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Montauk Mind Control, Privately Run By Nazis, Funded and Controlled by Religious Secret Societies

Last last night a former "3 letter" agency patriot contacted me with a video of the most unusual sort.  This video covers several topics, I've excerpted the portion on MONTAUK MIND CONTROL.  

Montauk is on Long Island, New York.  Its also an area were unusual animals are known to wash up on shore, the Daniel papers on this blog go into the unusual creatures that inhabit TIME-SPACE and relates an incident where one came through a time portal and trashed the facility severely.

I was aware of the subject Montauk mind control, and have heard Al Bielek on Project Camelot, but this is my first encounter with this new video tape.  To my knowledge its never been published. This is an archival historical tape Al Bielek did between April 17 and April 20, 2000.  I've spent the last 24 hours preparing the video.  This is the rough edit, it skips the material in the middle which will be in a subsequent video or videos.  

I didn't get the audio perfectly synched with the video track in places but I'm putting it out there in the public domain, it needs to go viral.  I will follow it up with a better edited version.  I am new at video editing and not nearly as good at it as I am with Photoshop.

The video discusses the Montauk Mind Control programs, the men involved such as Wilhelm Reich, Dr Sigmund Freud, "Doctor of Death" Joseph Mengele, Evan Cameron, and others.  

He also mentions the Air Force broke into some underground tunnels and discovered that the project was not a government project as the scientists thought, but was started by Nazis and controlled by Knights Malta, Rosicrucians, Order of the Rosy Cross, and the possible involvement of Free Masonry, and unnamed monks.  These are all secret political and esoteric organizations.  Some of the organizations involved have ties to the Catholic church. Also involved in the project was a negative ET race.  From the Daniel papers I published a few months back, we know that Montauk called them "Saurians" or SMs, which most everyone else calls Reptilians or Reptoids.  

Al Bielek says that there are 10 million Montauk boys in the program, and it was a worldwide, but by far, most of it occurred in the United States.  The program later included girls.  They (not Al Bielek - he was involved in separate time travel experiments) split the hemispheres of the brain by sexual abuse at an early age, drugs like LSD, and various electronic, EMF, and other techniques to create brains that were out of synch with each side so that they could instill separate personalities.   This nation has been riddled by strange killings of decent politicians, innocent adults and most damning indication of Nazi involvement, the slaughter of innocent children by crazy gunmen.  Each time another incident happens, it is used to fortify the aims of disarming decent sane citizens and every increasing government surveillance and police state expenditures.  

Its time we stop blaming inanimate objects for killing people and start looking at the causes for the mass violence and why these people are always crazy and can't remember what they've done. Haven't we had ENOUGH Sandy Hook's?  Enough mind bent shooters and assassins in this country?  

The situation is not all bleak, Al Bielek discusses a simple technique that can re-synch the minds of mind control victims and return their brains to normal synchronous functionality.   So there is hope.  The first step is making the public aware of the problem.  Al Bielek's technical credentials are beyond dispute.  He worked there.


American Kabuki, Montauk Mind Control, Nazi Run, Funded and Controlled by various monks, Knights of Malta, Rosacrucians, Order of the Rosy Cross, Free Masonry Implicated, Reptilian ETs.

20 April, 2000

Video Leaked by former “3 letter agency” whistle blower, narrated by Al Bielek.  Excerpted from larger video never before published.  Archives/Restricted/ for Restricted Viewing Viewing Only.

4/17/2000 Video begins with driving outside of Denver – they comment on the smoggy day in April.  Smog comes from Fort Collins. . .didn’t have this smog there in ’97.   Atlanta didn’t either.  Camera pans around highway: Denver Broncos new stadium under construction on right.  City of Denver skyline on left.

Hello again.  This is a special recording/an archive recording.  The subject to be broached and archived is mind control, very prevalent today.  It had its beginning thousands of years ago, using occult technology, involving pre-conditioned young girls and families... 3 generations of sexual child abuse where you could easily split the mind and produce mind slave, sex slave whatever.  It was a long, drawn out process of 10 to 15 years to work on a single individual with a handler guiding all the way.

They were used for 15 years or for today for 20. Then they were of no use and then they were eliminated...

