and correct me, my friend, if I have made a mistake.

Meditation of grounding yourself firmly to Gaia How to ground yourself firmly to your Mother Gaia in times of full impact of sunflares.

This Meditation is in 2 steps:

Step 1: Take in your breath via your Crown Chakra from the Central Sun into your inner heart …stop a little …count 1 – 2 sec.

Let it spread through your inner heart on its own ….. and breathe out again but downward, guiding your breath down through all your chakras into the earth. Visualize it going through a brown-silvery coloured cord right into the inner heart of Gaia.

Step 2: Breathe in from the inner heart of Gaia, guiding your breath upward to your inner heart and stop a little …count 1 – 2 sec. Let this breath from Gaia spread again on its own through your inner heart.   Breathe out but now upward through your upper chakras on to your crown chakra and up to the Sun again.   Repeat these two ways of breathing several times …

End of Meditation

However please take note of one further explanation :

Within the 1st step

1)   It is the taking from the Sun and giving to the Earth. It is the taking from the Father and giving to the Mother.

Within the 2nd step

2)  and in reverse

It is taking from the Earth Gaia and returning these energies, changed in her heart, to the Sun. It is taking from the Mother and returning the gift of energies, transformed by her, to our Father.

Our breath is the vehicle of transport by which these energies are being conveyed to and fro. This meditation may be done everywhere, irrespective of where you are.

You have to breathe anyway and by the use of this method you may watch your breath guiding it consciously via the route mentioned above.

Thus you firmly ground yourself to the Earth and not only serve yourself but also serve all your surroundings and spread the light with your breath to everyone around you.

 It is also a blessing of light for everyone, for all manifested matters, for all kingdoms of animals, stones, plants, fairies and for All-there-is!

This all can be done by you with this meditation of breathing which transfers the new light energy into the changing turmoil of outer life and you are the active agents within this Circle of Light-Energy-Transport.

 You are conveying The Blessings from Our Sun, the Father of Our Universe, via your Chakras to the inner Heart of the Earth, Gaia, “The Mother”, and reverse from her again, through your Chakras, way up high through Space back to the Sun, “The Father of our Universe”. 

Thus by your conscious breathing you create yourself being an active member in the divine circulation of light from Heaven to Earth and back to  Heaven ….

It Cannot be Otherwise.

Michael channeled by Ron Head
July 12, 2012 in Ron's Channeled Messages

Our subject for today is the need for responsibility and the willingness to take action.  Both of these things were very necessary before any real change could occur.  We are happy to tell you that, when the need arose, you were up to the task.  Those who had the means and opportunity to take meaningful action did so, and we were then able to see to it that the outcome was as expected and needed.

Things are now off to a good start and the beginnings of the end are in sight.  Although your major information media are still not reporting the obvious, it is easy to see that the word is getting out without them.  Your social media and your alternate news sources have far outstripped them in the reporting of truth and thus are having a marvelous affect in changing the mass consciousness.

Millions of you are getting used to the idea of affecting change with the input of your own intent and imagination.  This is something that was to be avoided at all cost.  The knowledge of your own power was never to come to light.  Now it is too late.  The cat has escaped the proverbial bag.

During this next week, there will be a great boost given to all of this in many ways.  You have a tendency to discuss and perceive of these changes in one or two specific ways.  Please know that what is actually happening is far, far more all-encompassing than that.  Every thought, every action, every person, indeed every particle is becoming involved in bringing about the shift that you desire.  This is what happens under the Will of the Divine.  It cannot be otherwise.  Even the most strenuous efforts in opposition will be bent to the task and will only end up insuring their own defeat.

Momentum is continuing to grow and will do so until the moment when you realize that your new world is here.  This is always the way of it.  Every intention, every word, and where possible, every small action each of you can add will, in the end, prove to have been exactly what was needed.  This, you see, is why we are always acting as your cheerleaders.  We are almost to the day when we will be able to say, “Look!  You have done it!”  Remain steadfast now, dear hearts, and call upon us whenever there is need for our help.  We are never farther away than your thought.

For those of you who are using the suggestions we have given in your meditations, one last image.  When the unconditional love begins to flow out from you, hold your entire world in your hands.  We think you will enjoy the feeling of that.

We will speak again.  Good day.

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Petition To Jail Crooked Bankers

There's an online petition to jail crooked bankers.  Perhaps it will have some impact on politicians and media outlets.  There is a definite need for more accurate reporting on the banking situation with the mainstream media. Politicians don't really seem to listen to anything but money.

