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Benjamin Fulford: Reader Comment on South Africa


Posted by Benjamin Fulford at:

To readers, here are some good links on the situation in South Africa and elsewhere that are worth taking a look at. 

Hi Ben,

Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu
In your recent report ( January 8th 2013) you mention Mandela. Wonderful idea, however I am afraid that all that we have is a legend. The dear man is very old now . As a result he is very protected and no longer makes public appearances, but remains in the safety and care of his family. 

As an alternative suggestion, might I propose the name of Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu. Although also rapidly advancing in age, his mind is still as sharp, many have always thought too sharp, as a whistle :) His experience with the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission can only be of great benefit to all. And last year he called for the arrest of Tony Blair as a war criminal! He did my heart so proud. 

Tony Blair should face trial over Iraq war, says Desmond Tutu. Anti-apartheid hero attacks former prime minister over 'double standards on war crimes'

While all turns topsy turvy all over the world, South Africa has also had it's fair share of drama. We still have a very pro Nazi contingent here, the Boer having to his detriment supported Hitler all along, for no other reason than they hate the British with a passion and are strong holocaust deniers. 

As one example take Stephen Goodson, although he  was on the button regarding Libya and a few other issues, his wanting an increase in payout for shares, his views on the death camps in Europe during WW2, and his blatant pro Nazi fascist views were embarrassing to say the least! 

South Africa – Reserve Bank’s Holocaust Denier: 

Many Afrikaners, in fact most were and still are  unaware of the deep Nazi connection with the Jesuits and the Vatican. And so although vehement Protestants , especially taking the French Huguenot heritage into account,  have inadvertently made a pact with the devil. The CIA, Nazi, Jesuit Vatican connection has yet to be fully recorded in the Main Stream Media and history books. Here is an excellent article on that score: 

The Mafia, The CIA, & The Vatican's Intelligence Apparatus:

It is becoming apparent to me that over the last couple of years, ties between this group and the South African Afrikaner  have remained strong. Many were forged with CIA Nazi types during the war with Angola and the supposed Cuban "communist "threat, when in fact my country sacrificed their young able men to protect oil for the Portuguese Bilderberg faction in Angola and the Diamond fields of Namibia, a German protectorate.

Of Interest see LaRouche in Africa : 

Since 1994, some of these Afrikaners , many in the SADF, have retained ties with the CIA Nazi groups, and now work for AFRIKOM and or Xe (Blackwater) . They have also become involved in Monsanto and are promoting Genetically Modified Maize. To date our Maize is now 70% GM. GM causes infertility within the third generation and as recently proved in France, cancer. Add into this equation that Maize is the staple diet eaten by Black South Africans , and you can see a slow Eugenics program taking place here. This is compounded by the high incidence of  HIV AIDS, and with poor diet, exasperated by this Maize, the AIDS deaths have been increased. I recently saw a post from a women who works at the Oncology department at a hospital in Cape Town. She says that there are ever growing queues of people with cancer. Another slow killer is Soya, sold as a Protein supplement, very nicely packaged and flavoured as meat or chicken to go as a source with Maize. It increases heart disease. 

These same individuals are also involved in e-toll freeways, these freeways are a more sophisticated, and what is more, money making type of Berlin Wall, as they restrict travel and movement of the population, especially the low to middle class who cannot afford the fees, in the same way that Bantu Stans did under Apartheid. Due to the cost of travel, people seek employment closer to home and do not move out of their particular areas. We have recently had an absolute furor over this toll system in Johannesburg, the cost is restrictive and will hurt the economy especially small business development, and is detrimental to all South Africans no matter their race group.  Taking their toll: How a cosy club dominates SA's toll road empire:

The ANC has also been fooled into highly expensive "deals," which cost the South African tax payer billions, and unfortunately men are easily bribed, especially those who have been severely disadvantaged during Apartheid and the amount of free flowing money has been far too tempting to resist over and above common sense and the well being of the country. When your family has lived in a shack, with no running water and electricity for the last century, a mansion with tons of food, fast cars and lots of clothes for all, far outweighs any kind of educated decision . These deals also have the backing of the "Nazi" faction. See the "Arms Deal", scandal. Which is also connected to Barclay's and the Libor Scandal . 