There is a new wave of Mind Control.  Many people have gotten into the act and are woven out of a totally new cloth for mind control. Dr. Wilhelm Reich of Germany and Austria under study of Vienna’s most famous psychiatrist Dr. Freud.  Others were involved in it.  Joseph Mengela, the “Angel of Death” from the Nazi German camps. He made his contributions to mind slavery. Dr. Euwan “Evan” Cameron working for the CIA using MK Ultra program and working with various chemicals such as LSD and others.  Down the list of chemicals one must consider fluoride in the drinking water because that is a mind control program, not tooth control.  Tooth Fairy dreamed that one up.  That has been used since WWII. And the slave labor camps of Germany and the slave labor camps of Russia, admitted to by Russian Generals, to selling the surplus fluorides by the thousands of tons to the Russians for the use as they themselves stated, “to keep the slaves docile”.

Chemical mind control is involved, electronic mind control is involved, all kinds of elements have been brought together to create a scenario today which would take hours to expound properly.

Mind control slavery is an ongoing thing in the major cities in the US, Europe and to a minor extent in Australia,

The US is the target because of the New World Order’s plan to control all of civilization by a combination of mind control slavery, economic slavery, disinformation, miseducation,  and all of it going together, including more exotic types of  mind control using cell phone towers, cell phones, and other electronic means, from satellites, whereby today, with NSA’s tech, they can from a satellite, pick out an individual computer and see exactly what they are looking at.  It is a rather horrendous idea. And even more horrendous in its applications, becoming universal, primarily aimed at the big cities, because,  the urban populations are the ones who have the clout, who do the manufacturing, who control most of the economics.

People living alone or in the “back hills” are not considered very important.

I want to share a handful of documents that deal with the subject.  Much of this information comes from outside the U.S. from a magazine called Nexus, from Australia.  {Shows a magazine for the record} This shows the problem of mind control and slavery from the New World Order. And mentions project Monarch, that covers the old child abuse slavery systems , as well as the electronic and the Montauk Boys. The Montauk Boys program is very insidious.  Started in 1976 and is still ongoing to this day in the US and elsewhere.  Has turned out approximately 10 million Montauk boys. That is my information and my data, because I worked on the program for  3 years, as one of the people working at Montauk Point. The program in 1980 and 1981 was moved off MP to six locations in Long Island and principal locations in the United States, in all the major cities, including Atlanta, GA, which I currently call home. Very, very heavy there, in all phases.  And it can be seen seen on people there who are quite unaware what is happening.

[in Atlanta]  If you are a careful observer you will see the degradation of sensory awareness, in the spontaneity, and the friendlieness of everyone.  And the car rage is getting worse. And they use all forms in Atlanta.

This is only one side of the problem: it’s not just in the US, [shows document]. This is one that involves the US Navy and the NSA; it’s currently a well-known program, “Echelon.” And it is important because they are spying on every country in the world on our most secure systems, the NSA.

Talks about lawsuit by the EU to the US NSA.  Because of spying on England, France, etc.  This is the political aspect of mind control.

Michael Powers produced a book, called Global Electronic Mind Control it disappeared, but I have gotten a copy from someone and I have reproduced it since.  Nobody knows what happened to Michael Powers or his organization.  He produced six monographs like this one, the last one dealing with clones and that might have been the one that did him in. I imply that is probably what happened.

There is information in the last two years that is quite heavy. It raises the question, “what do you do to stop it? What do you do to get from out under it?”  The topic is vast.

A number of people have proposed what one can do to break the mind control. First you must understand what it is. First, the victim, male or female, primarily in the Montauk Boy’s Program is you have to have the person’s right and left brain lobes, which normally function in a synchronized manor, broken in terms of the synchronicity of operation.  When that is done, then you can  easily develop a person who is either predominantly right brained or left brained, meaning the analytical type, the engineer, the scientist. Right brain meaning the metaphysician, the spiritualist, one who pursues more exotic aspects of civilization...

Once you break that synchronization, you can produce right or left handed, right or left brained, changes in sexuality, male can be made homosexual, and female, either way, as they may choose, those who do this program.

In my 5 years of research on the Montauk Boy’s Program, some very startling information has come to light since 1998, where in the Air Force broke into  some of the bases underground bases on Long Island; took all the dossiers, documents, and personnel, and investigated who was running the program.

What we found out at that point was rather startling: we always assumed it was a government program. It is not.  It is privately run.  Started by the Germans, but taken over by others or perhaps the Germans were being steered and controlled in the program. This program appears to involve religious groups: ones we would never suspect, such as the Knights of Malta, various groups of Monks, the Rosicrucian Order, the Rosy Cross Order, (two different orders), by implication, possibly the Masonic Order, (not saying as a fact, by implication) and an off-planet group appears to be involved in the background.  This may or may not be Alpha Centauri; it may be some other group.