Put bankers behind bars
Posted: 10 July 2012

Big banks have been caught in a massive scam to rig global interest rates, ripping off millions of people on their mortgages, student loans and more! We'd go to jail for this, but Barclays bank has only been fined, and just a fraction of their profits! Outrage is mounting -- this is our chance to finally turn the tide of the banks' reign over our democracies. 

The EU finance regulator, Michel Barnier is standing up to the powerful bank lobby and championing reform that would put bankers behind bars for fraud like this. If the EU goes first, accountability could quickly spread across the globe. But the banks are lobbying hard against it, and we need a massive surge of people power to drive these reforms through. 

If we can get 1 million people to stand with Barnier in the next 3 days, it will give him momentum to face down the banking lobby and push governments to bring reform. Sign the petition, and our growing numbers will be represented by adding mock bankers to a jail right in front of the EU Parliament.

It's Time to Turn On the Light

It's time to turn on the light
By Sophia Love

There is something that is true about weight loss, acting and fifth dimensional, eternally youthful light beings.  It is that an actual, believable transformation must begin on the inside.  

All of us are prone to “magical thinking”.  We believe that if we put on the cape we can fly, if we lose 20 pounds we will be happier, younger and surrounded by lovers, if we look the part we become the part, and if we somehow end up in another “dimension” that all of our current challenges will vanish.

Real magic happens when you believe you can fly.  No one has to tell you the truth of who you are.  You know this.  It is the power of this illusion that invokes recurring forgetfulness.

One of my children, at about 9 years of age, wrote a comic strip.  In the first panel was a boy in a cape, announcing his super flying powers.  In the next panel he climbs the roof and jumps off.  In the third panel he shouts “See!  I’m flying!”  It is the next panel where doubt crosses his face and he says, while flying, “I’m flying!  I can’t believe it!”  In the final panel, he slowly crashes to earth. 

This is how we live our lives.  Over and over we wish for change and even as it occurs, we doubt it.  Actual change occurs gradually and starts within.  I am sort of a Queen of Magic.  My friends say I have rose colored glasses.  I see the best possible scenario most every time.  This may be because I’ve had so many chances; this lifetime has been a remedial class for self improvement.  I’m getting better at it.  It’s always going to be great in my heart.

We are in a sea of waiting, floating along on rafts of hope.  We need to jump in and swim in the direction of whatever beach works for us.  This drifting is not getting us anywhere.

Every day, as I peruse the news, there are three camps.  In one there are reports of authorities and groups bringing corruption to light.  In another there are channels for celestial and galactic beings saying either “Don’t worry” or “We can’t help you until you ask”.  In a third there is a constant debate about when it’ll happen, if it’s going to happen, and how it’ll happen if it does.

This change is not something that happens when you are given a cape or witness an arrest.  This change with all of its supporting effects will conclusively happen when it begins within.  We have to turn on the light that we are.

Who are you in the next “dimension”, the one without criminal control and corruption?  You are a being of light, eternally vibrant, joyfully exuberant, and gushing with love.  Opinion doesn’t matter to you, you know who you are and no words or laws can diminish your light.  You walk with confidence, ever hopeful. You appreciate diversity and collaboration.  All others are important and impact your decisions.  You eat, move, walk and talk with confidence. You are a divine spark of pure love.  You are lesser than none.  

You believe you are light.  This is not a wish, it is a knowing.  This is who you see yourself as.  You are not waiting to be turned on – you have one setting and it is “brilliant”.

A vibrant light being does not wait to be taken care of or fixed.  Expect health, vitality, prosperity and love.  Consider what is before you right now and if it does not suit a master such as yourself, decide what does.  Then make it happen.

This will eventually encompass every part of your life and our planet.  For today, start where you are.  Are your shoes working for you?  How about your breakfast?  In every aspect of your life there are two choices of focus – love or fear.  Ask yourself, “Am I doing, thinking or saying this because I’m afraid of what will happen if I don’t?”  Or, “Am I doing, thinking or saying this because I love myself?”  Your heart will beat your answer.

Believe the light that you are and our world will transform.  We will naturally, gently and perfectly morph from separate frightened individuals to one powerful light; each of us shining out love.

You have only to accept the truth of your divinity.  Your light will guide you the rest of the way.  Waiting is not necessary.  The “on” switch is in your hand.

We are the ones we are waiting for.
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