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RCMP Investigation of Scotiabank

From: deryl@
Sent: Thursday, January 03, 2013 6:46 PM
To: heatheranntuccijarrafllc@
Cc: Heather Tucci-Jarraf
Subject: Follow up on phone call.

Hello Heather,

This is just a quick follow up to my phone call of last week.  How may I be of assistance


I was conducting an investigation for the Defense of Canada for NDHQ looking into terrorist activities.  A posting I was due to be at last fall.

I learned a long time ago to "follow the money".  Amazing what you find.

Its nice to see my conclusions fall in line with your findings.  I turned my evidence over to the RCMP last June.

I commend you on the actions and UCC filings.  Ingenious

Please find attached attached my harrasment of the government and banks.

Yours Truly,

Deryl Zeleny
Capt (RET)

President and CEO SCOTIABANK
44 King St. West
Toronto, ON
M5H 1H1

October 25, 2012

Ref: Mortgage / SL #
Mortgage / SL #

Dear Mr. Rick Waugh,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for foreclosing on the properties listed above.  This will provide an excellent venue for disclosing the banking practices conducted by the Bank of Nova Scotia and other financial institutions.

Let me put you on notice.  In order to be fair and prior to calling you as a witness, I would like to inform you as to the questions that will be posed.  It is important that your answers and the documentation be put on public record.

Being the President and CEO of the bank, and with many years of experience behind you, I would ask you to explain to the court the principles of Modern Money Mechanics as published by the Federal Reserve. Please include the fractional reserve system which is adopted by the Bank of Nova Scotia.  Fiat currency and the BNS’s debt/money creation story and inflationary practices, need to be explained to the court and placed on public record.

An in depth explanation of your banks involvement in the BBA’s LIBOR panel including interest rate fixing and fraud.  Collusion among the banks, as I understand, has been perpetuated for many years.  Your insight and banks involvement would be helpful and very beneficial to the Court, not to mention the Canadian public.

I understand the current members of the Canadian LIBOR panel consist of 9 major banks including BNS, Barclays Bank and HSBS, just to name a few.  I believe Barclays has already pleaded guilty and fined $451 million dollars.  HSBC is to be fined $1 billion dollars, but this of course does not include any fines or criminal charges associated with the drug money laundering or other illegal activities.

I recall a good book stating the following. “Thou shall not steal, nor bear false witness”.  Perhaps you should read it.  In short I will be asking for an annulment of the existing mortgages and credit lines and in addition, the return of all principle and interest payments made to the Scotia Bank (taxes and banking fees excluded).  Damages will be sought to the maximum extent equal to that which Scotia has registered on the above mentioned properties.

Your fraudulent fiat currency system is dead.  The Ponzi scheme is up and the Truth will always be revealed.

Please give the widest distributions as I will do the same.


Deryl Zeleny


Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

On behalf of the citizens of Canada we hereby seek redress with respect to the injustices and traitorous acts that have been committed under your watch and that of previous Governments.

We demand that you immediately uphold the CANADIAN BILL OF RIGHTS and the CONSTITUTION ACT.

Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of Law.

The fact is, the Bank of Canada is the only “public” central bank created by statute, and is accountable to the legislative and executive branches and is responsible for monetary policy.

In light of the upcoming fiscal challenges arranged by Governments and Financial Institutions, we ask you immediately implement the following acts and measures:
  1. Immediate implementation of The Four Pillars. Sec 91 Constitution Act (Glass Steagall).  (Banks, Trust Companies, Insurance Firms and Investment Firms)

  2. Implementation of a National Credit System through the legitimate use of the Bank Of Canada and NATIONALIZED

  3. Amend section 18(m) of the BANK OF CANADA ACT.

  4. Make no further payment of National Debt, or Interest payments to any “private bank” or foreign entity.

  5. Nationalize the Commanding Heights.

  6. Immediate implementation of NAWAPA XXI to rebuild the infrastructure and industries of this great country.
Citizens of Canada


  1. Replies
    1. I agree....go get'em....CIBC too please!

  2. Thank you for posting. After listening to your audio talk with Heather, my spouse and I were wondering more specifically about our country, Canada. This answered that things are in the works on this end of the planet as well.

    Moving forward, what can we do here? I mean, can we use this info and stop paying our Mortgage, which is with ScotiaBank?

    Our lives have changed so much, so quickly, in the last few months and we too are very excited to be on the forefront of this planetary shift.

    We are hungry for more, and want to help but simply need a bit of guidance.

    Thanks again for posting :)

  3. I am behind you 110% but what happens if the banks say get lost?

  4. Great job! I commend you and sincerely thank you for your efforts. Love and light!

  5. I wish you luck with this. The only thing you will achieve here is the right to shut up and go away or get arrested. Remember the G20 and how that went ? Noble cause but look how far that got. A few meetings and some failed attempts at achieving accountability and now everything is silent, swept under the rug so to speak. I support what your doing but I doublt if that letter will get past the receptionists desk. Sorry to sound like a defeatist but you know how things go here. I wish you the best of luck with this. Look what Former Rev.Kevin Annett is doing and how much media attention that is getting. It's totally sad really.

  6. Fantastic!
    Keep the momentum going.

  7. The One's People's Trust has UCC filings to prove foreclosure on a fraudulent and bankrupt corporate syndicate. We need a similar draft for the USA that outlines the UCC filings and recourse for Americans to follow. This could be posted as a petition on the WH website for 'we the people' to sign......encouraging/forcing the actors of this fraud to answer the people....or (most likely) just ignore the petition.

    Let's get this moving and encourage people to participate.....change only happens from the ground up. Anyone with a legal background that can formulate a draft similar to the Canadian version for the US....I would not hesitate to file the petition with the WH.

    As a famous corporate motto once said 'Just do it!'.


  8. This is fantastic to see as a fellow Canadian. Too long has the reign of these wolves lasted. Viva la people!

  9. Imagine if every awake person wrote this way to their bank. This is brilliant.

  10. thank you Deryl! I am grateful someone is doing this for us Canadians, may truth and liberation be the result of your hard work

  11. let 'em have it!!! :)

  12. Thank you for inspiring the people to take the next step, write dispute letters.

    The following letter has been mailed to one of Earth's largest alleged lenders of borrowed fiat currency backed by assets stolen from Earth's peoples:

    In response to an ALLEGED LENDER's computer generated letter for the alleged legal lender/s, I do not recognize the alleged amount, claim, debt, lender/s, etc. I have never received funds from ALLEGED LENDER.

    How did the alleged funds come into existence and are they bonafide, backed and legal?

    Please send me a verification and proof of claim and provide proof of all the accounting, agreements, amounts paid, charges, creditors, currencies, debtors, interest, funds, gold, monies, original notes, parties, silver, usury, etc. involved with the alleged loan…
    Or please delete & remove any and all references to the alleged loan.

    based on millions of similar letters available free to the people on the internet search for "UCC Debt Validation"


  13. Finally!! I listened to Heather's audio and found myself wondering where Canada stands in all of this.
    Although my bank is not Scotia, I would imagine they are right up there with the rest.
    Thanks for this post.


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