Monday, December 17, 2012

Benjamin Fulford: The world will not end this Friday, December 21st 2012, but it almost did

The earth is too important to end by the hands of the cabal.  They had their time, its now over.  Some are still in denial of that and attempt to retrain that control, and lash out at those who with brave courage have exposed them.  The energies now present prevent the cabal from reasserting control through their lies, illusions and technologies. It is affecting their very mental abilities, plans, and in many cases causing declining health in those who persist in the old ways.  Just look at them. They are not well. How that turns out for the cabal is still in their choice, its the old evolutionary issue, adapt and evolve or become irrelevant.  Divine Source loves all, but also allows free will. However the Divine will and plan will not be thwarted.  Go with the flow or the flow will make you go away... its your choice cabal.  Time is running out.  Zero point is almost here.  -AK

The world will not end this Friday, December 21st 2012, but it almost did

Posted by Benjamin Fulford
December 17, 2012

This Friday will be the long talked-about Mayan etc. December 21st, 2012 end of the world date. When that date comes and goes, it will be time to examine forensically exactly who was behind the various Nibiru, Planet X, photon belt, rapture etc. stories that all predicted the death of 80% or more of all humans. We need to do this because a very real plot to start World War 3 and a fake end-times did exist and, although the plot has been stopped, many extremely dangerous mass murderers behind this satanic scheme still walk the corridors of power in the West.

The purge of the over 26 pentagon generals who [redacted? -AK] and the fall of the Bush family are just a start. We need to deal with the rest of the cabal in order to make sure that humanity will never again be enslaved.

To help carry out this process, this week we will provide detailed forensic intelligence on some of the still-active cabalists and their on-the-ground agents. We would also like to report extremely good, very concrete news on the new financial system, but loose lips sink ships so we cannot give out much detail yet.

Cosmic Vision News 12-14-12

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So Much for the 1st Amendment: Connecticut Police Will Prosecute Independant Journalist Whistleblowers

Never thought I'd live to hear US law enforcement say something like this....

Benjamin Fulford: Pakistanis Capture Billions in NATO Drug Mafia Money

This video shows one billion dollars worth of dollar bills taken from drug mafia NATO in Pakistan. Looking for help to open the box.

The following link was sent by people in Pakistan who say they have seized billions of dollars in 100 dollar bills from the NATO drug mafia. They are looking for help in getting them open.

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