Terry Crawford-Browne says the SA bank has been milked by its British owners: A Call to President Jacob Zuma to Appoint Commission of Inquiry into the Barclays Bank Takeover in 2005 of Absa

In the back ground, these Afrikaner Nazi types have been plotting with CIA Nazi types, Bill Gates being one, (Monsanto, Xe - Blackwater & Afrikom) and European Nazi types, for the overthrow of a black government and the return of an Afrikaner Boer State. They are doing it through Eugenics, Aids and Genetically modified Maize, turning the country into a Corporatocracy- Wall Mart, Monsanto, e-tolling and soon General Electric Nuclear Power Stations, and through covert "wars,"setting factions against each other for the purpose of depopulation. 

I do suspect Julius Malema is a covert CIA operative, though I do not have proof and I might be wrong. He might not even be aware that he is being used. He has recently been thrown out of the ANC, thank God. He was not only making noises about overthrowing the Botswana Government (strong ties to Britain... seems LaRouche has his claws in him!) but has made connection with Robert Mugabe and the Zanu PF (another LaRouche "It's the British!" clone). He also appears to have had an influencing hand in the  Marikana uprising on the Platinum mines, his goal being to make the country ungovernable. Sounds very CIA to me and reminiscent of the tricks played in South America (Confessions of an Economic Hitman) and are now playing out with CIA, Mosaad, Saudi funded Al Qaeda in Syria, Libya and now Nigeria and Mali. 

Again we see CIA involvement and the LaRouche connection with Mugabe. It all revolves around mineral wealth in the Congo, and the Israeli group are heavily invested there : 

Why Lyndon LaRouche is a fraud!:

Unfortunately it has also come to light that certain South African freedom fighters who fought against Apartheid have become embroiled in the Congo debacle, and again the lure of wealth over the benefit for Africans has come into play... some have strong ties to Mugabe who has shares in the mines in the Congo, as well as the Bush faction and Israeli interests. 

Shortly before the US Presidential elections, Gordon Duff published a most disturbing article. As a South African it made me sick to my stomach. It involves Mitt Romney, CIA drug runners and leads to the Nazi Bush faction. Who I have already concluded , are in Cahoots with the Afrikaner Nazi faction in South Africa. 


Blood Diamonds

There is an African end of this story.  A CIA agent named “Tony,” working South Africa, part of a team of agents there, all Mormons, contacted a professional associates of mine.  (an intelligence agency director) South Africa is my “turf” also.

“Tony” as he called himself was working with a US law firm and was tasked with investing $120 billion in drug profits, maybe from Afghanistan, in South Africa.  He told our representatives he was looking for mining properties worth more than $200 million each.

“Tony” met, not just with us, but with dozens of other groups in South Africa.  Tony is, what we call in the spy business, “burned.” Tony’s group works with UNITA, a terrorist organization, sometimes supported by North Korea, Israel, the US and China.  The former Angolan revolutionary organization is now “for hire,” and “terrorism on demand” with a reach that covers a dozen nations.
Their task, as South African intelligence indicates, is to buy up South Africa and take over the rest of Southern Africa through running terrorist groups out of the DRC or Democratic Republic of the Congo.  On their list is Kenya and other nations. 

Their method of operation is to finance themselves with blood diamonds, sent through agents to Tel Aviv, money to be handled by Bain Capital/Romney, then to China where arms are purchased and shipped to terrorists in Africa, “Al Qaeda, Boko Harum and UNITA.

The details of the deal were set up a month ago.  Currently, UNITA is having difficulty coming up with their end, the $1.2 billion a year in diamonds they promised.

