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OPPT: Individual UCC Filing Templates with Tutorial

Here's a list of individual UCC filing templates as compiled by Paula Humfrey and Desmond Grundy.  Desmond has also created a nice concise summary of how to use these documents.  I know a lot of you have been asking how to use these documents, and frankly I didn't know what to tell you other than get the questions to people who can answer them. I am not a lawyer. But there are a number of very bright people coming to the fore who are knowledgeable in this area of UCC law. 

Below is a very good synopsis of what the OPPT has done...

Another reader wrote: On Jan 18, 2013, at 11:09 PM

Regarding the OPPT:

I'm a freedom loving pillared reiki master, light worker, and PhD scientist.  I'm clued into the language of Be'ing and DO'ing to some extent, and competent enough to understand the legalese, but not the reasons why each phrase is so important to the process.  Even still, I've been pretty baffled by a lot of the approach that OPPT is taking to undo the Cabal and PTW.  It didn't make sense until I looked into "Registered in COMMERCE" that they keep using everywhere.

What I have ultimately walked away with is that the US Constitution allows government the ability to regulate Commerce.  So the PTW hid all their schemes in Commerce.  When OPPT registered everything in Commerce they basically declared that [government and by proxy banks, and corporations don't have the right to regulate, own, or trade people and many other things registered in commerce (like DNA)].  So, OPPT doing everything in Commerce is undoing the PTW work around they found to circumvent the Constitution.  

How did the cabal do it?  The cabal and PTW basically built the strawman to register everything and everyone in commerce.  Why?  Because the constitution granted government the right to regulate commerce and explicitly forbid them from bossing around a natural person among other restrictions.  So, they tricked natural people into registering themselves in Commerce, and then used the freedom built into the Constitution to regulate, own, and trade everything they had just put into commerce.  This includes you and me.  Once you're registered in commerce via birth certificates, licences, social security or simple contracts then they had you.

OPPT basically says "Wait, I'm actually a natural person and so is every person that you're claiming as a thing registered in Commerce.  Ergo you don't have the right to regulate, sell, manipulate, kill, molest, or eff with it in any way shape or form as these 'things' are actually natural persons.  Oh and by the way we have the authority to stop you using non-lethal force."  OPPT seems to go beyond this too in really destroying all the corporate entities meant to handle all the commerce they created.  This may not be 100% precise regarding what's going on, but it's a good first attempt at trying to explain in layman's terms what the hell is going on.

- Aggroed Lighthacker

Trustee Heather Tucci-Jarraf responds: 
The Constitution was NOT for the people, however, they had to put one little provision in their to preserve the perpetuity of the people...That was the ONE OF THE REASONS for all the deceit...the people would never consent if they knew... however, this analysis is pretty good start... considering only one layer... it does not consider the multi-dimensional aspects that are involved.

Trustee Caleb Skinner responds:
That's really a good understanding, nice work

UPDATE for those in Canada from Deryl:

UCC are called PPSA in Canada. You may need this link for future use:
In order to file your Financial Statement you will have to register here:


  1. I think it is a mistake to use their commercial code against them, when we have a perfectly good equity jurisdiction atrophying for lack of use. That is where are substantive rights are upheld, and so of course it has been hidden. Read John Norton Pomeroy, Henry Richard Gibson, Joseph Story, and Charles E. Phelps for starters. Get their books on

  2. Is anyone suggesting that the people should file UCC Financing Statements?

    We filed/recorded ours a couple years ago in Washington state. Does it make any difference if we filed or not?

    We did not move any farther with the process, as we heard that we could get into hot water. Plus, the paperwork we had was associated with Turner and we didn't know if that was an issue.


  3. UCC - The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC or the Code), first published in 1952, is one of a number of uniform acts that have been promulgated in conjunction with efforts to harmonize the law of sales and other commercial transactions in all 50 states within the United States of America.

    It seems that these documents are USA specific due to the UCC. Is this correct?

  4. I understood there were 8 templates and here there seem to be 10, have two more been added?

    Also, the summary above was helpful but just wondering if Heather et al, could write the explanatory summary including including the "multi-dimensional aspects" that Heather referred to and anything else to clear it up or make it understandable at it's most basic level.

    It seems absolutely critical that we have a completely factual laymen's summary to get this out to other groups. Otherwise we find ourselves "filling in the blanks" when trying to explain this to someone else and our explanation may not be entirely correct.

  5. I cannot gain a printout of these finacial statments. Either I've got a bug in my system or you people have one in yours. Either way someone is trying to stop people from gaining a printout of these documents. I do have a download but cannot edit it unless I pay for an adobe software program to do this with which they want 8 bucks a month just to have that program. Everyone seems hell bent on squeezing money out of you no matter where you turn. Without a financial statment I cannot file perhaps this is why I'm not being allowed to print out a copy of these documents because I'd simply re-type these out through my "word perfect program". The PTW are still paying people to fuck us over.

  6. How do we ENFORCE these documents, when the Clerk of Court, Judge and Sheriff ignore them?

  7. Dear Heather,
    I am very please for the job that you have done it is amazing, I read a report about the interim president and congress, are aware of the OPPT and UCC filings and are telling their colleagues to ignore them, I think these people should be put in jail, they want to continue doing the same, fraud, corruption, this is happening, and today Sunday Obama took the sworn, your take on this please, thank you

  8. How is this enforced? We need more information if you would please.

  9. 1. Question:
    Are these files work for germany, too? Lets say I have a credit from the bank to pay my house of , will these steps save me from the bank?

  10. Sure could use a plain Engish explaination of this!

    Considering our governance in Washington is operating under and as a Corporation, USA, Inc., shelving the Republic of the USA.
    So we didn't vote on this. The governance has been hijacked by the powers that be. (NWO) and operating independent of We The People. We The People have been made collateral to the UN and NWO, Banksters debt. So what document can We The People use to separate ourselves from the USA, Inc. debt and obligations.

  11. Thank you for posting these documents. As much as I want to start on these..I am clueless. If someone who is in complete understanding of all of this could make a step-by-step summary of how to go about this (for the general population that has been brainwashed and doesn't know legalese)..that would be amazing!

    Also, I am wondering what happens to your bank account once you file these. If you are clearing debt from a bank's credit card, does the credit card automatically cancel and you no longer have a credit card or does it just clear your debt? I just graduated college and now unemployed so I have been relying on my credit card to live.. I'm wondering if I will no longer have access to a credit card after this process?

    I have very little tangible money coming in. I think I understand that when everything is said and done, we the people will all have money. In the meantime though, we still need money to put a roof over our heads and food in our I am curious how to address this while I am not receiving a paycheck from an employer. Thanks for your help, much appreciated!

  12. I agree with the above Anonymous January 29,Most of us need a step by step process to follow, I have no idea what to do with this info. Do I have to post a surety bond for my "business"? do I have to have copyright my business name? how do I do an accepted for value? What are the first steps? everyone seems to leave that out. Thanks.

  13. filing the UCC 1 is just a start to take back control of YOU which is your strawman corp thats on your SS, license etc.....theres lots more rules and laws u must study to represent yourself afterwards...but once u seek any assistance from the govt or any officials they r then back in control of YOU


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