Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Brotherhood of the Star
Posted by Cobra
Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Brotherhood of the Star

This blog post will be about the second positive group that has been working secretly behind the scenes for the benefit of humanity and liberation of the planet.

I have gained access to one of esoteric texts that was written by a member of that group and I am publishing it now in its entirety with full permission of that group.

»Brotherhood of the Star is a planetary oupost of the Blue Lodge of Sirius that is connected with Sirius via Jupiter and Jupiter Command.  The purpose of the Brotherhood of the Star is to guide the evolution of the planet under the guidance of Sanat Kumara. The inner circle of the Brotherhood of the Star are Masters and Arhats that have reached their Ascension on this planet.  The outer circle of the Brotherhood of the Star is the Esoteric Brotherhood comprised of disciples of the Ascended Masters that have reached the seventh subdegree  of the third Initiation. The physical anchor of the Brotherhood of the Star is a vast subterranean kingdom of Shamballa, where the Great mystery school of the Transhimalayan Brotherhood is operating. The Esoteric Brotherhood represents its antechamber.
Brotherhood of the Star was never public since the time of Atlantis. It was working secretly through its discliples. Disciples of the Brothehood of the  Star comprise the Order of the Star. Order of the Star is a community, a mandala of 144,000 star beings of the first, second and third Initiation that have incarnated on this planet with the purpose of occult triangulation of light and darkness. Members of the Order of the Star have been influencing the world situation based on telepathic guidance from the Brotherhood of the Star.

Cosmic Alignments Proceed in Harmony with Gaia Illumination…

September 5, 2012

Final Cosmic alignments in preparation for the 9-6 to 9-12 window near completion. Simultaneous Inner Lighting of Gaia is occurring, with concomitant upsurge in Portal activations.

Planetary (within Solar System) arrangements support Gaia-ic Illumination during this phase.

There is no returning to former energetic patterns as they are non-supported. Such grids have dissolved.

Gaia based Hue-mans aligned to Cosmic communications flourish during this time as such communications clarify.

Love Is The Key To Awakening

Love is the key to awakening
September 5, 2012 by John Smallman

Here in the spiritual realms, where many of you will soon join us, we are watching with pleasure and gratification as you make your way determinedly forwards along the rugged path you have so valiantly hewn that is leading you to Heaven. It has been a long and arduous journey, with many excursionary digressions along the way, and now you have reached its final stages.

You have indeed been stalwart of purpose as, despite the many alluring distractions that have from time to time drawn you away from your path, you have always staunchly and courageously returned to it.  Each time you have steadfastly reset your course after temporarily falling by the wayside, and your undying sense of purpose has provided much needed encouragement to the many waverers whom you have encountered, and who seemed to have lost their way.

No one can really lose their way because everyone always has divinely inspired guidance available; they have only to ask for it and they will find it.  It is not elusive; however, many are poor listeners to that inner voice which offers and provides all the guidance needed, the voice for God, whose one purpose is to lead them out of the illusion and into the Light.  At that moment all will become clear — as eternal joy replaces the fear, befuddlement, and confusion that are the illusion’s hallmarks.

You Are On The Edge Of A Massive Disruption To Normal Life

You are on the edge of a massive disruption to normal life09/05/2012 by John Smallman

You are on the edge of a massive disruption to what you call normal life, which will be sensational in its unfoldment while inspiring and uplifting you.  You have been working very hard to reach this point in your spiritual evolution, and you have truly earned the monumental accolades and honors that are shortly to be bestowed upon you.  You know all this, but while you stay within the confines of the illusion the memory of that knowledge remains hidden from you.  What is required of you is that you continue to hold the Light on high as you trust your Father to deliver all that He has promised you, as you truly know He will.

The Light that you are bearing before you with such forbearance and determination is a beacon to many who are aware that something strange is in the air, that all is not as it seems.  Your constancy and imperturbability are amazingly effective stabilizing influences on all in your vicinity, and on all who know you, even though you yourselves are mostly unaware of the powerful and supportive presence that your loving behavior constantly demonstrates.

We Await Your Arrival At Your Own Surprise Party

We await your arrival at your own surprise party
Michael channeled by Ron Head
September 4, 2012 in Michael, Ron's Channeled Messages

Today I wish to speak with you as one lifelong friend to another.  It is very important for each of you to make the determination to stay in your center and maintain control of your emotions as the next week of cosmic and solar energies blast through.  You may feel very unusually unstable at times.  Things which you assumed you had long ago dealt with may arise in your lives.  Just observe the remnants of these energies as they leave you forever.  Even memories of them need not bother you from this point on.

Realize, however, that choice is involved.  It must be your choice to have done with them.  Realize also that there were important lessons involved and search in your heart for gratitude both for the lesson and for the blessing of its departure.  Thank the Forever Being that you are for reaching this point and allowing you this opportunity.

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