On the Israeli end, Romney, while traveling there with Las Vegas casino boss, Sheldon Adelson, met with diamond traders at what was supposed to be a/an (illegal) fundraiser.  It was something else, putting together one link in the diamonds, terrorism, money, narcotics trade which, working with Bain, the Bush family, Mormon groups in the CIA and the Mossad, meant to take over all of Africa. 

UNITA and Jonas Savimbi had very strong ties with the CIA in Angola and also with the SADF. They were all in bed together. 

By early December 2012, Mandela became ill. A plane, supposedly going to fetch Mandela, "crashed "in the Drakensberg Mountains. At first it was said that it contained military Hospital staff. It later turned out that they were all top brass Military. I suspect the plane was shot down, again I have no proof, but by who exactly, and were these military people the good guys or the bad guys? 
DA urges probe into plane crash:

Mandela was transferred to the Military Hospital. Which is strange in itself, as he has always gone to see his own doctors at the Park Lane Clinic. He was then apparently, transferred to an undisclosed Hospital. The secrecy was "most"unusual. He has only been "released"from hospital this week. I strongly suspect that a plot to assassinate him was uncovered, again no proof. The Afrikaner Nazis hate him to this day, call him a Terrorist and there has been a major smear campaign going on all over the Internet to discredit  him, mainly initiated from this group. They have also started another smear campaign amongst the Black youth, putting it out that Mandela betrayed them. Typical propaganda Goebbels tactics. Infiltrate the enemy from within and discredit a highly regarded man who was the best thing that has ever happened to this country! Mandela, unlike many others was the real thing! As was another one of our exports, Ghandi. 

Compounding the issue , was the ANC conference where another plot was uncovered by these Afrikaner Nazis to blow up the whole ANC tent. I am sure by now you can connect the dots. IF Julius Malema had succeeded in creating havoc on the mines and making the country "ungovernable," while at the same time, Mandela had been assassinated AND the whole cream of the crop of the ANC blown up, AND these madmen had succeeded, no doubt in my mind all engineered by the Afrikaners, CIA, Nazi Cabal, I would not be writing this e mail to you now, as we would be in a major civil war and a bloodbath, the Afrikaner extremists all with itchy fingers on triggers to kill the "Kaffirs," and all Black extremists with pangas and burning tires wanting to chase all the whites into the sea. And at the end of it all? The typical! A Cabal Dictator and the take over of our resources by the CIA Nazi brigade has been waiting in the wings. Same game plan they played out in South America and the Middle East where they have Muslim extremists killing all right minded people. 

South Africa foils ‘plot to bomb ANC’: 

Also of interest, there was an Afrikaans prophet called Siener van Rensburg. He prophesied:  " The death of Nelson Mandela to a new and more balanced government: right after the death of Nelson Mandela very big strikes and disobedience occur, and they followed by a local ( 3 of 7 provinces ) civil war for ground and power (eg: Zimbabwe type of actions).

These actions are however short lived; the revolt is quenched in a border town called Prieska and the people causing the revolt then are scattered. Mr. van Rensburg has prophesied that weapons will be transported over a railway line to that town; that railway has been completed last year. During the time of that new government the Lord will return and establish His Millennial reign on the Earth."

Well, Mandela did not die, Julius Malema did not make the country ungovernable with big strikes and disobedience, though there was certainly a good dose of that, and... the civil war for ground and power was short lived and quenched and has been scattered. What I found most interesting was that one of the accused in this Bomb plot, came from Prieska! All the ingredients were there for the making, however as with all things, we have choice on the outcome. And hopefully it will be peace, prosperity and South Africans uniting in diversity and seeing themselves as human beings and not as a colour! As for van Rensburg, the last of his prediction augurs well. 

Another interesting point. All these events, Mandela's illness, the shooting down of a military plane over Kwa Zulu Natal, the bomb plot against the ANC, occurred around what was once known as The Day of The Vow, under the Afrikaner Apartheid Regime. The implications of all these events, have however turned into what this day is now celebrated as, The Day of Reconciliation. 

