Friday, January 4, 2013

A Quick Note

I just wanted to let you know I am little behind on collecting some of the comments. They have been received and will be forwarding them on.   I apologize for the lack of posts on the sister blog Obi Wan Kabuki, but that will probably be lean for the coming week.  Most of you know where you can get those postings directly.  But make sure you visit Sophia Love's posts at O.K.

We are moving quite rapidly bringing more information forward, tools, protocols, and whatever aid we can lend to understanding what has taken place on planet earth with the Trust fund.  Its a complex subject. And why wouldn't it be?  Its fooled the planet for quite a number of years.  Even now the old guard is trying unscramble the omelette, but its far too late.   Send them love before its too late for them personally.  These people need love, some of them have never known it.  They were born and raised in predation.

I went 36 hours without sleep getting the video out and writing the post for it.  I got some good sleep yesterday and am feeling much better.  We have so MUCH information coming in.  And we have a lot yet to publish!

The fact that The One People's Public Trust released this information has ignited so much energy!  Its astounding the response we are getting to the articles!   We love you all you manifestations of Source!  Even that ones that are a little annoyed at us.  :)


  1. Bless you AK! We REALLY appreciate your (and everyone's) FINE WORK! Thank you so much, you are making a difference!

  2. Drake says on his Facebook page that: "Sorry, BUT, the 1776 trust is a FRAUD! Along with all the others...
    "It can NOT deliver.
    "It does not have the 'Required' access to The Collateral Accounts.
    "It is not me that is saying is the people holding the accounts that have told me this.
    "NO I will NOT talk to these people, as they have NO standing.
    "When was it that any level of our government has given anyone cash?
    "The reality is simple, this can NOT be done."

  3. AK, Please, Please, Please work on Heather's connection to skype (or whatever you all use)! Her responses are often extremely difficult to understand, and it got so frustrating, and gave me such a headache, that I just had to stop listening. Brian's and D's connections were fabulous, but it is just too difficult to pick up Heather's responses. Thanks so much! (This is not a comment to be published - just a note to you!! :-) )

  4. Thank you AK for your devotion and service...get some rest brother :-)

  5. Your hard work and dedication is so very appreciated. None of us on this side of things knows, I'm sure, what is required in your endeavor here.

    Thank you!

  6. Thanks for working as hard as you do man :)

  7. Why cant I find the court case that remedied the mortgage debt assigned to Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf?

    I did find this case but it is still unresolved. I went to search the state of Washington case database. Couldnt find a resolved case involving Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf and Jeremy Walker vs. Wells Fargo.

    We need the court case that worked to legally remedy the mortgage assigned to Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf. This case would would set the legal precedent to research and apply remedies to others with the unfortunate plight of a mortgage. I ask that Heather stand in transparency and post her court case and all associated court docs used to cure the debt.

      Accept terms.
      Click Search real estate index
      enter tucci-jaarraf in "party name" box. Leave the rest of form blank, drop to bottom click search. Read each .pdf
      Notice Heather's paperwork says a bunch of legalese.

      Then try here

      You will see what heather's recorded documents in Pierce County are saying if you just read a bit.

  8. Thank you so much American Kabuki...and your team! Please, take good care of yourself. This is truly a wonderful year to behold! Much love and light, Cynthia Lynn Scott

    1. Firstly much gratitude for the amazing insight and enormous effort,very inspiring indeed. Of course the answers are not complete or the timelines, because these are up to us, "we the people". When are we going to collectively wake up, grow up and take responsibility for our dream.The path has been cleared, we need to do the work.When the majority wakes up from this controlled
      dream and dreams a dream using the greatest God given gift "free will", then we can dream the dream of choice,magnificence,respect and abundance. When we use emotion to do something good we are passionate about,doors open.
      We cannot sit and wait for a handout,the greatest abundance we could possibly imagine will arrive when least expecte it.Firstly we
      could nurture our spiritual life, our souls,by reading, by just being present with nature, with mother earth.The only real moment is the present moment, there we
      can find our Creator.


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