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David Wilcock: Will There Be a "Quantum Awakening" in December 2012?

By David Wilcock

" 1993, I got heavily into UFO research -- after a friend of mine reported that his physics professor worked for NASA in the 1970s, and in the higher echelons it was considered "common knowledge" that UFOs and extraterrestrial humans, who look like us, are very real.

It took three and a half more years before I saw how these two elements -- the dreamwork and the UFO/metaphysics research -- coincided.
The dream guidance has systematically transformed my entire life -- into something I honestly could never have even imagined back when I started. It has also given me a profound view of the future we can now attain. 
Once you understand how to read the language, dream guidance is profoundly useful -- as it is a personal message from your Higher Self."


What Is Difficult For You Now,
You Shall Wear Proudly In The Future.

photo by Roxana Asanageanu

What is difficult for you now, you shall wear proudly in the future.
Michael channeled by Ron Head

August 29, 2012 in Michael

Good day to all whom these messages reach.  Our unconditional love and blessings to all are yours on this and every day.

We are gratified that, despite the discomfort some are feeling at this time, you continue to forge ahead.  These experiences are the lessons you will be able to point to when it is your turn to help others find their way.  What is difficult for you now, you shall wear proudly in the future that is not long now in coming.

Some are asking for relief, a lessening of the stress and pain, when it becomes too much for them.  This can be, and is being provided.  There is no shame in this.  It is also possible that wholeheartedly throwing one’s self into the process will provide much joy and instant relief.  Only your heart can tell you whether this is true for you.  It is a point, we tell you, that you shall reach when it is right for you.

There is No Going Back

There is no going back
August 29, 2012 by John Smallman

Excitement is rising among you — the Light-bearers and Light-workers — as you feel the energies of the divine Love field intensifying.  You are all doing a marvelous job of demonstrating God’s Love for humanity by living what you know is the truth, by exemplifying peace and non-engagement, and by refusing to respond with unloving words or actions when it seems that you are being attacked.  You are noticing that this approach works very well indeed, even though initially you had grave doubts about its likely effectiveness.  Love is the answer to every problem, issue, or situation with which you are faced, and that truth is being most positively brought home to you each time you respond lovingly.

The Apparent Interminability of the Waiting

The apparent interminability of the waiting
08/29/2012 by John Smallman

We are all one.  You know that.  It means, among many other things, that we in the spiritual realms are constantly aware of you doing your best to awaken yourselves and all of humanity from the illusion.  It is a difficult and sometimes exhausting task that you chose to take on, and we honor you dearly for your courage and your persistence.  You are succeeding!  It just seems that it is taking far longer than you expected to achieve fulfillment of that undertaking, and so it has become a chore for you, whereas when you agreed to do it you engaged with it with enormously high hopes and incredible enthusiasm.

Future Automobile Engine: Noble Gas Plasma Engine

August 19, 2012
Dear American Kabuki,

I posted a comment on the three solar towers, but it never appeared. Follow the links to the site that explains the solar project where an almost identical comment appears, being quite negative about solar energy. It is IMHO a dead end. Real Free Energy will soon be here, and solar power will fade away.

Three years ago I sought funding over here for a solar panel manufacturing plant, but it needed $150m, wasn't successful.

Right now we have an investor very ready to fund about $35m for a plant to make transition plasma noble gas engines. These are ready to roll from a US developer.


Keep well, your site is one of the first I check every morning (we are 14 hours ahead of California time)
Cheers from Indonesia,

On Thu, Aug 23, 2012 at 6:57 AM,  American Kabuki wrote:

Can you tell me more about the plasma noble gas engines? I agree on Solar. It was obsolete 30 years ago. But that's all people can wrap their heads around here in the USA these days. People are so brainwashed into thinking fossil fuels is all there is.

I thought I posted your comment. There was some that were repeats from people and I've posted the info I got on the solar plant. Sometimes I hit delete instead of publish too. Fat finger the keyboard now and then.

Z wrote:

The transition plasma noble gas engine uses a mixture of helium, neon, argon, krypton and xenon that is injected into a sealed cylinder that has no intake or exhaust. These are inert gasses, as you probably know, but can be ionized readily. each cylinder has 4 spark plugs and a coil that is excited with RF energy to form a plasma. The plasma expands strongly and pushes the piston down. Before the lowest position the plasma is extinguished and it transitions back to the initial gas, developing a degree of negative pressure (vacuum) that helps bring the piston back to TDC (Top Dead Center). Two cylinders are in line operating a80 degrees out of phase. The cylinder capacity is about 1300 cc. It develops around 350 HP, possibly as much as 500. The gas remains in the cylinder and only needs to be recharged or replenished about once every six months. The production engine will have a small gas cylinder or canister around the size of a medium aerosol can that will sell for $10 or less, and this will recharge it several times. So it is indeed essentially free energy.