I am deeply concerned for my country. I have been avidly reading your posts and many others. I can see a whole Xe, CIA, Nazi scheme going on here which could only result in bloodshed and instead of working towards the high morals, values and integrity that Mandela and Oliver Thambo strove for, southern Africa is threatened with  devolving into a worse situation than we found ourselves under Apartheid. Mugabe's Zimbabwe hangs as an example. 

The positive view in all of this, is that if the "Cabal," as you call them are brought down, the chances of this happening here, will be minimalised. Another positive is that someone or someones in South Africa, has really got their thinking cap on. I do suspect that these people also funnily enough, include the "good" Afrikaners :) We have one of the best banking systems in the world and we have joined BRICs. A move that is incomprehensible to most South Africans especially as they see the Chinese as a major threat and are oblivious to the real threat, that of the Cabal Nazi CIA which is far more horrific as far as I can deduce. 

And who in their right mind in the end, wants their body and soul owned by the Vatican? Their money controlled by a One World Bank sanctioned by the Vatican, and a One World Government advocated by the Vatican? I not not know about anybody else, but I only answer to "God,"I have a direct line and I do not need the confessional exchange of the Pope or anyone else for that matter to do it for me, and I certainly do not need to pay them for that facility! 

So Ben, thank you for all the info that you have and are putting out. I am very grateful. And I wish you all the best for the New Year. Should you wish to post this on your page, feel welcome. Though for obvious reasons, I would like to stay Anonymous. There will be a number of people who do not appreciate my views in this e mail :) 



  1. Thank you. You have done a beautiful layout. Appreciate it :)

    Just one thing, THIS link OFTEN "DOES NOT WORK!"

    Of Interest see LaRouche in Africa :

    Which is not surprising. I think sometimes Google blocks it out! LaRouche was instrumental in Mandela's arrest, and worked closely with the Apartheid Regime. His fascist "It's the British!" was right up their street! And if you listen to Robert Mugabe's speeches, you can hear the LaRouche style.

  2. A very well-written article, and good information (with articles to back it up) about the current situation in South Africa. I had no idea that it was in such turmoil, clearly remembering hearing about "Apartheid" in the media growing up.

  3. "I do suspect that these people also funnily enough, include the "good" Afrikaners"

    It is a pity my answer to you yesterday was or will not be posted here.

    As I said that I don't know what you have against the "Boere" as there is no such thing as Afrikaners as I said yesterday (look at your remark above) as proof.

    Just to mention to people reading this and get a distorted idea about the Boere, I want to mention that more than 3000 has been murdered and counting, is has not stopped and this is a verifiable fact, since your friends the ANC took over.

    Now you want to tell me they have no reason for being angry? So you want to say as long as they kill the Boere its ok. Even your god Mandela sang the song of "kill the Boere" a terrorist that was jailed for organizing the killing of white people, Boere or not, Come on get real man.

  4. I too am a South African and agree wholeheartedly with what "Anonymous" has written. A very courageous epistle. I have had the same idea about all these things & thought that I was pretty much the only one in this neck of the woods. One other thing "The Prophet" mentioned there would only be one black government and a blonde person from the East would come to help save the country but he wouldn't be the President.....I wonder when he will arrive?!!!

  5. As an South African and knowing what I and many others do, first I want to say that surely you are very judgemental and therefor I question your wish for prosperity for SA in the future. Secondly you have a definite resendment towards the Afrikaner in SA. Just to enlighten you with regards to the cabal and their plans, most of the ANC polliticians are puppets for the cabal but they do not even know this.Their presence there is simply to fill their pockets. As for your hero Nelson Mandela he was sworn in with Mbeki as part of the Illuminati. Photo's are available. Thirdly our banks and legal system are all corrupt because they are tied with most wellknown personalities and corporations which is part of the cabal. I suggest you investigate well before making comments in which you try to disgrace innocent people. What happened in the past has nothing to do with the people living the land today. Stop blaming, it gets no one no where.

  6. There's a huge problem with this article. One, anyone posting as Anonymous is suspect; Two, Desmond Tutu is and always has been a JESUIT. Three, Benjamin Fulford is a member of the bad guys' cabal he purports to fight.