How to break this program:  left along long enough, the individual will eventually come out of it, because they buried the information in the subconscious, it will eventually surface.  That could take a lifetime.  In the case of very high IQ people, it takes perhaps 2 to 3 years. That’s still a fairly long time.

A group came into existence in 1990, formed by Dr. Virgil Crane out of Dallas, Texas. Resurrecting some old tech. that goes back thousands of years. Involving a particular manipulation of the neck that is not Chiropractic, but what is called “Alphabiotic Metaphysics?” [Shows brochure that shows why the brain must function as a unified left and right frontal lobe system completely synchronized.]

To think clearly, you must have two approaches to whatever comes into your head, to analyze with both sensitivity and feeling. If the two lobes are synchronized, they will do this automatically, and you will get a much better perspective of what it means to you, whether it is safe, or not safe, etc.  If you have been programmed, it will break the back of the program. That does not mean you will immediately get back all of your memories, I means you are not controllable as long as you maintain the synchronized state.

There are 100 practitioners around the world now, [2000] and it only takes one adjustment of about 15 minutes, where there is no brain damage.

Believe me, in one treatment, in 15 minutes, that is almost a miracle. I went through it once to see if it would have any effect on me, because I have already achieved synchronicity, and there are some very interesting digitally generated picture patterns, which have a buried stereo image in them.  The Magic Eye Gallery being the best wherein if you stare at these, you will see the stereo image. If your brain is not synchronized, you will not see the image. Very simple test, very effective.

After the reunification process, you will see the stereo images.  A single treatment is perhaps sufficient, but more treatments lock in synchronization.  It also centers you in the present time to feel you are in the present and not scattered all over the landscape...a big plus.

It is a subject that needs more time, I have lectured on it extensively, and I will continue to do so.  I wish to point out to those who are worried about mind control and all the negative info, and there’s lots of it.   You have to know what the enemy is and who the enemy is before you can do something about it.

Many millions of people have been brainwashed; they don’t know it. That of course, is part of the process.  People refuse to admit the brainwashing, “not me”

There is hope; I want to make that point very clear.  My point is: going forward, all the negativity that we witness at the present time [2000] is going to dissipate. Probably the collapse of the NOW will generate some very serious problems, by I know, history shows that humanity survives.  It does not go backward into the “Dark Ages.”

Thank you very much to those who receive this and listen.


  1. Are you saying that clinging to "our" guns out of fear feeds the system and makes them more successful?
    That's a ha=ell of a fine catch 22 isn't it?
    I don't own a gun and can't stand them. I almost bought one a year ago, after an assault that caused me to have reconstructive surgery, then file for bankruptcy. I felt if I bought that gun...I was caving to the fear.
    I choose love.

  2. The first thing you need to do is cc the conversation in the car for those of us who couldn't understand a word he was saying.

  3. I am new to the workings of mind control.

    Are there any recognizable signs in the individual that would indicate they have been programmed?

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IzHp1rM-Qo
    Dr Colin Ross Mind Control

    Dr Colin Ross 2009
    CIA Mind Control

  5. Magic Eye Gallery http://www.betterworldbooks.com/magic-eye-gallery-id-0836270444.aspx
    Alphabiotic Alignment - Unification Process
    Alphabiotic Alignment - Unification Process: A hands-on procedure of Alphabiotics that proponents have described as a necessary crutch. According to its theory, those who experience discomfort the first time they undergo the Process especially need to undergo it.
    http://www.alphabiotics.net/Alignment.htm this is the only sight i could find

  6. Thank you for bringing this into the public domain. This information must be distributed worldwide, particularly in the U.S. since the public is so heavily dependent on mainstream media sources for their information.

    Reading Cathy O'Brien's books, co-authoried by Mark Phillips, will help people get up to speed very fast: Trance Formation of America and Access Denied: For Reasons of National Security. Shocking information revealed about how mind control has been used. Caution, it will shatter one's reality in numerous ways.

    It is incumbent on everyone to learn everything possible to understand what The One People's Public Trust is: www.peoplestrust1776.org.


  7. Where can you find the test to see if you were mind controlled?

  8. Ohhhhh Yes...I'm all to familiar with that set up. There's absolutely NO DOUBT in my mind that every word is true.

  9. I've been through the alphabiotics process and can vouch for it being more effective than chiropractic. Dr' Chranes office was a nice place.

  10. That was excellent!! Thank you

  11. Excellent work. Getting it live on censorednewsnow.com and occupythebanks.com right now! ;) Keep it up.

  12. Does anyone know where you can get a copy of that book he mentions?

  13. Why the loud music? It is distracting and makes the message very difficult to hear. I turned it off and read the transcript.


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