You can couple the output to an electric generator, 350 HP is equal to around 250 kW. There will be a six cylinder version, which is basically three of them in tandem, but the timing control electronics, which is actually quite complex even for the two-cylinder version, has to coordinate all six sets of coils and spark plugs. It may deliver as much as 1500 HP.

Here in Indonesia we see to immediate applications. First is a generator set (genset) that can make cheap electricity for hotels, hospitals, shopping malls and especially for housing compounds or villages (kampung). We have 6000 islands with permanent settlements and many are dominated by fishing along the coast. Aside from Canada, Indonesia has one of the largest coastlines and all in tropical/equatorial waters. The second application that is needed is to replace Diesel engines on fishing boats. Many small-scale fishing enter[rises are continually hampered by the problems of paying for Diesel fuel, the tank size on the ship and often having to return to port to refuel with less fish caught than desired, making it a break-even trip or even a loss. Being able to replace the engines and fuel tanks with limitless energy source is ideal -- they can stay out longer and bring back more fish at low cost. Refrigeration can also be operated.

Of course, I have no idea how Disclosure of RT technology will impact this, how Ascension to a >3D existence will play out and whether enough people will choose to remain in 3D to make this viable. We'll have to roll with the hunches.If you listen to Tolec, he says that about 50% will choose to remain in 3D and will be moved to another planet. Others say ascension is for all. That "splitting" aspect is the most baffling one to try to second guess. That's why I say to take it as it comes.

This page has an interview with John Rohner who is bringing this technology out:

This page explains the theory and details of the motor operation:



The Orginal 13th Amendment - Proof with Witness Signature

Got this in my email, someone finally found this thing!  -AK

The Orginal 13th Amendment - Proof with Witness Signature

Hey Everyone,

I did some research and got a hold of a copy of our original constitution that includes the real 13th amendment which discusses the titles of nobility. The book has been verified and signed for by the archives processor of the Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center located in Liberty, Texas. The book was published in 1819 and is titled "The Revised Code of the Laws of Virginia. See page 50 of the book or page 17 of the PDF document to read the original 13th amendment of the united states. I also suggest that you read Article 1, Section 10-1, which can be found on page 21 of the book or page 8 of the PDF.

Hope this will help those on a quest to find the truth as well as act on it.

~enerchi of

Link to PDF Document:


Here is the link to my posting at my blog........

Sheldan Nidle’s Update
from the Galactic Federation of Light
and Spiritual Hierarchy

One of my contacts has told me he now has a date for the banking system changes.  However he hasn't given it to me yet.  Sigh... Sheldan's post fits right in with what my contact told me.  Things are very, very, very close to happening. -AK

Sheldan Nidle’s Update from the Galactic Federation of Light and Spiritual Hierarchy

"Disclosure does nothing less than open up this vast galaxy to you once again. With disclosure you will be privy to things that will drastically and irrevocably alter the way you perceive the universe and your place in it."

3 Chicchan, 13 Uo, 9 Eb

Dratzo! We return! At present, we are waiting for the date to begin the preliminaries that are to take place prior to bringing the new banking system on-line. This period will be swiftly followed by the formal announcement of this new global financial system, which by its very nature will create a situation that makes it impossible for the dark cabal to subsist. It is the subsequent new governments which will allow the prosperity funds to be delivered. Long ago, your world was prevailed upon to accept not only that the irrational Anunnaki worldview was 'real' but that no other reality was possible. This belief will be shattered by the new financial system which will open doors that have been kept firmly shut by the dark cabal. The upcoming, vast transference of funds will remove the lockdown on progress that the dark has imposed on you for decades, and once this clamp is gone, the new procedures and accompanying official expositions can go forward. However, these are merely the initial steps that will lead quickly to a massive operation that is to manifest the full agenda decreed by the Light and morph this present nightmare realm into a Light-infused dream.

As these various improvements are announced and your world accordingly changes for the better, a whole new style of governance will come into being which will make a point of imparting more and more details of the changes afoot on many levels. We have come here to be mentors for this great change. One of the big transformative factors will be the release of much technology withheld from you for many decades. We are also keen to make the announcements that lead to disclosure.

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