    The Jesuits, along with their ET handlers, run the world. All of the "leaders" you mention in this article are Jesuit controlled, so it doesn't matter who's in power or whose entity is running things, because the Jesuits at the top control everything, all sides, and their agenda is moving forward regardless of who is seemingly in power at a government level.

    Anyone posting as Anonymous should just post their real name, organization, affiliations, etc. While you may fool a few, your ruse only goes so far. . . .

  7. William you are correct. Mandela himself was a member of the "Order of Malta" He was photographed with the Queen were they were standing in their full regalia, She is the "main Man" in the female section of that order. for the life of me I cannot remember the name. I think it is called the "Order of the Rose, or something like that.

  8. Update: RPG missiles from Bulgaria, the other a Gatling mini machine gun from the US – which are regarded as weapons of mass destruction, were seized as a potential national threat because they were suspected to be destined for use in a Boeremag coup

    Pretorius, his three sons and 16 other Boeremag accused were convicted of high treason last year following a far rightwing coup plot to violently overthrow the African National Congress government.

    The brothers, Rudi Gouws and Herman van Rooyen were also found guilty of culpable homicide as a result of the death of a Soweto mother in a bomb explosion in 2002.
    They were also convicted of conspiring to kill former president Nelson Mandela with a car bomb. The trial continues on Tuesday

    "The victims of the CBW [chemical and biological warfare] programme however remain mostly unnamed, some having lost not only their lives but also their identities. Their families are unlikely to be able to ‘move on’.”

  9. Update: 2013/02/06

    Update: On Tuesday morning South African police said they had arrested 19 suspected Congolese rebels, including two senior members of the M23 rebels, on suspicion of running an illegal military operation in Limpopo province. Does this have anything to do with Mitt Romney?

    "Their task, as South African intelligence indicates, is to buy up South Africa and take over the rest of Southern Africa through running terrorist groups out of the DRC or Democratic Republic of the Congo. On their list is Kenya and other nations.

    Their method of operation is to finance themselves with blood diamonds, sent through agents to Tel Aviv, money to be handled by Bain Capital/Romney, then to China where arms are purchased and shipped to terrorists in Africa, “Al Qaeda, Boko Harum and UNITA.

    The details of the deal were set up a month ago. Currently, UNITA is having difficulty coming up with their end, the $1.2 billion a year in diamonds they promised"


  10. For those who have forgotten:
    The inspiring legacy of South Africa's political transformation is captured in the new HISTORY documentary, Miracle Rising: South Africa, marking the 23rd anniversary of Nelson Mandela's release from prison.

    Some of the high-profile interviewees include Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, Cyril Ramaphosa, Charlize Theron and Whoopi Goldberg. These iconic local and international figures recount their personal experiences to demonstrate how South Africa avoided a civil war and progressed to what Desmond Tutu would call "a rainbow nation".

    A few of the most memorable remarks from the documentary:

    Charlize Theron: “Our fight, our constitution, our democracy is definitely one to look at and to learn from.”

    Whoopi Goldberg: “Nelson Mandela, a man coming out of jail and saying you know what lots of us are still angry but that doesn’t preclude us from forgiving. It’s a lesson that the world really needs to remember.”

    Christiane Amanpour: “Blacks and whites put their faith in democracy, in equality, in justice and in an improvement of life for all.”

    Jeremy Thompson: “It’s a moment in history that I think as a kid I never thought I would see happen. I never thought I would see the end of apartheid in my lifetime.”

    This landmark television event is the result of the collective efforts of MultiChoice, HISTORY and Dimension Data. The documentary will air on HISTORY (channel 186) on 10 February at 20:30. Trailer:

  11. Update: A group of 19 alleged rebels from the DRC, which included a United States citizen, appeared in the Pretoria Regional Court on Thursday to face charges under the Foreign Military Assistance Act.

  12. Really nice post thanks for posting that stuff. I like that kind of amazing and useful posts thanks for sharing.


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