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Personal Light Pillars

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A reader writes:

So, AK, I’m writing to share a lightworker story and I don’t know another good medium to share it.  I’ve been following your blog for about a year I think.  I’m a Usui Reiki Master, a lightworker, a truther, and a PhD chemist.  I had a pretty remarkable experience over New Years with eleven other lightworkers in various stages of their spiritual journey.  I’ve felt changes all around me since Ascension and since this trip, and I want to share my experience and see if it fits in with other people’s understanding of the energetic changes taking place all around us.  Obviously, I don’t think that our group is solely responsible for all of the changes.  I do think we were responsible for part of it, and wanted to share a few notes on the experience of a dozen lightworkers in Vermont over New Year’s Eve.

The party is annual event that my family has been hosting going on 19 years.  My brother ran it for ten of those, and I took over when he outgrew the experience.  The plan is that shortly after Christmas all my dearest friends come up to Vermont and stay in a small cabin in the woods.  Typically we drink, play sports, and play nerdy board games for the better part of the week; however, this year was different.  Normally, we’ll pack a 1600 sqft house with 20-30 people, but what I found was that people that have otherwise done all that they can to make it to this party for the last nine years were suddenly dropping out.  They couldn’t take the trip, they couldn’t get time off from work, they were pregnant, or other life things got in the way.  What I realized after a few of my dearest friends dropped out is that the folks that weren’t lightworkers weren’t able to attend.  Only those seeking spiritual enlightenment were coming this year.  I made a statement a few months back that it seems like “It’s just going to be me and some lightworkers.”  I was right, and I was glad to see in a SaLuSa post not long before our event that “lightworkers would be gathering…” made me feel less ditched by my oldest and dearest best friends and more like it was just part of the overall plan hitting this planet like a tidal wave.

Anyway, by the time we whittled down our party goers had a funky spread covering their pathway to spirituality.  We had people that wanted to observe (1), get Reiki attuned (5), already was a Reiki 1 (1), was already a Reiki 2 (3), or was already a Reiki Master (2).  In addition to Reiki attunement our group has been using a meditation, called Pillar of Light, which in a sense takes an etheric and spotty wireless connection to the consciousness grid and makes a very firm hard connection 

When we started we had five people that were pillared.  By the time the party was over the day after New Year’s Eve we had three Pillared Reiki Masters in the house,   two Pillared Reiki 2s, two pillared Reiki 1s, four Reiki 1s, and one observer.  I don’t know why this spread was important to have in the house, but I felt like the various energy work that we did either attuning, meditating, or just playing set a pretty big stage for the house, the space, and the real work that was about to take place.

So, I’ll skip over some of the story and hop into the real experience I wanted to share.  After half the crew had set a space and left the house there were six of us that were sitting around basically unable to leave the house even though the party was officially over.  So, we started doing a little experiment to show some of the newer folks what they could do now that they have their Reiki attunement and/or Pillar.  I got a giant bowl of water, cleaned off a few quartz crystals and placed them in the water bowl.  The six of us tasted the water.  It tasted like water.  Our well is pretty clean, and I could taste what I think of as a little quartzy taste.  Ok, then we set the intention to let Reiki flow into the bowl and set positive intentions for the next year.  People were filling it with connections to family members, dreams for work they wish they could do, sheer love for their kids and positivity.  After 10-20 minutes of doing that we tasted the water.  It felt exceptionally cold and crisp.  It was rejuvenating.  Despite a raging fire in the house and a very warm temperature the quartz crystals felt ice cold.

We then went through and asked folks to validate the experience by saying what they felt of other people from the water.  Folks could pick up on various intentions and who they sent them out to.  The newer folks were definitely surprised by how they could pick up purposeful intentions of other people just by drinking the water.  So, after another glass or two the energy in the room was just clean, pure, and extremely loving.  There was one member left in that final group of six who hadn’t been Pillared yet, so we asked if she wanted to be.  She said yes, and so we all got in a circle.  I wanted to have an out of body experience, so I got on a message table and the rest of the group formed around me.  This was the single most powerful session of Reiki I’ve ever felt and I could barely speak the words of the attunement because I felt so uplifted from my body.

We set it up so that I lead the attunement and after it was done the newest Reiki Master would finish from there.  So, we go through connecting mother earth energy to father sky energy passing through the grid to do it and there is a surge.  When the attunement takes hold and we have a solid connection I let myself elevate, I let the other Master take over the circle.  My arms go limp by my sides, and I start climbing.  Now, I’m not a very good astral projector, but I had a good circle around me, so I was able to get up there and check out the energy from outer space.  What I saw was amazing.  I could see the consciousness grid activated.  I could see it sparking and different parts lighting up.  What I thought I would find was a part of the grid not in tact or not completely on board yet, but I was amazed that the whole thing seemed pretty good to go.  Light was still flickering a little over what I think was Australia, but even there my gut didn’t tell me anything was wrong.  So, I start wandering around trying to feel energetic connections so I could lend a healing hand, and followed a very deep and rich connection down to meet a child that introduced herself as Gaia.

