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How Sweden Collaborated With CIA on Renditions and Framing of Assange

How Sweden Collaborated With CIA on Renditions and Framing of Assange
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Dec 19, 2012 at 5:54 pm

By Rafik Saley, Okoth Osewe, and John Goss

By his own admission, Sweden’s Ambassador to Australia Mr. Sven-Olof Petersson had advance knowledge of the CIA rendition flight that took place on December 18, 2001 from Stockholm to Egypt. This flight ended in Egyptian nationals Ahmed Agiza and Muhammad al-Zery being illegally rendered and tortured. Mr. Petersson’s admission comes from a statement to the Swedish Parliament’s Constitutional Committee, confirming that he attended a briefing on December 17, 2001 at which the rendition process was finalized. Moreover, the Constitutional Committee’s report shows that he knew about the renditions at the end of November and probably even in mid-November. In fact, it was he who kept Minister of Foreign Affairs Anna Lindh updated on the progress of deportation arrangements with the CIA in November 2001.[i] Petersson was then Sweden’s Director General for Political Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.[ii]

Illegal and unconstitutional decisions of this sort, made behind closed doors, show contempt for the Swedish legal system, which has been further denigrated by attempts to get Wikileaks founder Julian Assange flown to Sweden on flimsy allegations of a sexual nature, from where, concerned parties believe the CIA would pick him up and put him on trial in the United States. Ironically, it was through Wikileaks that the world learned about the diplomatic tiff between the US and Sweden that brought an end to Swedish rendition in 2006.[iii]

As the Director General for Political Affairs, Mr. Petersson was in regular contact with the US Embassy in Stockholm and was aware of the US request that two Egyptian nationals be illegally rendered.[iv] The rendition went ahead without protest or representation on behalf of the victims, and no one in the Swedish government has been made accountable for this flagrant breach of the law. An admission of Sweden’s culpability can be found in the SEK 3 million (about $458,000) compensation paid to each of the two men after their eventual release.[v] This “hush money” appears to have paid for the non-disclosure of the identities of the Swedish representatives who sought assurances from Cairo prior to the men’s rendition.[vi]

Egypt's Vice President and Central Bank Governor Resign

President Mohammed Morsi (R) shakes hands with his newly
 appointed vice president, former judge Mahmud Mekki (L)
 during a swearing-in ceremony at the presidential palace
 in Cairo. Egyptian Vice President Mahmud Mekki
 announced his resignation on Dec. 22. (AFP)

Egypt’s vice president, Central Bank governor resign
Saturday, 22 December 2012


Egypt’s vice president, Mahmoud Mekky, and Central Bank governor Farouk el-Okadah announced resignations on Saturday, state television reported, on the day of a referendum on a new constitution that leaves unclear whether his position would be maintained.

In a statement obtained by AFP, Mekki said he was stepping down because “political work does not suit my professional character as a judge.”

Central Bank governor Okadah handed his resignation to President Mursi during a meeting later on Saturday.

Vice President Mekky said he had initially submitted his resignation on November 7, but delayed it until now because of a series of events, including the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza and a decision by Mursi last month to bolster his own powers.

“I saw that today (Saturday) was an appropriate time to announce my resignation as vice president of the republic, and I will continue to volunteer as a soldier,” he said.

Mekky took a leading role in hosting “national unity” talks called by President Mohamed Mursi, although the main opposition politicians stayed away.

Mekki, 58, was a respected judge before Mursi named him to the post in August.

He led judicial opposition to ousted leader Hosni Mubarak, but eschewed calls to become a presidential candidate himself, saying he wished to stay politically independent.

Mekki had previously intimated to Egyptian media that he considered resigning. His brother, Ahmed Mekki, is Mursi’s justice minister. Mekki was only the second Egyptian vice president in more than 30 years.

Mubarak never filled the post during his three-decade tenure, until he named his intelligence chief, Omar Suleiman, to the job in February 2011, in the midst of the revolt that eventually toppled him.

Born in Alexandria in 1954, Mekki studied at the country’s police academy and is a former officer in the interior ministry, which he eventually left to join the judiciary.

Leslee Hare on Talk with Vince

Hi, Everyone,

This is really short notice, on the heels of a very busy week... In an hour, Vince Martin will be interviewing me live on Vegas All Net Radio.

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I hope you all had a wonderful 2012 Solstice and beginning of a new era!
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Leo Wanta's Biographer On Blogtalk Radio

LEE WANTAS OFFICIAL BIOGRAPHY Author, MARILYN BARNEWALL on this weeks show, Controversal Issues that seem to come with the *Truth* being told.

Updated 12/22/12: Cobra Egypt Conference: 12/20/12 Guardian Ship at Saqqara

Click on image to enlarge


These are the pictures of the space family Pleiadians with our group, bearing witness to the truth... This one is at Saqqara, the ancient mystery school of the Atlanteans and Pleiadians.  Tunnels connect to under Giza. This was our guardian ship (white object to left of hill in sky).

