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KRYON: The Recalibration of GAIA


"The Recalibration of GAIA"

As channelled by Lee Carroll for KryonThis live channelling was Given in Melbourne, Australia
March 18, 2012

To help the reader, this channelling has been revisited [by Lee and Kryon] to provide even clearer understanding. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Melbourne, Australia 2012.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. The family before me is known and I will say it yet again, that there is no mystery about who sits here and who may be listening or eventually who may be reading. It comes together in a timeless state, which is not the reality that you share at this moment. It's a reality that I have of a timeless place in a quantum state filled with the potentials of those I know who will hear and read this message. So, although it may seem for you in the room to be now, it is all now for me.

I wish I could take you back several thousand years. Slowly, as the time goes backwards, the buildings would disappear and everything would be reduced to dirt, and the indigenous would show themselves. If you took a look at what the indigenous were doing then, they had two things that they emphasized and two things that occupied all that was important to them. The first was the honoring of their ancestors, and the second was the honoring of Gaia.

The energies of the indigenous were focused on the land, but not just a land that would give them water or food, but the actual energy of the dirt of the earth. Many of you know of what I speak if you have studied their lives. It is no different from the indigenous all over Earth, for this was intuitive that Gaia is the energy of what you would call Mother Earth, and it was aligned with humanity in a society that was not nearly as complex as yours is now. Instead, they experienced the overwhelming energies of being in alliance with the planet and with those ancestors who had gone before.

I tell you this because the object of the lesson this day is how that alliance is still alive and changing. You may not see as they did, but the alliance is still there and it's there in ways that are mysterious to you. I'm going to help clear this up, and describe the system and how it all works. So do not be shocked or surprised if I start at the molecular level of the Human Being. I have to, for therein lie the mysteries.

The Connection Between Gaia and the Human 

Here is the premise, dear ones: "As goes consciousness, goes Gaia. As goes Gaia, goes DNA." There is a partnership involved that is more than you think. The indigenous did not pray for rain. They did not pray for good crops and did not worship any deity. In their reality, they felt the planet and they knew that it was part of them. It was all there was. So they were always one with the planet, and the appearance of rain and crops were an alliance with Gaia, and they used ceremonies of alignment, not prayers of asking. If they didn't get what they wanted, they knew they were out of alignment. You are missing that attribute today, but the process of this alignment is still alive and it still works.

Illuminati For Kids?: And Now, The Children...

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I came across the web site referenced below yesterday, the praise of the Georgia Guidestones sent alarm bells off in me.  

This Illuminati abuse blog WE ARE MANY LIGHTS says it even better than I could and with personal perspective as a child victim of the Illuminati.  Illuminati for Kids...yikes! I suspect the real purpose is to make any reference to Oneness sound like the Illuminati plan.  -AK

And now, the children...

The thing about this that is often missed, is that their methods are subtle and brilliant.  These are people, with the same operating systems as you.  They want to be right and they believe in a higher power.  Much of the infiltration happens with your willing consent and participation.

Case in point:

Operation Lightplay 

A web site geared to children, with this opening statement:

Dear Friends,    Like most kids, we enjoy every moment, but it's come to our attention that our world needs some simple repairs and a great, big hug.  Since the grown-ups are so busy taking care of us kids, The Kid Cavalry's goal is to show our appreciation by making this world a better place for everyone!  After all, we are the future, right?

The coming months present us with an opportunity for world peace (for real) and a much brighter future.  But first, The Kid Cavalry needs to fix the world. And we must do it with LOVE.  We have received confirmation of mission victory from our future, but we have to do the work/PLAY first.  Think of it as "Mission I'm-possible."            

The Kid Cavalry needs the help of kids**--near and far--to assist in our top secret mission:  OPERATION LIGHTPLAY

Sound good so far?  Many of these are words you may have spoken yourself.  "world peace" "brighter future" "fix the world"... Now, here is a link to what is really going on.  You will have to read the entire page before you get to the real point.

Illuminati for kids  

If you teach children from an early age that certain things are good, they will overlook or even support those same things as they mature.  Do you remember your first home phone number or address?  This is because it was programmed in your head when not much else was there to cause any interference.

Thus, a method is born.  Teach our children young, they will be willing participants as adults, arguing for the cause without even knowing these ideas are not their own, they were intentionally planted there, years ago.. Here is the "definition" of the Illuminati, from the link above: A group of people with illuminated hearts and enlightenment, generally in the area of spirituality.  They want to share their knowledge, but whenever they try, Divine Intervention intervenes.  They are ready to light the way.  There's room for everyone who'd like to join them!

Just One Light

The Secret Covenant of the Illuminati

Someone with some money made this video...  Whether there is such an actual document I don't know, but its certainly their method.

Navy Spyware Maps Your Home From Smartphone Camera

The U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center has developed a new piece of spyware to map your own house from an infected smartphone via its camera. It utilizes the GPS, accelerometers  and other phone hardware to visually map out and spatially piece together the inside layout of  your own home says The Washington Times:
The malware, dubbed “PlaceRaider,” “allows remote hackers to reconstruct rich, three-dimensional models of the smartphone owner’s personal indoor spaces through completely opportunistic use of the camera,” the researchers said in a study published last week.

Ahhh....the new iPhone 5 panoramic camera should be most useful to the Navy!  -AK
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