After I introduced myself she turned more into the lightbody of a normal youngish woman.  In retrospect her youth seemed more born of innocence then of soul age.  I asked if I could give her Reiki and she said yes.  So, I started sending out my best intentions to help heal her, and as I did that my chakras opened up and so did hers.  A beam from each of my Chakras connected mine to hers, and slowly they crept together and the two of us merged as one.  When that happened the people around the table changed from standing above me to actually laying hands.  I didn’t feel like the energy work wasn’t going to heal me so much as it was going to help heal Gaia directly.  This went on for what felt like both seconds and ages simultaneously as I felt our combined energy shifting.  And for just the second time of my entire life I felt the presence of what I consider the divine feminine aspect in that room helping as well.  It felt like she offered her blessing to Gaia through this healing circle and that a cleansing and healing of Gaia had taken place.

The new Master who had been silent up until that point started talking and bringing the circle to a close.  I felt myself detach from Gaia, and I started to work on coming back to my body.  So, my interpretation of events was that for a short time I merged with Gaia who received healing in a pseudo corporal form from the gifted Reiki crew assembled, and then was blessed and healed by the divine feminine herself before going back to reside in the spirit of the Earth.  Wow, awesome.

This experience was remarkable, and since that time I’ve felt as though the world has changed even more than on December 21st.  People seem more genuinely caring, compassionate, and I feel more connected to them.  I can pull energy from the aether so much easier than before even though I never felt it was that hard.  I feel like my intentions are manifesting faster than ever, and like I have a far more direct influence on the matrix around me than I did in the past.  These observations have been confirmed by the other Masters present and by those participating.  People have expressed deep sensations of healing, and gratitude.  Weirdest of all is that random strangers just seem kinder and more open to others.  I’m from New England and people can be curt up in here, but I feel like more people are just warming and chatting on buses, trains, waiting in lines and going about daily routines.

After the experience I had two more neat things happen.  My house I helped ascend.  It was a simple chore, but I felt like just a little bit of manifested energy would be enough to make some change happen.  It felt like my home was in a 3d membrane, and with just a small push I was able to push my house out of the 3d membrane and into a higher dimension.  I’m not sure if I would describe too many changes as an immediate result, but I felt like things had a sense of peace, and as if my house let out a long sigh of relief.

Similarly, as I was finally leaving my house my car died, again keeping me at the house longer than I expected.  So, I flag someone down that tried to help (again, very positive energy there), but it wasn’t enough.  Incidently, the town I was in had 800 people, and it was about 11:30 at night on a Tuesday.  The fact that anyone was around right at that time on that small road was incredibly slim.  The fact that she was wiling to stop and help in the middle of the night… the chances are tight on this again lending to a better world around us and faster manifestations.  Anyway, I called a tow truck who helped me.   We got the car started (I think some Reiki helped the car), and in order to charge the battery some I just started driving.  I went down the road a little, and then was pulled to where my mother was buried.  So, I head up that way.  I build a small Pillar of light in the graveyard, and then I send just a minimal amount of energy to help any of the deceased in there ascend if they hadn’t already.  I sent some love out that way, and after that life went back to normal… of sorts.  I left feeling that same feeling of poking through a membrane for the graveyard and knowing that those already resting in peace could find their way through to the next gate if they hadn’t already.

I’ve had a few days now to reflect on this experience and what it means to me.  I like whatever post shift changes have occurred.  I feel like there is a lot of positive energy manifesting especially with lawsuits, arrests, etc. on a large scale, but also just more smiles and kind conversations with the everyday folk of the Earth.  I will continue to protest, write, and work on my own mission of personal sovereignty, a healthy vegan diet, and setting my intention to create an atmosphere of happiness, non-violence, and love.  I feel very much changed and at the same time as if things are very similar.  As the new Master said to me it’s like this old proverb: “What do you do before enlightenment? Cut wood and carry water.  What do you do after enlightenment?  Cut wood and carry water.”  I feel like what we’re supposed to do is continue that which we’ve been doing, except now there is a stronger connection between source consciousness, intention, will, manifest, heart, soul, wisdom, energy, light, love, and grace.  Part of me is a little sad that I didn’t get three days of darkness and at least a few tidal waves to usher in the new age with an exclamation point, but honestly, we’ve had enough suffering and it feels good to walk a line filled with happiness and peace.

So, anyway, that’s my story for now.  I wish you all blessings of peace, happiness, love, light, wisdom, and grace as we set sail on a new tack in the same yet different world, and I look forward to co-creating this reality with you all.  If you have kind ways to validate this experience or share your story of Ascension I’d really like to hear it.

So, here's a picture that I just now remade.  I think it gets at the sense of what is to happen next.  It's basically that we all need to stop waiting for someone else to make changes for us, and instead take ownership ourselves and do our little part to build the world we want to see around us.  Please post this guy too.

Aggroed Lighthacker, PhD and Pillared Reiki Master


  1. That flickering of light is us here in Australia - mind and hearts wide open and already navigating the dreamtime keeping the flames of light bright to aid your navigation. Fly by any time!

  2. Fantastic post.Thank you. I am new Usui Reiki Master and I will be trying for the light pillar later today. I am also very interested in Feng Shui so very happy to try this for my home and car and so on.Peace and Love Dawn.

  3. Thank You, Aggroed Lighthacker (love that name) for this important energy work and intel--really a validation for some of us who cannot astral project yet but sense something big & positive is happening. And what an inspiration too. I am 2nd degree Usui Reiki, haven't utilized the skill in over a year, but if there were ever a time to do so, it is now.

    Much Love to All,


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