Thursday, November 1, 2012

PORTAL 2012: A New Cobra Interview by Golden Rule

Thursday, November 1, 2012
A New Cobra Interview by Golden Rule

You might want to listen to this new Cobra interview:

Or watch this video about the Masterplan:

Posted by Cobra at 12:44 PM

Kauilapele's Blog: Evidence of Weather Anomalies & Modification-Manipulation-Directing-Possibly-Trying-to-Create-Havoc with Hurricanes, Anyone?

Evidence of Weather Anomalies & Modification-Manipulation-Directing-Possibly-Trying-to-Create-Havoc with Hurricanes, Anyone?

Posted on 2012/10/29

Hurricane Sandy 10-27-12 snip (click to enlarge)
[UPDATE 1546 HST: I put a very interesting and informative video at the end of this post (foundhere). Especially revealing to me was the difference between the first predicted path of the hurricane, and the predicted path after modifications were carried out. Very well assembled. (although the last bit implies she thinks it's "Obama's Fault". Other than that, I like what she has put out here).]
Well, there’s been a lot of stuff out there with hurricanes and weather manipulation, what with Sandy coming in to shore now, and looking like it will have some “fun” in the northeastern U.S. See Ben Fulford’s latest post, for example. And the latest Poof post, where he had this link. And see today’s American Kabuki’s post, here.
This is not an extensive research report. But I’m just pointing out a few things I noticed from a brief “what is going on with the “Morphed Integrated Microwave Imagery” (MIMIC) from this website (at the University of Wisconsin, which, as we all “know”, is a hub of hurricane activity). For those who are in a more elevated geek-type mode,

“The Morphed Integrated Microwave Imagery at CIMSS (MIMIC) product provides a radar-like visualization of the evolution of TC structure using advanced image morphing algorithms. The final product is a synthetically-derived animation at 15 minute intervals between two authentic passive microwave satellite images. The morphing routines utilize an advection/rotation scheme based on the current reported TC wind speed estimates.”

These MIMIC images center on eye of the hurricane vortex, and follow the progress day by day.

So here’s the deal. Clearly something went on with Sandy. Check out these images (animated GIFs, which may take a short time to upload; please be patient; all times GMT). These are from (you may go there and check for yourself, as well as download a Java version, which gives you more control over the images).

GAIA PORTAL: “Extremes” of clearing are expected at this time

“Extremes” of clearing are expected at this time
by ÉirePort

"Extremes" of clearing are expected at this time. Ambiguous energies are present with Gaia and individual Hue-mans as transitions and upgrades are processed.

Gaia relaxes with these transitions as physical adjustments occur in rapid succession.

"2012 fantasies" are dissolved, bringing angst to some. Release of outdated irrelevants is being encouraged. Moment to moment living is the only path to inner peace.

ÉirePort | November 1, 2012

Barclays faces record £290m penalty: British bank suffers another hit to its battered reputation as it confronts huge costs for alleged US energy market manipulation

Barclays faces record £290m penalty

British bank suffers another hit to its battered reputation as it confronts huge costs for alleged US energy market manipulation

Jill Treanor, city editor
The Guardian, Wednesday 31 October 2012

Barclays bank has endured a torrid year having been caught up in a number of financial scandals.

Barclays took another major hit to its already bruised reputation last night when a US regulator threatened the bank with a record $470m (£290m) penalty for allegations that it attempted to manipulate the US electricity market.

After the London market had closed, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission announced the scale of the fine – $435m, plus a $35m order to disgorge alleged profits made by the bank – for the alleged offences which are supposed to have taken place between 2006 and 2008.

Barclays had warned earlier in the day that it faced a potential penalty for the alleged movement of Californian electricity prices when it reported that it had made a loss in the third quarter of 2008.

The bank's new chief executive, Antony Jenkins, said the bank would defend any proposed penalty by the regulator, which has given the bank 30 days to respond and prove why it should not be fined.

HSBC Caught in New Drug Money Laundering Scandal

HSBC Caught in New Drug Money Laundering Scandal
by Tom Burghardt / October 31st, 2012

While HSBC’s Canary Wharf masters are back-peddling furiously over charges that they gave a leg up to terrorist financiers and drug traffickers as a recent U.S. Senate report charged, new evidence emerged that its business as usual for the multinational banking giant founded by Hong Kong-based British opium merchants.

Earlier this month, The Independent reported that French police had “intercepted one of the dozens of ‘go-fast’ cars which transport cannabis at high speed from Spain to Paris. The seizure–banal in itself–unravelled an extraordinary network of drug-trafficking, money-laundering, fraud and tax evasion which sprawled over the invisible barrier which separates Paris from the city’s poor, multiracial suburbs.”

The bank embroiled in this latest scandal? Why HSBC, of course!

According to reporter John Lichfield, “bank notes handed by clients to street drug dealers in the suburbs were ending up, French and Swiss investigators discovered, in the safes of seemingly law-abiding, well-heeled citizens in the French capital.”

But that’s not the only place where crisp bundles of cash were turning up.

“A trio of Moroccan brothers, including a prominent fund manager in Geneva, are alleged to have concocted an elaborate scheme to launder money by balancing two illegal flows of cash,” The Independent averred.

At the center of this multimillion euro money laundering spider’s web were: Meyer El-Maleh, the managing director of the fund management firm GPF SA, and brothers Mardoché El-Maleh, the alleged bagman of the cannabis-for-cash scheme and Nessim El-Maleh, a fund management specialist with the Swiss private banking arm of HSBC, HSBC Private Bank (Suisse) S.A.

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