-Robert Potter

Updated 12/22/12

Kabuki and Alexandra,

The Cobra Egypt Portal Chronicles Update:

I have more updates from our guide. I asked him about the guys from Holland  who each had 2 large machetes strapped to their legs.  They were caught on the 20th or maybe the 21st, trying to get on the plateau!  He said one of them was from Pakistan and the other was from Egypt but they carried Dutch passports. His police contact, who is a manager and family friend, said during the interrogation it was revealed they wanted to cut off the heads of anyone meditating.

These guys are most definitely cabal sent, perhaps to target Cobra or others like our group. He also said that the people who work on the plateau, the very simple and sweet village tribe are united as "one hand" against the Muslim Brotherhood and they have all sworn to beat them back if they try to come onto the great pyramid complex and create problems! 

He said that they had several demonstrations when the Muslim Brotherhood tries to condem and close the Great Pyramid because it is a destination for "Meditators". They consider the meditation to be bad and an act of worshipping satan. He also said they (his people) stood in front of the great pyramid gate when the Muslim Brotherhood tried to protest in a large congregation last year. He said "you must know this my friend we all had rocks and if one these men tried to take over the great pyramids and we all throw stones at him.  He try this one time and he not come back" 

Now [our guide] is a very happy man he has been working very hard for our group and is fiercely loyal and extremely dedicated and watchful of our groups safety.  He always had his men in the police force surround and watching our group from a distance. He did not think I knew this, but it was a good comfort that he was so aware. 

He also said the Egyptians have a kind of disdain for Morsi and have a rhyme which the people share amognst themselves and it goes like this "Morsi Awas Khoursi" (I am just guessing on the spelling but it means Morsi wants a "Chair" or he just wants to sit in a position of power that is comfortable and allows him to to be Wealthy and powerful". 

They know he is financed from outside and that he is just stating a position of "Islamic Law " because this is what his masters want. The feeling is Morsi is greedy and not such a real proponent of Sharia law!  He chortled this with same gusto and irreverance that some students feel for a particularly difficult teacher! Or we reserve for the Bushes.

His family, which have run the Great Pyramids for hundreds of years, depend on the tourism and since the Muslim Brotherhood has taken office and after the Tahir Square they have all suffered lately. Still the Muslim Brotherhood came onto the plateau and created a large enough disturbance they were forced to shut down the great pyramid to the extent that it was officially closed entirely to our group of 5 to try and do another nija activation. 

I was very successful from what I am told as I did the activation with a slightly perturbed stated of mind.  We could not arrange even a 10 minutes of privacy and silence. There were many meditators from all over the world who wanted to liberate the planet and were inside after trying to get in for days, the great pyramids was ringing with the reverberation 500 million Om-s!! 

This was a great victory of the light.  I was meeting people who came from around the world to promote world peace and were drawn to this location naturally and did have sufficent numbers to "bring down the solid gold capstone , or so we were told by one our psychics.               

The energy was incredible.  Everyone was feeling a tremendous sense of magnificence (if that description is not too dramatic?). 

I met a girl who happened to corroborate our guide's tale of the big boulder bomb. She will forward me her description  in an e-mail and I will send onto you guys (for the doubters).  [Robert in his earlier phone call to me said some terrorists had a large truck with a boulder, police dogs examined the boulder and discovered it contained explosives.  The men were arrested before they could cause any trouble -AK]

She said she saw this boulder drivng near our hotel and sensed it was out of place as it looked like granite but it was not. It was apparently massive, our guide told me they found a sophisticated device secreted "inside this fake rock".  The entire police force is from the area and they have been very vigilant. I actually did not think this would be attempted and since or group is done and our missions completed it does not matter we have won this round for sure!

Our guide in his own inimical style, puffing on his sheishka or hookah pipe with a knowing look, said things are not as they seem with they Muslim Brotherhoods popularity. He explained in his broken English as smoke curled pass his lips into the air above us. This smoky haze served as our benediction. "My brother, Mr Rob, my friend this election is Saudi Islamic and is not real". I asked what was the vote percentage?" he said 60 percent for and 40 percent against, the Muslim Brotherhood. I was shocked and said "Really". He shook his head in the middle eastern combination of yes and no and explained the people are very poor and they stay at the polls and pay people "maybe 300 egyptian pounds to vote yes".  He defended his peoples being so easy to bribe by explaining the fact that they are impoverished and hungry. He furthermore and calmly staed it is to be understood by everyone this is the case. He laughed and said everyone knows the Saudis rig these elections! 

When I mentioned it was not very responsible and the result could have devastating effects on their freedoms and future he again waived me off with a knowing gleam in his sheishka red eyes and said. We are Egyptian my friend we have been here for many thousands of years and we will always do whatever we want to do"

Warm regards 
Robert Potter

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